Bonus Tutorials

Use these tutorials to further customize your theme. We do not provide support for these tutorials.

Theme CSS Customizations

If you’re not sure what CSS code to use to edit your theme, use the “Inspect” tool in your browser to see the CSS used for your theme. To use this feature, right-click on any webpage and click Inspect.

Custom CSS be added to your blog by going to Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS in your dashboard.

  1. How to center the themes header
  2. How to change the post title case (such as uppercase)
  3. How to change the navigation menu title case (such as uppercase)
  4. How to change the site title case (such as uppercase)
WordPress Basics
  1. How to Add Navigation Menu in WordPress
  2. Understanding Comments in WordPress
  3. Understanding Widgets in WordPress
  4. The Difference Between Categories and Tags in WordPress
  5. The Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress