10 Inspiring Side Hustles for Your Creative Side

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These creative side hustles are some of the most flexible and easiest ways to earn money on the side.

There is absolutely no shortage of side gigs you can do; whether you are a student, stay-at-home mom or someone with a full-time job, there is a hustle for everyone.

But today, I am going to share a unique list of side gigs for all the creative minds.

I know it sounds almost impossible to believe that you can find a creative side hustle because there aren’t many.

But if you look hard, you can find some really good ones.

If you are someone who thrives in a creative set up, then today’s post is all about you.

Now, let’s dig into the post.

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Inspiring Side Hustles for Your Creative Side

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1. Get Behind The Lens

I am a little biased on this hustle. I am a landscape photographer myself, and I know the money-making potential of being a photographer.

Photography is a creative hustle that can be self-taught.

You can learn the basics of photography with online classes like How to Start a Photography Business.

There are many ways you can make money as a photographer.

You can sell your prints, do stock photography, promote brands through your photographs, do commission work, paid photography sessions, etc.

There are different genres of photography, and every way has its own money-making potential. Ready to get behind the lens?

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2. Build Those Apps

By far this is the most well-known hustle of all. If you are pretty sharp with your design and coding background, then you can quickly build apps as a side job.

Apps building has become a simple process now with many easy-to-use platforms available online like Appypie and Appmakr.

You don’t need to have extensive coding or programming knowledge with these platforms, just use your ideas and design to fuel your app making side hustle.

Though there are lots of steps involved in app development, it starts initially with a viable idea, and this is where your creative talent comes in.

3. Remodel Thrift Store Items

Do you know that it is a unique skill to find crappy things, remodel them and sell them for a price? It’s indeed a valuable skill.

It requires you to have a keen eye to find the hidden treasures, and it depends on your creativity how you take it from useless junk to a top-selling item.

Melissa and Rob do that with flair, and the best part is, they earn an excellent income doing that. They are pretty good at teaching their art to others.

If you are someone who has the keen eye to find potential in the things that are considered junk and have the vision to turn them into something brand new, then this is the hustle for you.

4. Show Your Baking Skills

I am terrible at baking! It’s definitely not one of my strong points, but I have many friends who are baking superstars.

They are so good that they even started their own side business as bakers/cake makers.

The demand for this hustle is on the rise in recent years because of its flexibility. It depends on your imaginative talent to create the most delectable and beautiful edible creations.

Starting this hustle might involve other things like the initial costs, getting clients, transportation, etc. but I believe the most vital part is, your interest to create baking masterpieces.

5. Home Staging Superstar

If you enter a home and instantly know how you can make it look good, then you are a natural at home staging.

Home staging is rearranging or making a property look great for selling purposes.

This can be rearranging the furniture, enhancing the fine details or just simply adding art pieces.

This is one hustle that has massive potential for growth, and if you learn the right tips and tricks, you can master this art.

Here is some inspiration, if you do want to take this up as a career, according to Accredited Staging Professionals, the average salary for home stagers is around $50 to $150 per hour.

6. Create Amazing Crafts

Whenever you plan to buy some crafts, where you do look? Etsy, right? Well, there lies another side of your creative hustle opportunities.

If you have the unmatched talent of creating new crafts, then start monetizing this talent by selling on Etsy.

This is the most popular platform for making money with crafts, and there is no limit to the diverse list of crafts you can design.

Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked first started selling moccasins on Etsy, and now she owns a multi-million dollar e-commerce business.

Do you see the earning potential?

Recommended Resource: The Creative Workbook for Creatives. A 100-page workbook that helps you make money with your creations.

7. Help Plan Vacations

Do you love planning holidays? I dread that part of traveling. I always wish someone could do that part for me.

That’s where travel planners come in with their unique gift of planning stress-free vacations for others.

It might look effortless to do this, but this hustle requires a lot of work regarding learning about the place, working with different schedules and arranging a great travel experience.

Keep in mind this hustle is only perfect for someone who loves traveling and has an excellent eye for planning and knowing about different destinations.

8. Plan Events For Others

This one is definitely for someone who loves to organize perfect occasions.

Event planning is a side job that undoubtedly requires a lot of creative expertise.

Whether it is planning a kids’ party or a community event, it all depends on your imaginative judgment to get a perfect outcome.

There are many ways you can get started as an event planner; you can get started on your own with some training or join a professional event planning course.

This side job has immense potential of growing into a thriving business.

9. Cartoonist/Illustrator

This one is my favorite hustles. It needs a lot of imagination, and creative talent for someone to start this job. A simple drawing or illustration hobby can take you to becoming a professional cartoonist or animator.

And the demand for these side gigs is phenomenal. There are many courses in Skillshare and CreativeLive to learn this art.

Rachel Ryle is a successful example of how creativity can grow into a full-time career.

She is an award-winning self-taught animator and illustrator who put her creative talent to work to start a profitable business online.

10. Style Consultant

If you love everything about fashion, then being a style consultant might be your thing.

You don’t need any particular expertise or prior experience, but a great sense of fashion and knowing how to style things up comes handy.

All this can be done right from your home, and there are companies like StitchFix and Arthur that have remote styling gig jobs.

This is the right hustle for you if you love to dress up people and have the perfect style statement.

There you have it. All these side hustles are ideally suited for your creative side, and they have a great chance of earning a good income.

Hope this post helps you give an outlet for your creativity and find the right hustle.

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