How to Write Catchy Blog Post Titles That Get the Most Clicks

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If you want to know how to write catchy blog post titles that get the most clicks, I have some great blog post titles for you to use.

Every day bloggers are trying new ways to generate traffic to their blog, but they continue to overlook one of the most important aspects of attracting readers.

Blog post titles.

If someone sees a blog post title and they aren’t intrigued by it, then they simply won’t visit. There is just too much information being presented to people every single day for them to focus on every single thing.

This is why your blog post titles have to be both descriptive and attractive.

However, that doesn’t mean that your blog post titles all have to follow the same formula.

In fact, there are a number of different types of blog post titles that you can use for your blog, and each of them does a great job of attracting readers to your blog.

In this post, you are going to learn 7 different blog post title formulas that will increase your chances of getting people to your blog.

1. The List

This is the most popular type of blog post title.

Buzzfeed took this to new levels and really pushed the limits to how these titles work.

The reason list post titles work so well is because they allow the reader to know exactly what they are getting.

17 Great Ways to Save Money lets you know that you are going to learn about 17 different ways you can save money, and people like that.

Not only do people enjoy seeing right away what they are going to learn about, but they also enjoy knowing that there is a clear beginning and end.

Knowing that you only have to quickly scan 17 things makes it easier to click over. Remember, people are busy so giving them an idea of what they are in for can be very beneficial.

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2. The How-To

A large portion of the searches made on the web are how-to searches. This makes sense because people are constantly looking for solutions to a problem.

  • How to clean hardwood floors.
  • How to make money with a blog.
  • How to fold fitted sheets.

When your blog post title is the actual solution to a question that people would put into a search engine, then they are going to be intrigued.

Similar to list posts, the how-to blog post title sets an expectation of what people can expect.

Another huge benefit is that this type of blog post title infers that the content is going to be actionable and people love to read actionable content.

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3. The Provocative Question

Do you know how many microscopic creatures are crawling on your pillow right now?

You might not want to know, but you’re enticed to find out.

The provocative question blog post title is more about luring a reader in through curiosity.

It’s like when someone tells you not to press the giant red button odds are you are going to press that button.

4. The Case Study

Case studies are awesome because instead of working with theoretical information, you are showing how something was achieved in real life.

This type of blog post title works well because it lets the potential reader know that they are going to find a solution within the post.

Remember, people love solutions to their problems.

This is why on Pinterest you’ll see so many How I… type of posts. It’s because they work really well and from a blogger’s standpoint, it’s great to showcase how you do things.

This helps to build a connection to your reader that can lead to them becoming a customer down the road.

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5. Lessons Learned

This combines the numbered list with the case study blog post.

8 Things I Learned While Traveling Solo.

It lets the reader know exactly how many points there are going to be and what the experience is actually about.

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6. Reasons Why

One of people’s favorite question is “why”?

Why can’t you do this?

Why can’t you do that?

Why you can’t afford to ignore blogging if you run an e-commerce store.

Anybody that runs an e-commerce store is going to want to click on that blog post title because they need to know.

This is what makes the Reasons Why type of blog post so attractive. It not only asks the question but also provides you with the answer.

Relationship blogs use this blog post title to great effect.

Why he won’t call you back.

This type of blog post title works well for people that don’t even know they have a problem.

7. Irresistible

The Irresistible blog post title is kind of similar to the Reasons Why post title. It stokes curiosity in the reader and makes them feel compelled to click over.

How changes to the tax code in 2018 could save you thousands.

This increases the curiosity of the reader. They must see what this blog post is talking about.

Irresistible blog post titles are the hardest to pull off especially if your niche is more informational than entertainment, but that doesn’t mean you should try to use them from time to time.

Pay Attention to Your Titles

A blog post title is the first interaction a reader will have with your blog, so you need to spend time in making sure they work.

Write out a couple of different blog post titles and determine which one you think will work the best. You can use the Free Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule to test the quality of your blog post title.

If you’re on Pinterest, you can even do some testing of titles by pinning different pins for the same blog post to see which one receives the most engagement.

Over time you will gain an understanding of which type of blog post titles work best for your audience.

When you can make the sign out front something special, then you stand a chance of always bringing people into the door.

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