29 Mood Trackers to Spark Your Creativity

Are you looking for mood tracker spreads to include in your bullet journal?

Along with it being a good idea to track your mood, I find that creating the journal page is actually a really therapeutic process.

There are so many creative bullet journal mood tracker spreads for you to use for inspiration. In this post, I’ll be sharing 29 mood trackers to help you spark your creativity.

If you bullet journal, you know that when it comes to supplies, there are a lot of options to choose from. If you’re looking to narrow down your choices, check out my bullet journal essentials below.

1. Reindeer with String Lights

This reindeer mood tracker is perfect for the month of December. The string lights are colored in daily with your current mood.

christmas deer mood tracker
Credit: remco.diy

2. Colorful Leaves

Here’s a mood tracker that works well for the summer and spring months. I love the colors used in this mood tracker.

leaf mood tracker
Credit: renera_bujo

3. Mood Macarons

I just love this mood macarons tracker. It’s extremely creative and makes tracking your mood fun. I love the look that the black pages give to the overall design.

macarons mood tracker
Credit: sarasbullets

4. Polaroid Bunting

Isn’t this just the cutest mood tracker? I love how simple it can be to create something so lovely. Again, I think the colors used here are fantastic.

polaroid mood tracker
Credit: seed_successful_you

5. Leaves and Berries

With this mood tracker you’ll color in one of the berries every day. I love the simplicity of this mood tracker and the soft pastel colors being used.

flowers mood tracker
Credit: shouthuzzahdoodles

6. Peacock Feather

This peacock feather mood tracker is a piece of art. Not only is the feather itself beautiful, but the calligraphy is gorgeous as well.

feather mood tracker
Credit: the.procrastinating.planner

7. Fruits and Veggies

Here’s a creative mood tracker that uses fruits and vegetables. I think that it would be cool if you included fruits and veggies based on the season. So if you were doing this mood tracker for June, you’ll could include carrots, cherries, strawberries, cucumber and more.

fruit and veggie mood tracker
Credit: theletteredcreative

8. Colorful Daisies

What a beautiful mood tracker featuring daisies. I love how they’ll be colored in with different colors, giving the flowers a unique look.

daisy mood tracker
Credit: _cutie_bujo

9. Hearts in a Jar

Isn’t this mood tracker perfect for the month of February? Of course, you can do something like this at any time of year, but I think it’s really fitting for the month of love.

heart valentines day mood tracker
Credit: _sunnyjournal_

10. Coffee Cups

I’ve said before that I love coffee and really enjoy coffee doodles. This tracker uses a wide variety of coffee cups and different shades of brown.

coffee mood tracker
Credit: aesthetic.notes21

11. Kitchen Shelves

I just love the kitchen shelves that are being used here. I love being in the kitchen and cooking or baking, so this spread is right up my alley.

kitchen mood tracker
Credit: arilee.bujo

12. Pixel Hearts

I love the colors being used in this tracker; however, I was thinking that you could give this more of a retro feel by using colors like burnt orange, yellow, and blue.

pixel mood tracker
Credit: art_n_foxes

13. Tea Time

If you’re a tea drinker, consider trying out this tea time mood tracker. The teacup drawing at the bottom really helps to bring everything together.

tea bag tea time mood tracker
Credit: bir.sen.blogs

14. Outer Space

If you love planets and stars, you’ll probably love creating this tracker that includes shooting starts and the planets in our galaxy.

planets mood tracker
Credit: bujo.with.nemo

15. Pastel Butterfly

Keep track of your daily moods with this butterfly mood tracker. This tracker uses pretty pastel colors to fill in parts of the butterfly’s wings.

butterfly mood tracker
Credit: bujoby.jo

16. Tall Flowers

I think that the colors used for this tracker give it a fall feel; however, this is something that can be used year-round for your bullet journal. You could always switch up the color palette for your journal.

floral mood tracker
Credit: cute.bujo.trackers

17. Wall Shelves

Here’s another creative idea for a mood tracker. This one includes wall shelves that are holding flowers, plants, books and more. You’ll also be coloring in the paintings on the wall.

plant and bookshelf mood tracker
Credit: emsjournaljourney

18. Planets

I love this tracker because instead of using one color per mood, you’ll actually give each planet a unique look (using multiple colors) based on your daily mood.

planets mood tracker
Credit: give.it.a.try.susi

19. Bees

This tracker is perfect for anyone who’s doing a bee theme for their monthly spread. Check out my post 31 Sweet Bee Themed Bullet Journal Spreads for more bee themed bullet journal spreads.

bees mood tracker
Credit: insta_virgi

20. Gumball Machine

Gumballs are always fun to coloring in. Create a gumball mood tracker and color in a new gumball for every day of the month.

gumball mood tracker
Credit: jossie.studies

21. Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterfly is so beautiful and the perfect butterfly to use for your mood tracker. I think it would be fun to put your own spin on a butterfly tracker by changing up the pattern and using different colors.

butterfly mood tracker
Credit: journalbyronnie

22. Perfume Bottle

Draw a bottle of your favorite perfume and use it to keep track of your daily moods. The quote says, “the perfume of the soul is memory.”

perfume bottle mood tracker
Credit: luuna_bujo

23. Bears

How cute are the little bear faces used in this mood tracker? This tracker uses brown bears and panda bears. I love the border of leaves that help give this tracker and outdoor feel.

bear mood tracker
Credit: mypaperclouds

24. Bunnies and Flowers

This mood tracker works well for the month of April. Not only do the bunnies and flowers go well for the spring season, but also for Easter. Both of which involve the month of April.

easter bunny mood tracker
Credit: notikjournal

25. Leaves

With this simple spread, you’ll draw and color in leaves. You could change up the leaves to other big leaf plants such as fig tree leaves or Persian ivy leaves.

leaf mood tracker
Credit: olga_journals

26. Pretzels

What a tasty way to keep track of your mood. This mood tracker uses hand-drawn pretzels cooked to different levels of doneness.

pretzel mood tracker
Credit: pieceofmindjournal

27. Canvas

This is probably my favorite mood tracker on this list. Mostly because it’s just so unique and original. Everyday you’ll paint the canvas with the color of your mood.

painting mood tracker for september
Credit: plansthatblossom

28. Sushi

I’m not a fan of sushi, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire the beauty of this sushi mood tracker. Once all the days are colored in, I think that this will look even more amazing.

sushi mood tracker
Credit: plinthced

29. Pink Flowers in Jar

This beautiful mood tracker has wildflowers placed in a jar of water. Each day is colored a different shade of pink based on your mood.

flowers in jar mood tracker
Credit: raha_bujo

30. Donut Mood Tracker

Not only is this mood tracker so creative, I love the quote that says “glazed and confused.” This is definitely one of the most unique mood trackers I’ve seen.

Credit: bysarah.eliz

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