80 Best Affiliate Programs for Food Bloggers

I earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

As a food blogger, joining affiliate programs and promoting products is an excellent way to increase your income.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, affiliate marketing is when you earn a commission by promoting a companies product or service.

You don’t have to receive a ton of traffic to make money with affiliate marketing.

While having traffic certainly does help, the key to being successful with affiliate marketing is to build an audience that trusts your opinion, as well as to promote products that you truly enjoy.

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Now let’s get to the affiliate programs for food bloggers.


Online classes in cake decorating, photography, and more. 10-20% per sale.

Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates)

Offers cash back at over 2,000 stores whenever you begin your shopping through the Rakuten website. When you create an account, you’ll receive a special link to earn a commission. $25 per referral.

Ultimate Bundles

Offers bundles for e-books, courses, and other resources at a highly discounted price. 40% per sale.

Snake River Farms

American Wagyu beef, Kurobuta Pork and Northwest source-certified beef. 7% per sale.


Wine subscription box. Earn $18 per sale.


Candy subscription box. Earn $15 per sale.

Sun Basket

Healthy meal delivery service. Earn $20 per sale.

Daily Harvest

Subscription serves that delivers pre-portioned meals. Earn $10 per sale.

Lobster Anywhere

Lobster delivered to your home. 7% per sale.

Fredericksburg Farms

Delicious foods delivered to your door. 5% per sale.

Katz Gluten Free

Gluten-free bakery. 10% per sale.

The California Wine Club

Wine of the month club. 15% per sale.

Fossil Farms

Organic meals shipped right at your door.  5% per sale.

For the Gourmet

Order chef quality products. 10% per sale.

Home Bistro Inc

Gourmet meals delivered to your door. 10% per sale.

The Crab Place

Seafood delivered to your home. 8-11% per sale.

Walkers Shortbread

Bakery shop that specializes in shortbread. 10% per sale.

Thirsty Coasters

Drink and cocktail coasters. 12% per sale.

Art of Tea

Organic teas and botanicals. 10% per sale.

Top Secret Recipes

Cookbook duplicating brand name foods. 20% per sale.

Generation Tea

Premium Chinese teas. 20% per sale.

Gold Medal Wine Club

Monthly wine club. 10% per sale.

Uncorked Ventures

Wine clubs at multiple price points. 20% per sale.

Wired for Wine

Daily wine deals. 7% per sale.

Matcha Source

Premium matcha green tea powder. 9% per sale.

Cross Country Cafe

Kcups and accessories. 10% per sale.


Candy subscription service. 40% per sale.

Food Blogger Pro

Membership site for food bloggers. 20-30% per sale.

Gluten Free Labels

Gluten-free branded tools. 15% per sale.


Healthy snack and drink subscription box. $17 per sale.

Food 52

Home and kitchen tools. 6% per sale.

Three Avocados

Non-profit coffee company. 12% per sale.

Jus by Julie

Fresh juice cleanses. 15% per sale.

Love with Food

Subscription snack box. 20% per sale.


Snacks from around the world. 5% per sale.

Vegin’ Out

Vegan meal delivery service. 15-23% per sale.

Sur La Table

Cookware and accessories. 7% per sale.

Carnivore Club

Fine artisan meat of the month club. 5% per sale.

Grapes Wine

Premium wine delivery service. 4% per sale.


With the Amazon affiliate program, food bloggers can link to food items, cooking accessories, and more. Up to 10% per sale.


Natural products for better health. 15% per sale.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Once you join the course, you can become an affiliate and earn $78.80 per sale.

Thrive Markets

Affordable healthy living. $20 per new customer.


Snack subscription box. 2% per order.

WP Tasty

Powerful recipe plugin for WordPress blogs.  30% per sale.

Learn Cake Decorating

Cake decorating class. 40% per sale.


Alcohol delivery service (America only). 4% per sale.

Open Mike’s Coffee

Craft coffee. 12% per sale.

Raw Spice Bar

Freshly ground spices. 8% per sale.

90+ Cellars Wine Shop

Wine subscription service. 6% per sale.


Better hydration based on the bodies chemistry. 20% per sale.


High-quality baby and toddler products. 5% per sale.

The Health Food Store

Healthy food delivered to your door. 5% per sale.

MoriMa Tea

High-quality Chinese Teas. 12% per sale.

Piquant Labs

Spice blend subscription service. 10% per sale.


Healthy jerky snacks. 10% per sale.


Club that allows you to enjoy fine spirits. $25 per sale.

PB Fit

Nutricious alternative to peanut butter. 10% per sale.

The Coffee Shopping Network

Offers Kcups, coffee and tea. 5% per sale.

Go Raw Honey

Raw honey products. 10% per sale.

Wine Down Club

Wine subscription box. $10 per sale.

Sweet Laurel

Whole foods baking company. 10% per sale.


Cold-pressed juices. 9% per sale.

Little Spoon Organic

Healthy baby food. 15% per sale.

Forto Coffee Shop

Ready-to-drink coffee shots. 20% per sale.

Gary Poppins

Gourmet popcorn company. 20% per sale.

Kettle & Fire

Shelf-stable bone broth. 20% commission per sale.

The Rotten Fruit Box

Freeze dried fruit snacks. 5.50% per sale.

Better Body Foods

Health food products. 10% per sale.

Fresh n’ Lean

Healthy meals delivery service. 10% per sale.


Craft beef jerky. 10% per sale.


Largest online platform for Japanese sake. 10% per sale.

Bar & Cocoa

Chocolate bar subscription service. 10 % per sale.

Fat Snax

Keto snacks. 10% per sale.

Sips by

Tea subscription box. $10 per sale.

Bones Coffee Company

Freshly roasted to order coffee. 10% commission.

Universal Yums

Snacks subscription box. $10 per sale.

I hope you’ve found this post featuring over 80 affiliate programs for food bloggers helpful.