30 Adorable Boba Bubble Tea Drawings

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Fans of boba tea will love these cute bubble milk tea drawing ideas.

Boba (bubble) tea is a popular beverage worldwide, and it’s no surprise that many artists have been inspired to create beautiful pieces of art with boba tea as the primary focus.

From drawings of the drink itself to cartoon-illustrated characters enjoying this beverage, these drawings are absolutely adorable.

1. Koala with Bubble Tea

Koala with Bubble Tea
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

For those looking for something creative and cute, this koala drinking boba tea is the inspiration you need. I love how it captures the joy of sipping on your favorite drink.

2. Simple Boba Tea Drawing

Simple Boba Tea Drawing

It doesn’t get any easier than drawing this simple cup of boba tea. For a beginner, it’s a great idea to use illustrations like this for reference.

3. Cute Sloth Drinking Boba Tea

Cute Sloth Drinking Boba Tea
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

This sloth drinking bubble tea is so adorable. Use different colors for your sloth and the beverage to add a personal touch to your art.

4. Watercolor Bubble Tea

Watercolor Bubble Tea

If you enjoy watercolor painting, here’s an excellent idea for you. Practice your painting skills by creating a tasty bubble milk tea drink.

5. Polar Bear Drinking Bubble Tea

Polar Bear Drinking Bubble Tea
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

If you’re looking for something whimsical, try a drawing of a polar bear sipping bubble tea through a large straw. I can’t get over how cute this illustration is.

6. Muslim Girl Drinking Boba Tea

Muslim Girl Drinking Boba Tea

This drawing shows a young Muslim woman enjoying her favorite boba tea drink. The colors that were chosen for this illustration work so well together.

7. Bear with Sunglasses Enjoying Boba

Bear with Sunglasses Enjoying Boba
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

Nothing says “cool” like this stylish bear enjoying a cold glass of boba tea. This drawing is great for adding a bit of attitude to your art.

8. Six Simple Milk Teas

Six Simple Milk Teas
iStock/Alena Abramova

These milk tea illustrations are so simple and also fun to draw. Before starting, decide on what flavors you will use for your art.

9. Cute Milk Tea Drawing

Cute Milk Tea
iStock/Aletheia Shade

For those that like things simple, an easy illustration like this is the way to go. If you don’t like brown, you can go with green, pink, purple, etc.

10. Cat Sipping Pink Boba Tea

Cat Drinking Pink Boba Tea

If you’re a fan of cats, give your bubble tea art an extra touch of cuteness by creating a cozy cat sipping away at its favorite drink.

11. Cute Bubble Tea with Heart Hands

Cute Bubble Tea with Heart Hands
iStock/Ksenia Bogdanova

Nothing could be sweeter than a bubble tea drawing with heart hands. This illustration is perfect for showing off your creative side, and it’s also sure to draw in some smiles.

12. Corgi with Sunglasses Drinking Boba

Corgi with Sunglasses Drinking Boba
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

Boba and corgis make a perfect pair, especially when the pup is wearing some fun sunglasses.

13. Six Happy Bubble Teas

Six Happy Bubble Teas
iStock/Rana Raheel Abbas

This happy and colorful array of bubble teas will help you come up with your own ideas for your drinks. You can draw six different cups, each with a different flavor.

14. Small Bear with Milk Tea

Small Bear with Milk Tea
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

This tiny bear is sure to bring some cheer to your drawing. You can draw the bear holding your favorite flavor of milk tea.

15. Three Bubble Tea Drink

Three Bubble Tea Drink

These three bubble tea drinks are so adorable. Each glass features a different flavor and animal. There is a frog, bear, and kitten design to inspire you.

16. Girl Drinking Bubble Tea

Girl Drinking Bubble Tea
iStock/Saranya Yuenyong

Bubble tea is the perfect drink to include in your drawing. You’ll have fun drawing this cute girl character sipping on her favorite drink.

17. Four Bubble Tea Drinks

Four Bubble Tea Drinks
iStock/Nadezhda Ivanova

If you love bubble tea, you’ll love these illustrations. Bubble tea is a popular beverage around the world. Also known as boba tea, it is a sweetened tea or milk drink that typically contains tapioca pearls.

These boba bubble tea drawings are a great source of inspiration for your art. When using references, remember to include your personal touches. This will help you elevate your drawing style.

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