41 Cool Avocado Drawing Ideas

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If you’re looking for new and creative ways to draw avocados, you’ll be excited to know that there are plenty of avocado drawing ideas to inspire you.

From cute avocado characters to realistic depictions of this tasty fruit (yes, technically, they’re a fruit) and everything in between!

These drawing ideas will help break any artist’s block while adding some tasty goodness to your sketchbook. If you’re ready for some avocado inspiration, let’s get started.

1. Two Avocados Holding Hands Drawing

Two Avocados Holding Hands Drawing

This adorable drawing idea is perfect for a fun and simple way to draw avocados. Draw two avocados holding hands, and don’t forget to place hearts above them.

2. Watercolor Avocado

Watercolor Avocado

Create a wonderful piece of art by using watercolors to paint an avocado. This can be done with all types of mediums, but painting this fruit in vibrant colors is a wonderful way to get creative.

3. Avocados in Love Drawing

Avocados in Love Drawing

Go for a romantic spin by drawing two avocados in love. They can be drawn up close, embracing, or simply looking into one another’s eyes.

4. Thirteen Fun Avocado Drawings

Fun Avocado Drawings

This avocado character drawing is beyond fun to draw. There are avocado slices, guacamole, avocado toast, and more. Don’t forget to add the chips, salt, and lime.

5. Four Avocado Character Drawings

Four Avocado Character Drawings

Add a twist to your drawing by creating four different characters from avocados. Give each avatar a unique personality by adding facial features, clothes, and accessories. This is a fun way to explore your imagination with this fruit.

6. Four Avocado Breakfast Drawings

Avocado Breakfast Drawing
iStock/Iryna Shkrabaliuk

Think outside the box and draw some of your favorite avocado-themed breakfast items. There are two variations of avocado toast. Plus, no breakfast is complete without an egg!

7. Five Whole and Halved Avocado Drawing

Whole and  Halved Avocado Drawing

Here’s a drawing of an avocado whole as well as an avocado that’s been cut in half. Practice sketching the different parts of the avocado to get better at drawing.

8. Toast with Avocado Drawing

Toast with Avocado Drawing

This is a classic snack that’s simple yet delicious. Two of your favorites (toast and avocado) join forces for one cool drawing idea.

9. Cute Avocado Girl Drawing

Cute Avocado Girl Drawing
iStock/Oleksandr Yashnyi

Create a cute avocado girl. Draw her with rosy cheeks and big eyes, a heart-shaped seed in the middle. You can also add extra doodles, such as hearts or stars.

10. Four Expressive Avocado Drawings

Four Expressive Avocado Drawings
iStock/Inna Chapkevych

Create four different avocados that each have their own facial expression. Make them look happy, grumpy, surprised, or silly to show their range of emotions.

11. Realistic Avocado Painting

Realistic Avocado Painting
iStock/Svetlana Belonog

Challenge yourself to create a watercolor painting of an avocado. Start by sketching out the basic shape and then add details like the texture of its skin, the seed in its center, and even its surrounding leaves. With practice, you can make your painting look just like a real avocado.

12. Mom, Dad, and Baby Avocado Drawing

Mom, Dad, and Baby Avocado Drawing

Create a family portrait featuring three avocados. Draw a mom and dad avocado, then draw their baby avocado between them.

13. Avocado Playing Basketball Drawing

Avocado Playing Basketball Drawing

Incorporate sports into your art by creating an avocado playing basketball. Whether your avocado is shooting a free throw, dribbling around his opponents, or slamming a dunk in the basket, remember to have fun with your drawing.

14. Whole and Sliced Avocado Painting

Whole and Sliced Avocado Painting
iStock/Galina Sinelnikova

Take your avocado ideas even further and create a painting of an entire avocado or one that’s been sliced. You can use bright colors and textures to make your artwork stand out.

15. Simple Avocado Drawing

Simple Avocado Drawing

If you want something simple, try drawing a basic avocado. You can add details like leaves or branches for an extra creative touch.

16. Avocado Toast Drawing

Avocado Toast Drawing

Avocado toast is a popular meal made with avocado and toasted bread. If you’re a fan of this food item, you’ll love creating a drawn representation of it.

Avocado drawing ideas are a great way to get creative and have fun with your artwork. With some practice, you’ll soon be creating fantastic avocado art in no time.

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