How to Add Pages to Navigation Menu in Blogger

If you are new to Blogger, one question you may have is “How do I add pages to my navigation menu?” Luckily, this is really simple to do, and today I will show you how.

Adding Pages to Your Navigation Menu In Blogger

1). After signing in to your blog, you want to first make sure you have your pages created. To do this, click on Pages and “Create a new page.”

add pages 1

2). Go ahead and create and publish as many pages as needed.


3). After you have published all of your pages, click on Layout > Add a Gadget.


4). Underneath your header gadget, click on Add a Gadget and select the Pages gadget.

5). Once you have done this, you can check the box next to the pages you want displayed in your navigation menu.

Additionally, you can change the order of your pages by dragging them up and down, and add custom links to your navigation menu by clicking on Add external link, and placing your title and link address into the proper boxes.

Once everything is to your liking, be sure to press Save.

There you have it. You have now added your pages to your navigation menu.

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