15 Alluring Stained Glass Nail Designs

If you’re looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your nails, consider trying one of these alluring stained glass nail designs. These designs are eye-catching to look at and so fun to wear on your nails.

If you’re looking for a new nail design that will make you stand out, you must check out these stained glass designs.

1. Catholic Church Stained Glass

Catholic Church Stained Glass Nails
Credit: sabzmasih

This stunning nail design is inspired by the beautiful stained glass windows in many Catholic churches. It’s a great way to show your faith and love of beauty.

2. Translucent Cross Stitch

Translucent Cross Stitch Stained Glass Nails
Credit: beeqnails

The cross-stitch stained glass nail design is a unique and stylish way to add some personality to your nails. The design features tiny cross stitches in a variety of colors that resemble stained glass.

3. Stained Glass Roses

Rose Flower Stained Glass Nails

The rose is a classic symbol of love and appreciation. This rose design is delicate and feminine, perfect for a special occasion or everyday wear.

4. Rainbows and Rhinestones

Rainbows and Rhinestones stained glass nails
Credit: amyle.nails

Whether you’re looking for a creative way to express yourself or want to add a bit of fun and flair to your nails, these stained glass nails are a great option.

5. Blue, Black, and Brown Stained Glass

Blue, Black, and Brown Stained Glass
Credit: majadoesnails

I love the black, brown, and blue color palette that was chosen for these stained glass nails. Not only that, but the design is quite stunning too.

6. Stained Glass Roses and Hearts

Roses and Hearts Stained Glass Nails
Credit: mannequin.hands

Try this stained glass roses and hearts nail idea for a romantic nail design. This design is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion.

7. Blue Stained Glass Nails

Blue Stained Glass Nails
Credit: nailpromagazine

These blue nails feature a beautiful stained glass design on the nail tips. The stiletto nail shape goes perfectly with this intricate design.

8. Floral Stained Glass Nails

Floral Stained Glass Nails
Credit: embellishedtips

If you love floral designs, you’ll love these floral stained glass nails. Choose your favorite nail shape and length, and change the roses to your favorite flower.

9. Embellished Stained Glass

Embellished Stained Glass
Credit: nailsmagazine

I love all of the embellishments that have been added to these nails. These nails are gorgeous in every way, from the colors to the nail shape to the rhinestones.

10. Seattle Art Museum Inspired

Seattle Art Museum Nails
Credit: nailedbytav

The Seattle Art Museum inspired this beautiful set of floral stained glass nails. Each nail was hand-painted, and the entire process to 3.5 hours to complete.

11. Transparent Stained Glass

Transparent Stained Glass
Credit: sugamama_nailz

The key to making your nails look like stained glass is to stick with a transparent look. Jelly gel nail polish is perfect for helping you achieve this look.

12. Short Hand-Painted Nails

Short Hand-Painted Nails
Credit: witchfacenails

You’ll love these hand-painted stained glass press-on nails if you prefer shorter nails. Choose from several lengths and shapes as well as color combinations.

13. Hand-Painted Sun, Moon, and Rainbow Nails

Hand-Painted Sun, Moon, and Rainbow Nails
Credit: witchfacenails

Here’s another set of beautiful hand-painted press-on nails. This set features a stunning cloud and rainbow design.

14. Crosses and Doves

Crosses and Doves
Credit: thenailroom___

This design includes the classic elements that you would find in a Catholic church stained glass window. There are crosses, doves, flowers, and more.

15. Geometric Stained Glass Nails

Geometric Stained Glass Nails
Credit: thenailtailor

These nails feature a simple geometric shape design and a subtle metallic color palette. This minimalist design would look great on your natural nails too.

These beautiful stained glass nail designs are the perfect way to add fun and flair to your nails. They are unique, eye-catching, and so much fun to wear.

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