8 Totally Free Fonts

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Time for another font roundup! Here is a font collection of 8 totally free fonts for you to check out and maybe even add to your own font collection. Scroll down to find the links to download each of these fonts.

Here is a collection of 8 totally free fonts for you to download and enjoy.

Which of these free fonts is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! The one I use most often is definitely “Fjalla One.” However, there’s something about MovusBrush Pen that I really love!

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8 Totally Free Fonts

  1. Vidaloka
  2. The Skinny
  3. Playfair Display
  4. Fjalla One
  5. Smoothie Shop
  6. Quixotic
  7. Movus BrushPen
  8. Learning Curve

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