Do You Really Need to Choose a Niche as a Blogger?

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One piece of advice that a lot of bloggers (including myself) tend to give is that you need to choose a niche. The problem with that is you might have a lot of interests and niching down means you have to cut out some of the topics.

So do you really need to niche down? It’s a good question and to find the answer we need to explore why bloggers give this advice.

Blogging Is About Solving Problems

Whether you realize it or not blogging at its core is about solving problems. When you can write a blog post that solves a particular problem, people with that problem are likely to share that post.

Rarely does a blog post all about you become popular, however, if you show someone 11 Ways To Save Money On Flights for their upcoming trip, you may suddenly have 1000s of people visiting your blog.

This is important to remember and is the main reason why bloggers suggest you niche down.

This still doesn’t completely explain why people give this advice though, so let’s look at another aspect of blogging and that is making money.

The best bloggers understand that if they can create a solution that will remove a problem from a person’s life, then they have a chance of making good money.

The issue that you will face as a blogger is what problem do you focus your attention on so that you can offer a product.And this is the exact value of niching down.

And this is the exact value of niching down.

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When you’re able to niche down, it becomes a lot easier to hone in on a specific problem. Because you’re focusing on a particular problem, you can target a very specific audience that suffers from this very specific problem.

Does this mean you need to niche down?


It does mean that if you niche down correctly, you might find the path to revenue-generation a little bit easier. However, it’s possible to make money blogging by casting a wide net as well.

Let’s say you have a lifestyle blog. A lifestyle blog gives you room to talk about a lot of different things, however, it’s no coincidence that lifestyle bloggers often find it the hardest to make money through selling products.

If you stood outside the grocery store trying to sell bleach to everyone, then you would have a very low conversion rate. However, if you stood in the laundry aisle and tried to sell bleach, you would have a much higher conversion rate because you’ve found the people with a specific need.

Everything you do with regards to blogging is about solving a problem and finding a specific person that will benefit from the solution.

That being said, Lifestyle bloggers can still do well if they limit the number of topics they cover. Let me explain.

If a Lifestyle blogger writes about 100 different topics and creates a product that only helps to solve a problem within one of those topics, then they won’t sell much. They will only sell to the people that go to the blog post of that one topic.

If they write a lot of posts on 10 different topics then their odds of selling that one product increase a bit more.

If they write a lot of posts on 3 different topics then their odds of selling that one product increase exponentially.

If they only write about one topic extensively then guess what? They have the best chance of selling that one product.

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However, don’t let any of this force you into one topic. It’s your blog, and if you are in it for the long haul, then you need to write what you want as long as you know your audience wants to read it.

And who is to say that you can’t create multiple topics?

There is no reason why a lifestyle blog that talks about travel, organization, and gardening can’t create products around each topic.

As long as you can target the right audience with the right message you can sell anything.

Your Revenue Model Plays a Role

One thing that many bloggers don’t seem to address is that your revenue streams play a big part in whether you need to niche down or not.

For example, if you decide that you are going to make money through advertising and affiliate links in the travel industry, then do you need to only talk about how to have a successful trip to Tokyo?

Not at all.

Spread your wings far and wide and conquer all things travel.

However, if you decided to write a book on planning the perfect Disney vacation, then you would be best served by writing heavily on Disney.

That’s the weird thing about niching down.

When you niche down and sell your own product, you’re reaching a smaller audience but can have higher revenue than if you cast a wide net of topics and just did advertising and affiliate marketing.

Sooooo… Do You Need to Choose a Niche?

As you can see the answer really is, it depends.

Often you’ll find that beginning bloggers will write about a wide range of topics to see which ones resonate with their audience.

Then they begin to focus more on those topics as time goes on, so they niche down without even trying.

There really are just too many examples of successful blogs that don’t niche down and blogs that do niche down. What usually happens is when a blogger finds a path to success they tend to believe that is the only path to success.

Blogging is an open book with a lot of blank pages that still need to be written, so saying one way is better than another just isn’t correct.

Sometimes you need to experiment and understand what your audience is going through before pulling the trigger on any niche decisions.

You can do well either way. It really comes down to strategy and if your content is good enough to draw in an audience.

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