22 Beautiful Nail Designs Perfect for a Wedding

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If you have a wedding to attend or if your very own wedding is coming up, you’ll love these perfect nails for a wedding. They are simple and elegant, and they’ll make you look beautiful for the big day.

1. Simple Rhinestones

These nails are so simple and elegant. They include simple details and tiny rhinestones that make them stand out. This design would also look great on almond-shaped nails.

nails with small rhinestone
Artist Credit: agnieszka.gajewiak

2. Pink and Silver

If you want a pink look, these pink and silver nails are just for you. They stand out beautifully and will look great with your wedding attire.

pink and silver nails
Artist Credit: all.byvi

3. White Designs

Here’s a nail look that includes a different design on each nail. This look is perfect for someone who wants ideas for shorter nails.

white nail design
Artist Credit: beautea.faro

4. Gold Flakes

I love how these beautiful nails have gold flakes added to them. The gold makes the look stand out even more in my opinion. Play around with different color options for your design.

marble nails
Artist Credit: cherianails

5. Pink and White Ombre

If you like the ombre look, consider getting a beautiful and elegant pink and white ombre design. I love the addition of the white sparkling nail on the pinky finger.

pink ombre nails
Artist Credit: mazunapazu

6. Soft Pink with Embellishments

Adding embellishments to your nails is a great way to make them dazzle. This design would look great with several different wedding-appropriate colors such as white, silver, or gold.

bedazzled wedding nails
Artist Credit: joejoenails

7. Simple and Timeless

You just can’t go wrong with a simple and timeless look such as this one. These nails will go perfectly with any outfit, and the addition of the butterfly ring makes them even more lovely.

long wedding nails
Artist Credit: koloranki

8. Silver Glitter

Adding a silver glitter nail polish to the tips of your nails is such a great idea. It makes your nails look subtly beautiful and is sure to get you plenty of compliments.

simple wedding nails
Artist Credit: mbak_kukuu

9. Vibrant Pink

These that love bright and vibrant colors will love these pink nails. They are so fun and bold, and just what you’re looking for when it comes to attending an event.

vibrant pink nails
Artist Credit: minustudios

10. White Swirls

These long nails feature white swirls that make them simple, elegant, and still modern at the same time. Long, medium and short nails will look great with this design.

white swirl nails
Artist Credit: mrymsakii

11. Daisies and Rhinestones

These are some of my favorite nails. They are great for any wedding, but also work perfectly for everyday life. I love how rhinestones have been used for the center of the daisy too.

daisy and rhinestone nails
Artist Credit: n_a_i_l_it

12. White Ombre and Rhinestones

Here is a set of the ultimate wedding nails. They feature a fantastic white ombre look and beautiful rhinestones placed throughout the nails.

short wedding nails
Artist Credit: nail_6_seulgi

13. Black and White with Hearts

Black and white may not be the colors that come to mind when you think of wedding nails, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, these heart-themed nails are perfect for you.

black and white heart nails
Artist Credit: nails_hermosas20 

14. Gold and White

You can’t go wrong with these gold and white nails. They include so many fun designs and details. These nails are definitely perfect for the bride.

perfect wedding nails
Artist Credit: nails_perfectas2021

15. Elegant Flowers

Here’s another look that’s not as traditional as the others, but is still perfect for a wedding. You can play around with different color palettes for your floral design.

floral wedding nails
Artist Credit: nailsbyshannx

16. Pink with Gold Glitter

Anyone who loves glitter nails will be inspired by this look. Play around with the different ways you can incorporate glitter into your nail design.

pink and gold nails
Artist Credit: nailsbysimzz

17. Glamorous Press-On Nails

Believe it or not, these glamorous are actually press-on wedding nails. DM the artist on Instagram (link below) if you would like to have your own custom nails for your wedding day.

wedding press-on nails
Artist Credit: nailsbytomo_

18. Blushing Cat-Eye

Blush-colored nails are perfect for a wedding. If you want to DIY your nails, consider these press-on nails. Check out the link below to purchase from the talented artist.

blush cat eye nails
Artist Credit: nms_nails

19. Sailor Moon Theme

Not everyone wants the classic wedding nail design look. That’s why I wanted to include something fun and still elegant. Fans of the anime Sailor Moon will love this look.

sailor moon nails
Artist Credit: s_bloom.nail

20. Fall Wedding

If you’re having or attending a wedding in the fall, keep your look simple with these gorgeous dark nails. This is a simple look that you can do yourself or have done at the nail salon.

fall wedding nails
Artist Credit: theurbanbeautylounge

21. Flowers and Leaves

Great for a wedding or everyday look, this design features white floral and leaf outlines that have been filled in with silver glitter nail polish.

flower and leaves nails
Artist Credit: tipsandtoesoc

22. Black, White, and Glitter

Modern nails design are always fun to wear, especially when attending an event such as a wedding. Both guests and brides will love this look.

black white and glitter nails
Artist Credit: unasperfect202

Whether you’re the bride or a guest, we think you’ll love these nails for weddings. They are simple and elegant, and they’ll make you look beautiful for the big day. If you’re looking for more wedding nail inspiration, be sure to check out the posts provided below.

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