Beautiful Drawings and Paintings of Flowers for Your Sketchbook

Are you looking for inspiration for your artwork but don’t know where to start? Have a peek at some of these beautiful drawings and paintings of flowers.

From sketches to watercolor bouquets, whatever drawing style you prefer, this post is full of ideas that could become centerpieces in any sketchbook.

If you want to add a splash of creativity to your artwork, flowers are the perfect touch. Whether it’s a daisy or a rose, there are no limits to what you can create with flower drawings.

Fortunately, drawing petals doesn’t have to be intimidating; anyone can master these blossoms with practice and patience.

We’ll explore some easy-to-follow flower drawing ideas that will help bring out the inner artist in all of us.

Twenty Flower Doodles

Twenty Flower Doodles

These simple doodles are easy to replicate and can be used to create patterns. Whether you choose a black-and-white design or infuse your artwork with color, these flower doodles will bring a little bit of whimsy to your sketchbook.

Six Watercolor Roses

Six Watercolor Roses
iStock/Tatyana Goncharuk

Bring the beauty of roses to life with watercolor paint. It’s a fun way to capture their delicate petals and soft colors in painting form.

Hand-Drawn Flower Bouquet

Hand Drawn Flower Bouquet

Get inspired with this detailed, hand-drawn bouquet. It’s a great way to practice drawing floral arrangements and learn how to assemble them for an elegant piece of art.

Lotus Flower Sketch

Lotus Flower Sketch

With practice, you can learn how to draw the delicate lotus flower. This tranquil drawing is perfect for creating a calming atmosphere in your drawing book.

Six Flower Drawing

Peony Flower Drawing
iStock/Alina Firsova

Add a hint of romance to your sketchpad with these peony flower drawings. You’ll love capturing the delicate hues and intricate details of this flower.

Cosmos Drawing

Cosmos Flower Drawing

Cosmos flowers are absolutely beautiful and fun to draw. Adding color is an excellent way to make your drawing pop.

Forty-Five Small Flower Doodles

Small Flower Doodles

Take on a creative challenge with this selection of forty-five small flower doodles. These easy-to-draw flowers will help you add unique designs to your artwork.

Almond Tree Drawing

Almond Plant Drawing
iStock/Hein Nouwens

Create an exciting drawing by sketching an almond tree plant. From the shapes of its petals to the hearty leaves, you’ll enjoy learning how to draw this plant.

Bulbous Buttercup

Bulbous Buttercup Flower
iStock/L Feddes

Bring a unique flower drawing to life with this bulbous buttercup drawing. This reference allows you to learn the shapes and details of this gorgeous flower.

Hands Holding Flowers

Hands Holding Flowers
iStock/Anna Semenchenko

Capture the beauty of flowers in this cute and creative drawing. It’s a great way to learn how to draw hands holding flowers in a fun way.

Purple Lavender Flower

Purple Lavender Flower
iStock/Andrei Belozerov

Add an eye-catching floral design to your art book with this drawing of a large flower. Use purple and green markers to create a wonderful flower drawing.

Cosmos Bouquet Drawing

Cosmos Flower Bouquet Drawing
iStock/Kaori Adachi

Create a stunning cosmos flower bouquet drawing. It’s perfect for adding a complex flower arrangement to any artwork.

Sunflower Sketch

Sunflower Sketch
iStock/Oksana Kovaleva

Get inspired with this detailed sunflower sketch. From the center of the flower to the many petals, you’ll enjoy drawing this well-loved flower.

Flowers in a Pot

Flowers in a Pot
iStock/Arina Trapeznikova

Trying adding something a bit different to your notepad with this flowers in a pot reference. Draw a colorful selection of flowers in a single pot for an eye-catching sketchbook piece.

Twelve Flowers in Vases

Twelves Flowers in Vase Doodles

Get inspired with this selection of twelve flower doodles in vases. If you’re looking for ways to practice drawing, draw one or all of these flowers.

Try out these brilliant drawings to transform your sketches into works of art. With practice and patience, you can create wonderful drawings of flowers.

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