10 Finance Blogs for People Who Want to Be Rich

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Are you looking for finance blogs that will help you make money? I think it’s safe to say that most of us would love to be rich someday. I know that for my family, financial freedom is a top priority.

In our household, we’re always learning and implementing new ways to earn and save money for our future.

In this article, I’m sharing ten finance websites that give great advice for making money online, saving money, and achieving financial freedom.

10 Finance Blogs for People Who Want to Be Rich

1. Making Sense of Cents

Making Sense of Cents is a finance blog run by millionaire blogger, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. This blog is filled with excellent advice on earning and saving money.

Plus, Michelle offers a self-paced online Marketing course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, which teaches you how to earn income through affiliate marketing. I’ve taken Michelle’s course and was able to increase my affiliate income.

2. Smart Passive Income

Create Pat Flynn earns approximately $200,000 per month with his online business. On Smart Passive Income, Pat teaches strategies for running an online business and making passive income.

3. Forbes

I’m pretty sure that most of us have heard of Forbes. They are a big name in the finance world.

From business to investing, to entrepreneurship, you’re sure to find helpful and enlightening reads on Forbes.

4. Wise Bread

The slogan for Wise Bread is “Living Wise on a Small Budget.” I like Wise Bread because they discuss money in an easy to understand manner.

5. Investopedia

My husband loves Investopedia. If you invest your money, or if investing is something you’ve looked into, you’ll know that understanding financial terms can be confusing at times. Not only does Investopedia have lots of helpful advice on investing, but they also have a dictionary that makes it easy to understand financial terms.

6. Nerd Wallet

Nerd Wallet helps you track your spending, finding the best credit cards, reduce your debt, lower your bills, and more. This site is excellent for getting your finances in order.

7. CNN Money

CNN money is good for keeping up with the latest money news. Topics include business, markets, tech, media, personal finance, small business, and luxury.

8. Lucky Bitch

Lucky Bitch with Denise Duffield-Thomas is all about changing your money mindset. I’ve read Denises’ book Get Rich Lucky Bitch, and I’m also a student in her online Money Bootcamp course.

Changing the way I think about money is a big reason why I’ve been able to more than double my passive income earnings.

9. Budgets are Sexy

Learning about money doesn’t have to be boring. Budgets are Sexy adds a bit of entertainment to reading about personal finance.

10. I Will Teach You to Be Rich

On “I Will Teach You to Be Rich, best-selling author Ramit Sethi provides advice on “how to use psychology and systems to live a rich life.” I Will Teach You to Be Rich covers topics like personal finance, freelancing, personal development, and more.

Do you have any go-to finance websites? Also, what are you currently doing to achieve financial freedom?

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