20 Beautiful Container Garden Planting Ideas

Container gardening is a delightful way to add a touch of nature to your surroundings, regardless of your available space. It lets you get creative, with virtually no limit to the arrangements you can create.

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your garden, patio, or balcony, here are 20 container garden planting ideas to inspire you. From the vibrant colors of tulips to the serene elegance of wooden box planters, there’s something here for every plant lover’s heart.

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1. Ledge Container Garden

Ledge Container Garden
Credit: gardendesignmag

Liven up architectural ledges with a mix of ferns and shrubs. You can also create a box filled with low-maintenance succulents in beautiful shapes and colors.

2. Window Box Garden

Window Box Garden
Credit: provenwinners

Adorn your windows with a charming mix of trailing blooms like pansies, alyssum, and lobelia. For a quaint touch, tuck in a few strings of pearls that will spill over the edges.

3. Cute Potted Garden

Cute Potted Garden
Credit: mycountrycottage

Use cute containers like old boots, tea kettles, and wheelbarrows as a home for a charming mix of plants. This playful approach to container gardening is always delightful.

4. Tall Container Garden

Tall Container Garden
Credit: naturaldesignflorals

Elevate your space with tall containers filled with shrubs and climbers like clematis, wisteria, and climbing roses for a dramatic garden. Be prepared for a striking vertical display.

5. Purple Sensations and Violets

Purple Sensations and Violets
Credit: mycountrycottage

Timeless and evocative, violets are perfect for small spaces. Pair them with the stunning ‘Purple Sensation’ Allium for a harmonious blend that is as fragrant as visually appealing.

6. Orange Flowers Container Garden

Orange Flowers Container Garden
Credit: clausdalby

Brighten up any space with a burst of orange. Marigolds, zinnias, and petunias are just a few flowers that can add a warm glow to your space. Combine them with leafy variegated plants to create striking contrasts that will turn heads.

7. Neptune Container Garden

Neptune Container Garden
Credit: provenwinners

A Neptune-inspired container may be just the serene aquamarine touch your garden needs. You can get the Neptune Recipe from Proven Winners if you want to make your own container.

8. Foxglove Container Garden

Foxglove Container Garden
Credit: mycountrycottage

The architectural beauty of foxgloves can provide a bold statement in any garden or patio. Combine them with other ‘cottage garden’ favorites, such as campanulas and hollyhocks, for a nostalgic feel.

9. Spring Colors

Spring Colors
Credit: petalsbranches

In this container garden, think of spring’s soft and subtle colors. Tulips and daffodils are a possibility, and adding in a few hyacinths can provide a heady fragrance.

10. Wildflower Container Garden

Wildflower Container Garden
Credit: kusaki7313

For those who want a touch of the meadow, plant a wildflower container garden with a mix of daisies, poppies, and cornflowers.

11. Purple Flowers Container Garden

Purple Flowers Container Garden
Credit: clausdalby

There’s a certain regal charm about purple blooms. Create a majestic feel with lavender, salvia, and verbena. Plant them in containers with royal colors like deep blue or emerald green to add an extra pop.

12. Plant Container Garden

Plant Container Garden
Credit: pondside_nursery

An arrangement of plants can transform mundane patios into a vibrant paradise. Include everything from tall shrubs to ground-hugging perennials for a dynamic garden in miniature.

13. Salvias and Lily Turf Container Garden

Salvias and Lily Turf
Credit: camilliabloomsbury

Create a symphony of purple and green with salvias and lily turf. The vertical spikes of the salvia flowers against the grass-like foliage of the lilies promise a visual treat.

14. Bouffant Container Garden

Bouffant Container Garden
Credit: provenwinners

Fill a patio with fluffed-up baskets of petunias, calibrachoas, and angelonias. The volume of blooms in this arrangement is sure to be a talking point during gatherings.

15. Roses Container Garden

Roses Container Garden
Credit: steve_parnham

Roses are perfect for container life with their classic beauty and delightful fragrance. Combine different hues and shapes for a mini rose garden. Include a trellis for climbing varieties.

16. Flowers in Baskets

Flowers in Baskets
Credit: cynthiafergusondesigns

Baskets can be an enchanting way to showcase your blooms. Fill them with trailing roses, fuchsias, and petunias for a cascade of color. Place them in a sunny spot for a magical display.

17. Tulips Container Garden

Tulips Container Garden
Credit: _flowerandland

Tulips don’t always have to be in a field to create impact. Planted in a simple container, these elegant flowers can be elevated. Mix and match various tulip colors for a kaleidoscope effect, or go monochrome for a minimalist look.

18. Berry Blued Container Garden

Berry Blued Container Garden
Credit: provenwinners

For a cooler touch that’s no less invigorating, plant blueberries in a large pot and surround them with yet more blue. You’ll have one delectable and delightful container garden. Check out the Berry Blued Recipe from Proven Winners to make this garden.

19. Terracotta Container Garden

Terracotta Container Garden
Credit: taracottapots

For a rustic feel, stick with terracotta planters. Their earthy tones provide a perfect backdrop for herbs, flowers, and plants.

20. Wooden Box Planter

Wooden Box Planter
Credit: ginas_flower_garden

A wooden box planter is a must for a picture-perfect garden with a countryside feel. Fill it with an assortment of herbs or flowers, or keep it simple with a group of fragrant lavender bushes.

With these 20 container garden planting ideas, you’re well on your way to creating a cleverly compact garden that will brighten any space.

Whether you love the classic beauty of roses, the freedom of wildflowers, or the charm of a potted garden, container gardening offers a world of possibilities.

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