25 Black Girl Drawings and Art Illustrations You’ll Love

If you’re looking for amazing Black girl drawings and art illustrations, I’ve got you covered. I’m sharing a collection of beautiful Black girl characters created by some super-talented artists.

From my experience, it can be a challenge to find art that showcases Black girls and Black women.

As a creative, I felt inspired to share some of my favorite Black girl character art and anime art. Additionally, the vast majority of these artists are Black women.

If you enjoy the work you see below, be sure to click through to their social media accounts to check out more. Where possible, consider supporting the artist on other platforms or by purchasing their work.

Woman Holding a Sunflower

black girl holding flower illustration
Artist Credit: misoart

This is a beautiful illustration of a young lady holding a sunflower. The artist has captured the warmth and happiness of a sunny day.

Half Braids, Half Curly

Artist Credit: cameronmarkart

Not only is this drawing super cute, but I love the hairstyle that showcases a look that’s half braids and half-long curly hair. Add cute earrings to complete the look.

Girl with Pink Hair

black girl with pink hair illustration
Artist Credit: spicymochhi

This charming illustration features a young girl with long, flowing pink hair. She looks happy and as if she doesn’t have a care in the world.

Girl with Blue Locs

black girl with blue hair illustration
Artist Credit: guillmon9005

The girl with blue locs, and gold earrings are a sight to behold. Her hair is styled in long, flowing locs that cascade down her back, and her earrings are beautiful gold hoops that accentuate her features.

Curly Hair

Artist Credit: cameronmarkart

This woman has big curly hair and wears a smirk on her expression. Doesn’t this look like such a fun drawing to use as a reference?

Black Girl Mermaid

black girl mermaid illustration
Artist Credit: tyeeshabradley

There’s something about the image of a mermaid that has captured many people’s hearts. Whether it’s their mystical quality or simply their beauty, these creatures of the sea are truly alluring.

Girl with Mushroom Hat

black girl with mushroom hat illustration
Artist Credit: tyeeshabradley

This charming illustration depicts a young girl wearing a large mushroom hat as she explores a mystical forest.

The illustrator has captured the childlike sense of wonder and playfulness that we often associate with woodland scenes.

Girl with Pink Braids

black girl with pink braids illustration
Artist Credit: lucidneema

I’m loving this illustration of a black girl with pink braids. She has a sad expression on her face, with tears streaming down her eyes. The artist did a great job of capturing the emotions of the character.

Black Girl Sailor Moon

black girl sailor moon illustration
Artist Credit: gdbee

This black girl Sailor Moon illustration is so beautiful, and I absolutely love it! The colors are stunning, and the detail is incredible. This artwork definitely captures the spirit of Sailor Moon.

Girl Carrying Bag of Love Letters

black girl with crop top illustration
Artist Credit: raqueltraveillustration

It’s not often that you see a girl carrying a bag of love letters. What could be more romantic than receiving a heartfelt letter from someone you care about? This is the perfect illustration for Valentine’s Day.

Woman Bathing Mermaid Child

black mom giving child a bath illustration
Artist Credit: yeseniadraws

In this charming illustration, a young mermaid child is being lovingly bathed by a woman. I love the color palette that was used for this piece.

Black Girl in Space

black girl in space illustration
Artist Credit: elixiadraws

A black girl in space color illustration is an artwork that features a young black girl floating among the stars. This image is both empowering and inspiring.

Woman with Blue Hair

black girl with blue hair illustration
Artist Credit: zolwia

This lovely illustration features a woman with gorgeous blue hair and flowers in her hair. The flowers and gold embellishments add a nice touch of femininity.

Mermaid with Long Blue Hair

black girl with orange mermaid tail illustration
Artist Credit: lucidneema

This mermaid illustration is simply beautiful! I love the long blue hair and the cropped shirt. The overall effect is very ethereal and dreamlike.

Girl Roller Skating and Holding Ice Cream

black girl with rollerskates illustration
Artist Credit: draw.dani

There’s something about summer that just screams “ice cream!” Whether you’re young or old, there’s nothing quite like a cold, creamy treat on a hot day. And what could be better than enjoying that treat while gliding along on a pair of roller skates?

Fairy with Purple Dress and Wings

black girl fairy illustration
Artist Credit: princess.sparlene

This enchanting illustration depicts a fairy in a beautiful purple dress. She also has delicate purple wings. The fairy’s pose is both cute and graceful.

Elf Reading a Book

black girl elf illustration
Artist Credit: elixiadraws

This illustration shows an elf reading a book. The elf looks happy and content, lost in the story. It’s a peaceful scene, and it’s easy to imagine the elf spending hours here, absorbed in the pages.

Girl with Long Braids

black girl with braids illustration (cornrows)
Artist Credit: niiponpon

This illustration shows a young girl with long braids. She looks happy and carefree, like she’s enjoying a beautiful day outside. The illustrator has used soft colors and simple lines to create a peaceful scene.

Woman Wearing Large Sunglasses

black with with sunglasses illustration
Artist Credit: mechalroe

A beautiful lady is illustrated wearing a fashionable and stylish jacket with large sunglasses. I love the simplicity of this illustration.

Girl with Orange Hair

black girl with orange hair illustration
Artist Credit: althea_solomons

This illustration shows a girl with orange hair. She has a subtle smile on her face, and her eyes are large and have matching orange eyeshadow.

Girl Listening to Music

black girl listening to music illustration
Artist Credit: lilypippili

There’s nothing quite like listening to your favorite music with a furry friend by your side. This illustration shows a girl relaxing and listening to music with her cat.

Woman with Leopard Print Dress

black girl with leopard shirt illustration
Artist Credit: ilovemarieandco

The woman in this illustration is stylish and confident. She rocks an afro paired with a leopard print dress. Her outfit is fashionable, and it shows that she has a strong sense of personal style.

Moon and Stars

black girl with purple dress illustration
Artist Credit: odnatamyara

This girl is wearing a beautiful purple dress that features see-through sleeves that are designed with gold moons and stars. I love the constellation theme included in this illustration.

Girl Crying and Holding Tissues

black girl with tissues illustration
Artist Credit: daizydoodles

This illustration shows a girl who is crying and holding a box of tissues. She looks very sad and upset. The artist has done a good job of capturing these emotions in this illustration.

If you’re in need of some Black girl art inspiration, be sure to check out the artists and illustrations I’ve featured in this post. Their work is absolutely amazing and will definitely inspire you.

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