Guide to Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Niche

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It’s impossible to grow a successful blog without some type of promotion strategy and in today’s world that promotion strategy has to entail social media. The problem with social media though is that there are so many different platforms out there!

Which ones do you use? Do you try all of them? How can you keep track of everything?

The good news is that you shouldn’t try to conquer every social media platform out there because not every single one is going to work well for your niche. The bad news is that you might waste your time on a platform that is never going to perform that well for you.

The key is understanding which social media platforms you should tackle and conquer so that you give your blog the best chance of success it can possibly have.

In this post, I will go over all of the major social media platforms to understand which niches they work well with.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform For Your Niche

Every day it seems like a hot new social media platform is popping up. The goal of this post is to only touch upon the ones that are established with millions upon millions of users.

You know, the big dogs.

This doesn’t mean that the smaller ones are worth considering but probably not until you’ve done well with the big ones.

1. Facebook

The biggest dog of them all.

Because Facebook has so many users it’s no wonder why a lot of bloggers feel they can get instant success with Facebook. So they create a Page specifically for their blog and then try their best to build up the likes.

The problem though is that the engagement you get on your Facebook page is always dropping. Facebook is already a pay to play type of service where if you want to reach your full audience, you need to pay to get your posts boosted.

However, there is a better option and that is Facebook groups.

Facebook groups take a little more work to build up but they allow you to build a close-knit community for your blog. More importantly with Facebook groups, you have a better chance of your posts being seen by your audience.

The downside is that anyone in your group can post and they take a lot more of your time to ensure that quality remains high.

So what niches work well in Facebook groups?

To be honest, almost all of them since they give people a forum to ask questions and hold discussions.

2. Twitter

On the surface, Twitter looks like a great platform to build an audience.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

The problem with Twitter is that it is difficult to get discovered and there is too much noise. On Twitter everything is equal and therefore nothing gets prominence.

Tweets also have a very short lifespan. Unless they are constantly retweeted they simply die out.

So is Twitter good for anything?

It’s great for building connections with other bloggers on an individual basis but for building an audience your time is better invested elsewhere.

3. Instagram

The most visual social media platform of the bunch.

While it can be difficult to transfer your audience from Instagram to your blog, it can be a hugely valuable asset for you. The reason why is because Instagram gives you one of the best chances to help build a connection between your brand and individuals.

So what niches do well on Instagram?

Ones that rely heavily on visuals like cooking, fashion, and travel. In fact, for some fashion bloggers, it is more important to build up their Instagram account than their blog.

While it can take time to build up an audience on Instagram and you really need to up your photography game, the end results are well worth it.

4. YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine?

Pretty amazing.

When it comes to blogging many bloggers don’t consider that video can be an integral part of their content strategy but videos give your audience a look into a different world. While for a lot of people it is easier to write words, it’s much easier to build a connection with your audience when they can actually see you.

So what niches work well with YouTube?

All of them.

That’s right.

All of them.

The reason why is because you can make videos about anything that is related to your niche and odds are someone will be searching for it on YouTube. If you don’t want to do original videos you could always do recaps of your blog posts. Some people want to read and others would rather listen.

More and more bloggers are starting to see the potential with YouTube and taking advantage of it. Plus, YouTube has a built in monetization platform where if you build up a big enough audience you can place ads on your videos.

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5. Snapchat

We’ll keep this one short and say that Snapchat is really only useful once you have an established blog audience that you can push over to Snapchat and if your audience is young enough to be on Snapchat.

Snapchat is dominated by the 13-25 year old crowd so if your audience ranges a bit higher then it probably isn’t the platform for you.

6. Pinterest

While calling Pinterest a social media platform does it a huge disservice it still gets lumped into this list because that is what many people consider. However, Pinterest is really a full-fledged marketing platform that has built many blogging empires.

Pinterest works well because every pin serves as an ad for your blog. Pinterest’s audience is constantly searching for solutions to their problems and when they click on a pin, it’s usually a blog post with the solution.

For many niches, it is the best platform to get started with because you can quickly gain traffic. The reason for this is because getting traffic from Pinterest is not dependent on your followers. Your pins can show up in a number of places and it all depends on the context of the pins.

If someone searches for “how to start a chicken coop” and you wrote a blog post on how to start a chicken coop then there is a good chance they will come across your pin.

Niches that work well on Pinterest are ones that can offer solutions. For example, you might think that fashion would be great on Pinterest because it is visual, but people searching for fashion on Pinterest usually save the pins without clicking through them.

In contrast, personal finance pins that offer solutions get a lot of traction because people have to click on the pin to learn more.

I use and love Tailwind for scheduling my pins on Pinterest.

All Platforms Are Not Created Equal

It’s important that you understand your audience and where they like to hang out.

Just because a social media platform has millions of users that doesn’t mean it is a good place for you to invest your time.

You also don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket but take the time to explore and figure out which social media platform will be worth your time and then try to master it.

Doing so can help provide you with a big boost for your blog.

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