16 Cool Octopus Drawing Ideas

With their eight quirky tentacles, squishy bodies, and the ability to change colors, these octopus drawing ideas are the inspiration you need for your next drawing.

Octopuses are some of the most fascinating and interesting sea creatures out there. They have an incredibly unique way of moving, plus their limbs are unlike anything else in nature.

If you’re new to drawing octopuses and unsure where to start, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered here with this list of cool octopus drawings ideas. From simplified cartoon versions for beginners to more watercolor art, get inspired by these creative options.

1. Octopus Wearing a Sailors Hat

Octopus Wearing a Sailors Hat

This fun illustration is great for your sketchbook. Add some stars and sea creatures to the background to make this drawing, even more, fun and creative.

2. Octopus Tentacles Drawing

Octopus Tentacles Drawing

Draw the tentacles of the octopus reaching in different directions, filled with fun shapes and colors. This makes for a great wall art piece to hang up in your bedroom or bathroom.

3. Cute Pink Octopus Drawing

Cute Pink Octopus Drawing
iStock/Iuliia Ivanova

Yes, octopuses can be cute. This adorable little pink octopus drawing proves just that. With its cute eyes and little tentacles, it’s hard not to fall in love with this drawing.

4. Pink and Purple Watercolor Octopus

Pink and Purple Watercolor Octopus
iStock/Elnara Gimaletdinova

If you’re feeling creative and looking for something unique to add to your art collection, I suggest creating a pink and purple watercolor octopus. This stunning creature is bursting with bold and beautiful colors that will make your art pop.

5. Shades of Purple Octopus Painting

Shades of Purple Octopus Drawing
iStock/Milana Pavlova

There’s something about the color purple that just screams cool. With a wide range of shades available, you can accentuate the beauty of this sea creature in a multitude of ways.

6. Blue Octopus Painting

Blue Octopus Drawing
iStock/Daria Slobodianik

There are so many ways to approach drawing an octopus. You can go realistic or whimsical, colorful or monochromatic, sketchy or detailed. Adding color is a great way to infuse a bit of personality into your drawing.

7. Octopus in Retro Diving Suit Drawing

Octopus in Retro Diving Suit Drawing

If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching art piece, look no further than this octopus in retro diving suit drawing idea.

This concept combines the beauty of underwater life with a vintage aesthetic, resulting in a distinctive image that’s sure to draw attention.

8. Octopus Sketch

Octopus Sketch

You’re going to have so much fun sketching an octopus. Yes, it can be challenging, but that’s what makes it so rewarding. There’s something undeniably intriguing about these creatures.

9. Octopus Love Drawing

Octopus Love Drawing

If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration for your next drawing or doodle, look no further than these adorable cute octopuses. With one pink and one blue, they’re the perfect pair to convey love and affection.

Add a few heart shapes in the mix, and you’ll have created sweet and charming artwork that’s perfect for sharing with friends or loved ones.

10. Red and Orange Octopus Painting

Red and Orange Octopus Painting
iStock/Tanya Syrytsyna

If you’ve ever spotted a red or orange octopus, you’ve probably been struck by the striking colors. Those brilliant hues aren’t just eye-catching underwater; they can inspire some seriously cool drawing ideas too.

11. Hand-Drawn Octopus

Hand-Drawn Octopus

There’s something about hand-drawn art that just feels extra special. Maybe it’s the human touch, or maybe it’s the imperfections that make it feel more authentic.

Whatever the reason, hand-drawn octopus designs are definitely worth considering for your next creative inspiration.

12. Circular Tentacles Drawing

Circular Tentacles Drawing

I’ve always been amazed by the intricate patterns that can be created with tentacles. They seem to move and sway with a mind of their own, almost like they’re dancing.

That’s why incorporating them into my artwork has been such a fun challenge. There’s so much room for creativity and experimentation with different colors and shapes too.

13. Vibrant Watercolor Octopus

Vibrant Watercolor Octopus
iStock/Elnara Gimaletdinova

If you’re looking for vibrant color ideas, look no further than this vibrant watercolor octopus. With its bold hues and flowing tentacles, this gorgeous sea creature makes for the perfect subject in any artistic endeavor.

14. Octopus Sketch

Octopus Sketch

There are so many different ways to interpret these creatures for our art. Whether you want to depict their mesmerizing patterns or capture their fluid motions. And let’s not forget about all the wonderful colors you could experiment with.

15. Cute Octopus Drawing

Cute Octopus Drawing

Octopuses are one of the cutest animal characters to draw. Choose your favorite color palette and have fun drawing this cutie. Your colors can be bold and vibrant, muted, or you could even go with light pastel colors.

16. Chef Octopus Drawing

Chef Octopus Drawing

With its many arms, the octopus is a perfect fit for a chef, able to multitask in the kitchen. Plus, you can get creative with the chef’s hat and accessories.

Drawing octopuses is a lot of fun. Whether you choose to draw an octopus in abstract shapes or use realistic colors, taking creative liberties with your drawing can create one-of-a-kind works of art.

Don’t forget to add some extra details like suckers, bubbles, or even coral if you’d like to bring your sea creature to life.

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