Circular “About Me” Photo

Option 1: Create Circular Image Using CSS

This option is not built into the theme because for some people it can distort their image, and we don’t want that. However, if you want to try it out, you can add the proper code to your theme by going to Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS in your wp-admin and pasting the following code in the “Custom CSS” box:

.about-image img {
     border-radius: 50%;

Don’t forget to save your changes. If this method doesn’t work for you, just delete the above code from the “Custom CSS” box.

Option 2: Create Circular Image Using PicMonkey

I’m sharing my affiliate link for PicMonkey.

You can also create a circular image using PicMonkey. Here’s how:

1). Go to PicMonkey, click on Edit and upload your image.


2). Click on Frames, and choose Shape Cutouts (should be the first option).

shape-cutouts (1)

3). Once you click on Shape Cutouts, your image should automatically be cut into a circle. If not, be sure to click on the circle shape cutout.

You can click on your image, and move the circle around until your image is how you like it. You can also adjust the size of the circle within the “Shape Cutouts” options.


4). Save your image by clicking on the Save button.


5). Once you click save, you’ll be taken to the Save this masterpiece page. This is where you name your image, choose your file type, and set your image dimensions. I recommend changing your image dimensions so that you’re not uploading an unnecessarily large photo to your blog. To do this, adjust the first number box in the Dimensions area (I set mine to 250), and the second box of numbers will adjust accordingly. Save the image to your computer.