4 Ways to Keep Readers On Your Blog

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After spending hours writing quality content for your blog, it can be frustrating to see how little time people are actually spending on your blog. Unfortunately, it takes more than writing quality posts to keep readers on your blog.

Fortunately, the advice I’m sharing with you today will assure that people not only stay on your blog longer but keep coming back for more.

Let’s discuss 4 ways to keep readers on your blog.

1. Connect With Your Readers

Building a connection with your readers is a great way to keep them coming back to your blog.

Think about a person who consistently leaves comments on a blog and never receives a reply back from the blogger. Over time, that person may begin to feel like their comments aren’t appreciated, and they may become detached from the blog and the blogger.

Connect with your readers by asking questions at the end of your posts, and responding to as many comments as you can.

I make it a point to respond to every comment I receive. This is because I want my readers to know that I truly appreciate the fact that they’ve taken the time to not only read my post but to comment on it as well.

2. Have a Good Design

Your blog design is your first impression to your readers. An unattractive, difficult to read, and cluttered blog design can really be a turn off for a lot of readers (including myself).

People are more likely to stick around and return to your blog when it’s visually attractive. Make sure your text is easy to read, and that your overall design is clean (say no to clutter), attractive, and easy to navigate.

For professional bloggers, I recommend hiring a blog designer to create a custom-tailored design for your blog. This will make your blog stand out from the crowd. If you’re not ready to invest in something custom, there are thousands of WordPress themes available to beautify your blog at an affordable price.

3. Write in a Conversational Tone

When writing posts for your blog, write as if you’re talking to your readers. This is called writing in a conversational tone.

Doing this helps your readers connect with you. It also turns the occasional reader into a dedicated follower. Keep in mind that writing in a conversational tone doesn’t mean throwing spelling and grammar rules out of the window. You can write in a conversational tone, and still follow the basic rules of grammar.

One thing that’s helped me tremendously in keeping my mistakes down to a minimum is Grammarly. Before I publish anything on my blog, I use Grammarly to proofread my content.

I know that writing in your voice can be difficult in the beginning, but with practice, I promise, you’ll get the hang of it.

4. Promote Links to Your Other Blog Posts

Whenever possible, when you create a blog post, you should be placing relevant links (interlinking) to your past blog posts within that post.

Another thing you can do is place related posts after each blog post. This can be done with a plugin; however, I prefer to manually insert my recommend content at the end of my posts.

Doing these two things will keep readers on your blog by giving them other content to look at on your blog.

What do you do to keep readers on your blog? Share your tips below!

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