10 Delicious Chicken of the Woods Mushroom Recipes

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These chicken of the woods mushrooms recipes are the ultimate savory and delicious mushroom. Unsurprisingly, they’re known for tasting like chicken and having a texture similar to chicken as well.

In fact, these mushrooms are perfect for anyone taking the steps towards becoming full vegetarian or vegan.

In the last few years, chicken of the woods has become more popular than ever before. This is largely due to the growing popularity of foraging and wild food options.

If you’re looking for yummy chicken of the woods mushroom recipes, I’m sharing a few delightful recipes below. While the majority of these recipes are vegetarian, you’ll also find a few that include meat.

Chicken of the Woods Mushroom Recipes

1. Sauteed Chicken of the Woods

Sauteeing your wild mushrooms is a simple and delicious way to prepare your meal. This sauteed chicken of the woods recipe not only shows you how to make a wonderful weeknight meal, there’s also a guide on how to clean and prep your mushrooms too. Get the recipe from The Sophisticated Caveman.

2. Batter-Fried Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

Yes, you can fry your chicken of woods mushrooms! These batter-fried mushrooms are coated in batter that yields crispy fried mushrooms that taste like chicken. Get the recipe from RealTree.

3. Chicken of the Woods Mushroom Piccata

Chicken piccata isn’t just for meat eaters. Fans of chicken picatta will absolutely love this dish. Serve with pasta or rice for a complete meal. Get the recipe from Very Vegan Val.

4. Deep Fried Chicken of the Woods

Wild mushrooms are covered in a super tasty breading and deep fried for the ultimate treat. Dip in your favorite dipping sauce to enjoy as an appetizer. Get the recipe from Edible Wild Food.

5. Chicken of the Woods Prepared 3 Ways

This post features three healthy ways to prepare your chicken of the woods wild mushrooms. You’ll find a recipe for sauteed and deep fried mushrooms as well as a simple chicken of the woods soup (includes real chicken). Get the recipe from Curative Mushrooms.

6. Wild Mushroom Tart

You can’t go wrong with a simple and delicious wild mushroom tart. This recipe uses chicken of the woods; however, other mushrooms will work such as oysters, chanterelles, morels, porcini, and more. Get the recipe from One Tomato Two Tomato.

7. Grilled Chicken of the Woods Sandwich

This tasty grilled sandwich is topped with swiss chard, red onion and cheese. It also includes a chipotle mayo. Get creative by topping your sandwich with your favorites. Get the recipe from Wicked Healthy.

9. Sesame Baked Chicken of the Woods

This sesame baked chicken of the woods recipe is so flavorful, you and your family will love it. It features a simple sour cream batter and yummy sesame seed and breadcrumb coating. Get the recipe from Forager Chef.

9. Chicken Of The Woods Tacos

Taco Tuesday just got a little bit more exciting. These tacos are simple and loaded with flavor. Everyone in your family will love this dish. Get the recipe from Modern Carnivore.

10. Sicilian Chicken of the Woods

If you enjoy Italian food, you’ll love this Sicilian chicken of the woods recipe. Serve this dish with charred bread rubbed with garlic. Get the recipe from Forager Chef.

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate mushrooms into your diet without sacrificing flavor, these chicken of the woods mushroom recipes are perfect. They taste like savory and delicious mushrooms that just happen to be reminiscent of chicken. Plus, they have an amazing texture that is similar to that of meat, making them the ultimate veggie substitute in all sorts of dishes.

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