22 Cute Olive Green Nail Designs

Step up your style game with these olive green nail designs. From shimmery to matte, there’s a look here that everyone will love.

Prepare to look beyond gorgeous with these stunning designs that will take your nails from drab to fab in no time. Plus, this color is the perfect transition shade so that you can rock it every season year-round.

1. Green French Tips with Rhinestones

Green French Tips with Rhinestones
Credit: sabreahshit

For a chic look, try out this green French tip design. The addition of the rhinestones creates a shimmery contrast that looks stunning.

2. Tortoise Shell Nails

Tortoise Shell Nails
Credit: sincerely_thenailologist

Try a green and tortoise shell combo if you want your nails to look like a million bucks. This design is perfect for an evening out thanks to its classic but eye-catching look.

3. Olive Green with Gold Glitter

Olive Green with Gold Glitter
Credit: surreal_spa

For a more glam look, combine olive green and gold glitter. The result is a design that will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

4. Floral Autumnal Nails

Floral Autumnal Nails
Credit: tessa.lyn.nails

For a more creative take on olive green nail art, try this autumnal design. The combination of orange and olive is brilliant, as is the addition of the flowers.

5. Green and White Flowers

Green and White Flowers
Credit: thegreenroomsa

For something simple with just the right amount of detail, this design is perfect. The white and green flowers add an air of femininity to your look.

6. Olive Green Stiletto Nails

Olive Green Stiletto Nails
Credit: va_os222

If you want a bold look that will stand out, try this edgy stiletto design. The sleek shape of the nails, combined with the glitter and rhinestones, makes for a modern, stylish look that will surely get you noticed.

7. Short Olive Green Nails

Short Olive Green Nails
Credit: ardelysbeauty

If you’re more of a minimalist, this mani is perfect for you. This olive green design is simple yet sophisticated and looks great on short nails.

8. Green with Gold Butterflies

Green with Gold Butterflies
Credit: barsbymeg

For a one-of-a-kind design, try this butterfly nail art. The olive green shade compliments the gold butterflies for a beautiful contrast that will have all your friends talking.

9. Simple Olive Green Nails

Simple Olive Green Nails
Credit: french_vanilla_health_skincare

For the ultimate minimalistic look, these olive green nails are sure to turn heads. The solid color is perfect for an everyday look that’s still chic.

10. Green, Orange, and White Nails

Green, Orange and White Nails
Credit: hjs.beauty

For an attention-grabbing look, try this combo. The pairing of olive green with orange and white is perfect for making a statement.

11. Magnificent Green and Brown Nails

Magnificent Green and Brown Nails
Credit: kikinails_ebeauty

If you want something a bit more glamorous, try this look. The olive green and brown color palette is perfect for creating an elegant yet daring design. To make it extra special, add some floral accents.

12. Wavy Green Nails

Wavy Green Nails
Credit: m_a_naiils

If you’re looking for something truly original, this is the look for you. The wavy design looks fantastic and would be a fun addition to your manicure.

13. Soft Green and Glitter

Soft Green and Glitter
Credit: marlainthemix

If you want something softer, choose a pastel green and add a few accents of glitter for vibrancy. You can’t go wrong with a nail design like this one.

14. Long Green Nails

Long Green Nails
Credit: mi4.22_nails

These long nails look super chic, and olive green is the perfect color for this. Opt for a glossy nail polish and consider including accents along the sides to make a statement.

15. Patterned Green Nails

Patterned Green Nails
Credit: nailed_by_mely

If you want to add some flair to your nails, try a patterned nail design. Choose from abstract patterns, such as polka dots, stripes, or chevrons, for your nails.

16. Extra Long Square Nails

Extra Long Square Nails
Credit: nailsbylily_xo

This look is perfect for anyone who wants their manicure to extend beyond the usual length. Choose shades of green for this style and finish off with rhinestones.

17. Green with White Sunflower

Green with White Sunflower
Credit: nailsbynicolenz

Show your love for nature with a sunflower-inspired olive green nail design. The floral accent nail gives off a fresh vibe that will bring sunshine into your life.

18. Matte Olive Green Nails

Matte Olive Green Nails
Credit: nailsbyyvetteemariee

Go for a classic look with matte olive green nails. This timeless design is perfect for any occasion and gives your nails an elegant finish.

19. Half Green, Half Black, and White Nails

Half Green, Half Black and White Nails
Credit: not.more.nail.polish

If you’re looking for something more creative, try this half-and-half nail design. Paint one-half of your nails in an olive green hue and the other with the white and black pattern of your choice.

20. Green and White French Tips

Green and White French Tips
Credit: rb_nails_x

Freshen up your nails with a French tip design. Paint the tips of your nails part green and part white on a diagonal for an elegant yet creative look.

21. Fabulous Green-Themed Nails

Fabulous Green-Themed Nails
Credit: mrskissmas

Go bold with some fabulous nail art. If you want a look that truly stands out, let this design inspire you. It features different colors, patterns, and embellishments that come together perfectly.

22. Green with Animal Print Nails

Green with Animal Print Nails
Credit: ms.veeznails

For a wild manicure, go for animal print designs. These nails feature a fun zebra and leopard print design that goes great with the olive green shade.

Olive green nail designs are a great way to jazz your nails. With the colors, design, and embellishments, you can easily recreate a look that will catch everyone’s attention.

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