17 Beautiful Cow Print Nail Designs

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I recently discovered cow print nail designs and I’m absolutely in love with them.

Cow print nails look great on all nail shapes. From almond-shaped acrylic nails to coffin nails, this design will look great on you.

If you’re looking for cow print nail design ideas, I just know you’re going to find a beautiful design to take to your nail technician.

Along with sharing some awesome designs, I’m also including a few tips for ensuring that your acrylic nails are long-lasting.

DIY Nail Design Essentials

  • Nail Art Sticker Sheets: These nail art sticker sheets are perfect for anyone who wants to have cool nail designs without going to the nail salon.
  • Press On Nails: You can achieve stylish acrylic nails in the comfort of your own home with these press on nails in your shape choice.
  • Gel Nail Polish Kit: Make sure your nail polish is long lasting with this fun kit that includes 20 gel nail polish colors.
red cow print nails

Image Credit: nails.paula.xtine

Fill Your Cow Print Nails Every Two Weeks

In order to keep your nails looking good and lasting as long as possible, you should get them filled every 2-3 weeks.

nude cow print nails

Image Credit: nailsbyesme__

If you aren’t sure what fills are, after you get your nails done, when your natural nails grow out, they will not be covered by the acrylics.

nails with embellishments

Image Credit: nailz.by_liz

This will leave a space between your natural nail and the acrylic nail. You’ve probably seen this on other people who have gotten their nails done.

coral and spotted nails

Image Credit: nailzbymayaa

When you go in to have your nails filled, the nail technician will fill in that space so that your acrylic nails continue to look as good as possible. As I mentioned earlier, this will increase the amount of time you can wear your acrylics.

spotted french tip nails

Image Credit: obsessionbeauty__

Keep Your Nails Clean

Acrylic nails tend to hold more dirt and bacteria than your natural nails. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping your nails clean.

pink and black nails with cow print

Image Credit: ricekittynails

I recommend using a soft nail brush regularly to remove any dirt or other gunk from your nails. Additionally, make sure you dry your nails thoroughly and moisturize your hands after your wash them.

blue cow print nails

Image Credit: seren_nails697

You can use cuticle oil to keep your cuticles moisturized and looking healthy. I recommend applying the oil at least once a day.

fall cow print nails

These cow print nails are so fun and creative. I love the addition of the solid color nails. I think this design would also look great for the fall season.

Image Credit: serina_vision2000

triangle tip nails

Consider getting your cow print on the tips of your nails. This look features a solid white color combined with a black-spotted design.

Image Credit: topcoatsbychlo

gold cow print

The gold and black design featured here looks fantastic. If you really love this look, you could also have the design covering the entire nail.

Image Credit: beautybyamy_x

pink and orange nails

Stand out with this fun and creative cow print design. I love the addition of the pink, blue, and orange color palette.

Image Credit: elisebeautybylibby

pink and cow print nails

If you’re looking for a great stiletto design to inspire your next look, I think you’ll enjoy this design.

Image Credit: jes_obsidiannailz

matte cow print

Here’s a matte look for you to consider for your next cow print design. This look would be perfect on any nail shape or length.

Image Credit: klawsby.kiki

colorful cow print

If you want a look that features fun colors and unique designs, you’ll love this cow print nail design.

Image Credit: krystylebeauty

animal print nail designs

These nails feature cow prints, zebra prints, and more. Get a different design on each nail or just go with one animal print on all of your nails.

Image Credit: laurennicolenails_

blue cow print

Have you considered changing the color of your cow print? These nails feature a cute blue animal print design.

Image Credit: lucy_eyelash

coral cow print

Image Credit: nailingit2019

As you can see, there are so many different designs you can do with cow print nails.

I really had no idea how stunning cow print nail designs were. I think we can all admit that these designs are absolutely gorgeous. Not only are they cute and trendy, but you can see the creativity that was involved in creating the designs.

If you’re looking for more nail design ideas, make sure you check out the posts below.

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