50 Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas Perfect for Beginners

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Would you like to learn how to draw doodles for your bullet journal? The internet is filled with fun and creative bullet journal doodle ideas and tutorials.

In this post, I’m sharing 48 bullet journal doodle ideas that are perfect for beginners. Some are doodle ideas and some are super helpful step-by-step tutorials.

But before I get into the bullet journal doodles, I want to share a few of my favorite bullet journal tools.

Gather Your Supplies

  • Washi Tape: Washi tape provides a simple way to personalize your journal.
  • Shape Stencils: These stencils include ribbons, banners, and so much more.
  • Bullet Journal Printables: If you love printables, you should check out this 50-Page Printable Bullet Journal.

48 Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas Perfect for Beginners

Check out these bullet journal doodle ideas that are perfect for beginners.

1. How to Draw Portuguese Tiles

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to draw Portuguese tiles. You can use these designs to add a special touch to any bullet journal spread.

How to Draw Portuguese Tiles
Credit: studyandstuffx94

2. House Doodles

I love these house doodles. Not only are they beautiful, but actually really easy to draw yourself.

House Doodles
Credit: yokekei

3. Food Doodles

Who doesn’t love a good food doodle? I’m a foodie and I actually really enjoy drawing food and dessert items.

Food Doodles
Credit: yokekei

4. Simple Doodles

I love this collection of cute and simple doodle ideas. There are divider ideas, butterflies, cupcakes, unicorns and more. I think my favorite are the cool divider ideas I can use for my bullet journal.

Credit: designbundles

5. How to Draw a Bear

Have you ever wanted to know how to draw a bear? This tutorial makes it simple with 4 easy to follow pictures.

How to Draw a Bear
Credit: _doodle_me_this_

6. How to Doodle an Eevee

Are you a fan of Eevee from Pokemon? If so, I’m sure you’ll have a blast recreating this Eevee doodle.

How to Doodle an Eevee
Credit: julia.pezowicz

7. Popsicle Doodles

This bullet journal page screams summer. If you need summer doodle ideas, try drawing an assortment of Popsicles.

Popsicle Doodles
Credit: aubrey_doodles

8. Plant Doodles

Plant doodles are some of my favorite doodles. If you need plant doodle ideas, look no further. This page has over 25 simple and elegant plant doodles for you to try.

Plant Doodles
Credit: aubrey_doodles

9. How to Draw Summer Treats

Seeing this step-by- step tutorial will make drawing your favorite summer treats a breeze. These doodles will be even more beautiful once you add different colors.

Summer treats
Credit: blackandwhitebullet

10. Plant Doodles

Not only does this page feature beautiful plant doodles, but it also features book and paper doodles, and jars as well.

Plant doodles
Credit: bows.and.bullets

11. How to Draw Plants

This is my favorite step-by-step tutorial for drawing plants. Not only does it make drying plants easy, but it features a popular variety of plants for you to draw.

How to draw plants
Credit: bujoqueen_doodles

12. 5 Ways to Draw Roses

Roses are one of those flowers that look complicated, but once the steps are broken down, are actually quite easy to draw.

How to draw roses
Credit: bujoqueen_doodles

13. How to Draw a Cactus

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to draw a cactus, this guide makes it easy. It includes three different cactus varieties that you can add to your journal page.

how to draw a cactus
Credit: bulletjournalbystrand

14. How to Draw Planets

I love how simple this tutorial has made drawing planets. I also love how creative you can get with the colors of your planets. Bright colors are my favorite for outer space themes.

how to draw planets
Credit: bulletjournalbystrand

15. Children Doodles

Aren’t these children’s doodles the cutest? If you want to add children’s doodles to your journal, or give you kids some doodle ideas, this is perfect for inspiration.

children doodles
Credit: by.yokekei

16. How to Draw Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the idea. Give it the recognition it deserves by drawing some cute breakfast doodles.

how to draw breakfast food
Credit: daynadoodles

17. Coffee Doodles

Coffee is one of my favorite drinks, and something that I love doodling. Here are a few coffee doodle ideas for you to try.

coffee doodles
Credit: daynadoodles

18. April Showers Doodles

When you’re reading to create your April cover page, consider adding some of these April themed doodles to your design.

April showers doodles
Credit: font.snob

19. Autumn Leaves Doodles

These Autumn leaves will make a great addition to your bullet journal during the fall months. You can color in your leaves with fall colors such as browns and oranges.

Autumn leaves doodles
Credit: ginger.bullet.journal

20. Autumn Mugs

Along with the autumn leaves listed above, these autumn mugs would look great in any fall bullet journal spread.

autumn mugs drawings
Credit: ginger.bullet.journal

21. How to Draw Lavender

Lavender is an an easy plant to draw. I love how the artist has included a variety of lavender doodles you can add to your spread.

how to doodle lavenders
Credit: haystudytime

22. Christmas Doodles

These Christmas doodles are the cutest. This page includes a gingerbread man/woman, Santa Claus, presents, hot drinks, and more.

christmas doodles
Credit: jodiew888

23. Colorful Doodle Ideas

These colorful doodle ideas would look great in your summer bullet journal spreads. I love the creativity used here.

colorful doodles
Credit: jodiew888

24. How to Draw Easter Doodles

This tutorial breaks down the steps for drawing a bunny, carrot, baby chick, and decorated egg. Aren’t these doodles so cute?

easter doodles
Credit: junefolio

25. How to Draw and Umbrella

This tutorial will show you how to draw a closed umbrella as well as an opened umbrella. This would be really helpful for your spring bullet journal pages. I found the Ecoline Brush Pens on Amazon.

umbrella doodles
Credit: kennsteschonlettering

26. Weird Drink Doodles

The drinks listed here are absolutely stunning. I would love to try each of the drink here, wouldn’t you?

weird drinks drawings
Credit: kuma.inspo

27. How to Draw a Polaroid

Here’s a helpful tutorial showing you how to draw a Polaroid camera. While it looks a little confusing at first, if you take your time, you’ll have yourself a cool hand-drawn camera.

how to draw a polaroid
Credit: dotted.pages

28. How to Draw a Corgi

This guide does a great job at showing you show to draw a corgi. If you’re a corgi lover, this is the perfect tutorial for you.

how to draw a corgi
Credit: lifeinabujo

29. Cactus Doodles

Here’s another cactus doodle tutorial. This one includes a few more plant options that you can have fun drawing.

cactus doodles
Credit: malena.studies

30. Fall Doodles

I love how this tutorial includes a different variety of fall themed doodles. On this page you’ll find fall leaves, a fox, a coffee cup and a cute little owl.

fall doodles
Credit: mashaplans

31. Summer Doodles

If you’re ready to start planning your summer, consider adding some of these summer doodles to your summer spreads.

Summer doodles
Credit: mashaplans

32. Ocean Doodles

I love this collection of ocean doodles. While step-by-step tutorials aren’t included, the doodles themselves look pretty easy to recreate on your own.

ocean doodles
Credit: mashaplans

33. Step-by-Step Fall Doodles

Here are some more fall themed doodles. This one features a coffee cup, a beanie, a mug, a tea bag and a tall coffee cup with marshmallows.

Step-by-Step Fall Doodles
Credit: meuamadobujo

34. How to Draw a Butterfly

Drawing a beautiful butterfly is easier than you think. Feel free to adjust the design or change the colors up to give you butterfly a unique look.

How to Draw a Butterfly
Credit mybujotrip

35. Tropical Plants

These tropical plants are absolutely beautiful. Not only that, but the coloring palette is amazing. I’m not sure if I could pull off these drawings, but I would love to try.

Tropical Plants
Credit: mypaperclouds

36. How to Draw Koi Fish

Fun fact: Koi fish are a beautiful fish that is often kept for decorative purposes. This tutorial will teach you how to draw and add color to your Koi fish.

How to Draw Koi Fish
Credit: mypaperclouds

37. Summer Doodles

These summer doodles are amazing. I plan on adding a few of these to my upcoming summer bullet journal spreads. The highlighters featured in the picture are Stabilo Boss highlighters.

Summer Doodles
Credit: mypeachnotes

38. Plant Doodles

These plant doodles are simple to draw and will add a nice touch to your bullet journal spread or monthly cover page.

Plant Doodles
Credit: plan.with.sunny

39. Easter Doodles

I’m loving this collection of daily doodles. These doodles are perfect for April as they look to have a April/Easter/Spring theme.

Easter Doodles
Credit: pinkinkdiary

40. How to Draw a Balloon

You may think that drawing a balloon is simple, and it is. But this tutorial will help you create a realistic balloon.

How to Draw a Balloon
Credit: productive_seed

41. April Coffee Doodles

I know that not everyone loves coffee, but I’m definitely a coffee lover and I’m always looking for cool coffee doodles that I can draw.

April Coffee Doodles
Credit: rimletters

42. How to Draw an Accordion

Hey, there has to be someone out there interested in learning how to draw an accordion. If you are, then this tutorial is for you.

How to Draw an Accordeon
Credit: rttdraw

43. Flower Doodles

These pages are filled with flower doodle ideas. Make sure you pin this spread so that you never run out of flower doodle ideas .

Flower Doodles
Credit: savviesofie

44. How to Draw a Lion

I didn’t know that drawing a lion could be so simple. I love how the artist has included four different options for your lion.

How to Draw a Lion
Credit: mellinfloustudy

45. How to Draw Mint Color Things

You don’t have to use the color mint to draw these doodles. Use whatever colors you prefer. This page includes a succulent, mug, camera, moth, plant leaf, and milkshake.

How to Draw Mint Color Things
Credit: ginger.buillet.journal

46. Step-by-Step Umbrella

I love tutorials that make me feel like I can draw the item at hand. These tutorial makes it easy to draw your own umbrella.

Step-by-Step Umbrella
Credit: bujoabby

47. Step-by-Step Ginkgo Biloba

Drawing a ginkgo biloba is easy if you follow this step-by-step guide. Add your own personal touch by changing up the colors you use.

Step-by-Step Ginkgo Biloba
Credit: plslars

48. How to Doodle a Teapot House

I bet you didn’t know you wanted to draw a teapot house did you? I love how if you stop on the second row, you can have a simple teapot if you don’t want the house design.

How to Doodle a Teapot House
Credit: splendidscribbles

49. How to Draw a Sloth

Did you know that sloths sleep 15-18 hours a day? Sloths are the cutest things and this tutorial will show you how to add their cuteness to your journal.

How to Draw a Sloth
Credit: splendidscribbles

50. Pig Doodles

These pig doodles are so cute! This tutorial includes four different piggies to choose from. I have to admit that I love them all.

Credit: mellinfluoustudy

51. Unicorn Doodles

These doodles are so cute and would look amazing in your bullet journal. This tutorial includes a unicorn, a rainbow cloud, a shooting star, a cat donut, and unicorn cloud.

How to draw a unicorn doodle
Credit: lasirenailustra

52. How to Draw and Instant Camera

I’m loving his instant camera tutorial. This is probably one of my favorite doodles on this list. The heart Polaroid really makes this drawing stand out.

How to Draw and Instant Camera
Credit: splendidscribbles

53. Floral Doodle Ideas

If you love floral doodles, you’ll love this collection of beautiful doodle ideas. I have to say, this is probably one of the cutest doodle pages I’ve come across.

Credit: sunshine_journal_

54. Paper Notes

I love this collection of paper notes. There are so many options to choose from if you’re looking to add hand-drawn paper notes or post-it notes to your bullet journal.

Credit: seed_successful_you

55. Weather Doodles

These weather doodles are so cute and perfect for your next bullet journal spread. These doodles feature the sun, moon, clouds, rainbow and more.

Credit: Marie Browning

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