7 Free Script Fonts

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Today I’m bringing you a roundup of 7 free script fonts that are a part of my font collection.

7 free script fonts

Free fonts have really come a long way. While there has always been a nice selection of free fonts available to download, if you wanted a font that looked like the one ones in this roundup, you had to pay for them.

If you want to use these fonts (aside from Aguafina Script) for your commercial projects you’ll have to pay for the full version of the font. However, many of the fonts in this roundup can be purchased for less than $15, which is a great deal.

7 Free Script Fonts

  1. Brayden Script – download Brayden Script (free version) – Full version for commercial use
  2. Friends Da Vinci – download Friends Da Vinci (free version)
  3. Aguafina Script – download Aguafina Script (free version) – Can be used free for personal and commercial use.
  4. Monica Script – download Monica Script (free version)Full version for commercial use
  5. Hello Script – download Hello Script (free version)Full version for commercial use
  6. Sweetline – download Sweetline (free version)Full version for commercial use
  7. Yaquote Script – download Yaquote Script (free version)Full version for commercial use

If you’re interested in downloading more free fonts, Font Bundles has a page dedicated to showcasing their current selection of free font downloads.