6 Free Crafty Fonts

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6 free crafty fonts

It’s time for another font roundup. This time around, I’m sharing 6 free crafty fonts.

I love crafting and thought it would be fun to share some pretty awesome craft themed fonts.

Keep in mind that while these fonts are free, they can only be used for your personal projects. This means they cannot be used for commercial work without purchasing a license. A commercial license can usually be purchased from the font creator for a small fee.

6 Free Crafty Fonts

  1. KG A Little Swag
  2. Lovetime | Free Version | Full Version
  3. DJB Shape Up Stars
  4. Paper
  5. Iced Tea
  6. Sloppy Hand

If you’re interested in downloading more free fonts, Font Bundles has a page dedicated to showcasing their current selection of free font downloads.

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