32 Best Watercolor Tattoo Design Ideas for Women

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A watercolor tattoo is a tattoo that is created to look like it was done using watercolor paints.

I love the look of watercolor tattoos, and I’m assuming you do as well since you’re here.

If you’re looking for watercolor tattoo ideas, I’m sharing over 32 watercolor tattoo designs that you can use for inspiration.

If you’ve heard that watercolor tattoos fade quicker than a traditional tattoo, here’s something to keep in mind…

If you have a tattoo that uses very little black ink, your tattoo can fade faster; however, that doesn’t mean that it will fade more quickly. Only that it’s possible.

Additionally, even though you’re getting a watercolor tattoo, there’s a good chance that a black base will be used.

What you need to watch out for are the things that can affect the longevity of your tattoo. Those things are skin damage and sun exposure. If you pay attention to those two things, your tattoo will remain vibrant for years to come.

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Watercolor Tattoo Design Ideas for Women

Enjoy browsing this collection of some of the best watercolor tattoo design ideas for women. Use these as inspiration for your next tattoo.

hand flower tattoo

Credit: weheartit

origami birds

Credit: weheartit

flowers on back

Credit: weheartit

watercolor stain

Credit: weheartit

watercolor face with butterfly

Credit: weheartit

tree branches with flowers

Credit: weheartit

face with guitar

Credit: rodrigotas

antlers with owls

Credit: sashaunisex

book tattoo

Credit: ilainktattoo

watercolor cat face

Credit: hamstter


Credit: vasilisktattooer


Credit: @gnotattoo

matching fox tattoo

Credit: eratattoo

cat tattoos on leg

Credit: simona.blanar

black swan

Credit: chenjie.newtattoo

watercolor flowers on arm

Credit: chenjie.newtattoo

finch with flower
simple flower bunch

Credit: weheartit

goldfish tattoo

Credit: noemi_tattoo

daisies tattoo

Credit: weheartit

sunflower tattoo on back

Credit: @jackemichaelsen

rose inside triangle

Credit: weheartit

fox tattoo

Credit: weheartit

rose behind ear

Credit: weheartit

flowers on thighs

Credit: weheartit

unicorn tattoo

Credit: weheartit

hot air balloon tattoo

Credit: weheartit

black cat tattoo

Credit: weheartit

genie lamp tattoo

Credit: weheartit

flower tattoos on chest

Credit: weheartit

hummingbird flying

Credit: unknown

cat outline

Credit: weheartit

blue compass

Credit: weheartit

tiger face tattoo

Credit: weheartit

sun and moon tattoo on leg

Credit: weheartit

flower on arm

Credit: weheartit

flowers on inner arm

Credit: weheartit