20 Birthday Nail Design Ideas for Your Special Day

If you have a birthday coming up, check out these cool birthday nail design ideas. From fun and vibrant to subtle and elegant, you’re going to love these designs for your special day.

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Purple and Yellow

orange and purple retro nails
Artist Credit: catherina_kety

These purple and yellow nails are bright, colorful, and fun. If you’re looking for creative design ideas, give this look a try.

Purple with White Hearts

purple heart nails
Artist Credit: _tarahi.nakhon_

Show off your loving side with these heart-themed nails. Choose your favorite color to replace the purple tips. This design would also look great with coffin nails.

Festive and Texture

colorful nails
Artist Credit: afterhoursnaillounge

If you’re looking for a design that’s festive and has plenty of texture, these colorful purple, blue, yellow, and white nails are perfect.

Spring Brights

spring nails
Artist Credit: beautyandbeyond_byjenna

Here’s a set of nails that are just perfect for spring and even summer. They have beautiful floral designs that you’re going to love wearing on your nails.

Shades of Brown Flowers

brown flower nails
Artist Credit: buttercup__nails

What I love about this design is that the color and floral design combination make these nails work for any time of year. Whether it’s summer or fall, this look is perfect for you.

Strawberry Nails

strawberry nail design
Artist Credit: clawanddagger

Can you believe that each of these strawberries were handpainted onto the nails? If you love food-themed nails, consider adding your favorite fruit to your design.

Purple Beauties

purple flower nails
Artist Credit: _elixnailart_

You don’t often come across purple nail designs, so I was thrilled to see this beautiful and creative look. The ring finger features a simple floral design.

Black and Orange

black and orange nails
Artist Credit: minoll.academy

Allow your nails to stand out with this creative and fun design. Play around with different color palette ideas to make your nails fit your unique personality.

Paw Prints

paw print nails
Artist Credit: ellen.iv.nails

If you take a look at the ring finger, you can see that it has a cute paw print design. These nails are perfect for cat and dog owners, or animal lovers in general.

Delicate Flowers

delicate floral nails
Artist Credit: ironowa.nail

The artist behind these nails creates beautiful, soft, feminine, and dedicate nail designs. These nails are so original and unique, I absolutely love them.

Vintage Doodles

vintage retro nails
Artist Credit: bmb_nails

Go for a vintage feel with these cute retro doodles. I love the designs that were chosen here, but you could definitely play around with different doodle ideas.

Elegant White Nails

white nails
Artist Credit: lanails____

If you want something elegant in every way, this design is just what you’ve been looking for. These nails are perfect for every occasion.

Birthday and Confetti

confetti birthday nails
Artist Credit: laquedown

These are the ultimate birthday nails. They feature colorful confetti and the person’s age. Have fun playing around with different confetti colors, and don’t forget to include your age on your nails.

Modern Daisies

daisy flower nails
Artist Credit: lovenailsbysarah

If you love the daisy flower I hope this look inspires you. Speaking of daisies, did you know that the daisy is actually considered a weed? The daisy weed is one of the most common perennial weeds that pop up on lawns.

Long Coffin Nails

long coffin nails
Artist Credit: nailsbyarely__

If you love coffin nails, here’s a simple design for you to check out. If you prefer shorter nails, you’ll love these short coffin nail designs.

Cute and Classy

cute and classy nails
Artist Credit: nailsbylyssah

These extra-long coffin nails are so cute and classy. They’re perfect for a birthday, weddings, or other events. The addition of the butterfly rhinestones is just gorgeous.

Kawaii Nails

kawaii hello kitty nails
Artist Credit: nailzbydianita

If you want something fun, you can’t go wrong with these kawaii nails. If you love this art style, make sure you check out the artist to see more of their work.

Classic Nude with Rhinestones

classic nude nails with rhinestones
Artist Credit: naysbeautyspot

Long acrylic nails with simple colors and beautiful embellishments just can’t be beaten. There’s something about them that makes them so lovely to look at. You’re going to get so many compliments on your nails with this design.

Black and White

black and white nails
Artist Credit: roberta.nails_

Combine two colors to create a gorgeous nail design that you’ll love. I personally love these just how they are, with the black-and-white color palette.

Elegant Bling

elegant bling nails
Artist Credit: shady.klawz

Yes, you can have elegant nails that are also blinged out. These nails feature gold flakes, rhinestones, textured flowers, and there’s even some glitter.

Dots and Swirls

dot and swirl nails
Artist Credit: sianhopsonnails

Combine different patterns to create a beautiful nail design. This look includes dots and swirls in different but still coordinating colors.

Whether you’re looking for a fun and funky design or something more elegant, we’ve got you covered. Check out these cool birthday nail designs and get inspired to create your own look. Have fun with it! Birthday nails are the perfect way to celebrate this special day.

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