73 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

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If you’re reading this article, then there’s a good chance you already know about the power of Facebook groups. If not, then I can tell you that Facebook groups are a great way to build relationships with other bloggers and business owners. In fact, I believe that being active in Facebook groups allows you to connect with other bloggers far more effectively than blog commenting.

If you’ve been looking for Facebook groups to join, I hope that this list of 73 Facebook groups makes your search easier. This list includes groups for connecting, promoting, and growing your blog, social media, and business.

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73 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

  1. 3 Chicken Creative Ideas!
  2. Family Travel Bloggers
  3. Blogging Over Breakfast
  4. Blog Society
  5. The Rebel Speaker
  6. The Blog Loft
  7. Breakthrough Bloggers with Addi Ganley
  8. Think Creative Collective
  9. Adventures in Blogging
  10. Books, Blogs, Readers & Writers
  11. IBA Open Group
  12. WordPress Help for Beginners
  13. Fashion Bloggers Promotion
  14. Paradise Bloggers
  15. Grow Your Blog
  16. Blogging with Heart <3
  17. Cats With Blogs
  18. Blog + Biz BFFs
  19. Pinterest Traders
  20. My Pro Blog + Biz
  21. Blogging Anarchy
  22. Women Winning Online
  23. Blogging Babes and Business Bosses
  24. Travel Blogs Promotion
  25. Ladyboss Lifestyle
  26. Campfire
  27. For Love + Money with Caitlin Bacher
  28. We Travel We Blog
  29. Daring Creative Workshop for Business & Blogging
  30. Learn to Blog
  31. Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate
  32. Blogging Homeschoolers
  33. Babes Making Things
  34. Freedom Hackers Mastermind #freedomhackers
  35. The Creative’s Corner
  36. Ladypreneur Community
  37. Blog Promo Community
  38. Blogger Roundups
  39. Freelance To Freedom Project Community
  40. Pinterest Promotions for Bloggers
  41. Simple Pin Pinterest Strategy Group
  42. Stock Photography For Creative Entrepreneurs
  43. Blogger Babes Members
  44. Blogging Newbs
  45. The SITS Girls Facebook Group
  46. Blogging with Becky and Paula
  47. Instagram Fabulous
  48. InstantBosses ( Instagram For Creative Business Owners And Entrepreneurs )
  49. Simplified Systems
  50. 3 Chicken Creative Ideas!
  51. Pinning Ain’t Easy
  52. INSTALoops + BLOG Giveaways
  53. PinChat ~ Pinterest Chat
  54. Being Boss®
  55. Pinterest for Travel Bloggers
  56. Mommy Bloggers Pinterest Group
  57. Pinterest Group Boards
  58. Show Your Blog Love
  59. Instagram Posse
  60. Daring Creative Workshop for Business & Blogging
  61. Blog Passion Project
  62. Scoop Insiders
  63. Business Bombshells
  64. The Badass Solopreneur Society
  65. Brilliant Business Moms
  66. NiceOps Planathon
  67. Awesome Bloggers
  68. The Creatives Corner
  69. Think Creative Collective
  70. Inspired Bloggers Network
  71. Pinning Ain’t Easy
  72. Promote Your Book Page
  73. Bloggers Gonna Blog

I really hope you’ve found this list helpful. Be sure to pin this for future reference.

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