70 Cool Owl Drawing Ideas

I have the perfect owl drawing ideas for you to check out. From realistic to cartoon-like drawings, these drawing references will let your creativity soar.

Owls are among the most majestic and fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom. People have been captivated by their mysterious presence and powerful beauty for centuries.

As a result, owls have become one of the most popular subjects for artists to draw. If you’re looking to add some flair to your portfolio or just trying to get creative with a new hobby, here are seventy cool owl drawings ideas that will make your work stand out.

Eleven Cute Cartoon Owls

cute owl doodles
iStock/Olena Yepifanova

These eleven cute cartoon owls will bring a lighthearted and playful touch to your artwork. From sleeping owls to heart-eyed owls, these designs make great practice references.

Six Pink Owl Doodles

pink owl doodles

For a unique and eye-catching look, try drawing pink owl doodles. These designs are perfect for adding a pop of color to your work and will add a whimsical touch to any piece.

Easy Owl Drawing

easy owl drawing for kids

If you’re just starting out with owl drawing, then this simple design is perfect for your first attempt. This easy owl drawing will give you the basics to help you hone your skills and make more complex pieces in the future.

How to Draw an Owl

Start with a sketch of an owl’s face. Begin by drawing a circle with two large eyes, an arching beak, and two triangular ears on either side of its head.

From there, you can add details such as feathers or other facial features like tufts of fur on its head or cheeks. Once the basic shape is down, add layers of color with pencils, pens, or paints to bring life to your drawing.

For added texture and definition, you can also experiment with different drawing techniques, such as hatching, crosshatching, or stippling.

Nine Creative Owls

easy owl drawings

For something a bit more intricate, try drawing nine owls in different poses and styles. You can use these creative designs as the basis for all sorts of drawings.

Detailed Owl Drawing

detailed owl drawing

If you’re feeling more ambitious, then this detailed owl drawing is perfect for the more experienced artist. With intricate feathers and a realistic face, this owl design will be sure to impress.

Owl with Heart-Shaped Feathers

owl with hearts on feathers

This cute owl design is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year. With heart-shaped feathers and two large, round eyes, this drawing will be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Draw an Owl in Flight or Perched

Next, try your hand at drawing an owl in flight. Owls are incredibly agile flyers, so use long sweeping strokes to capture the movement of their wings as they soar through the sky.

You can also focus on drawing an owl perched atop a branch or tree stump. This is an excellent way to practice shading techniques and detailing the feathers on its wings and tail.

Whether drawn in flight or perched on a branch, owls offer plenty of inspiration for artists seeking a challenging and enjoyable project.

Three Types of Owls

three owl drawings

If you’re looking to challenge yourself, then try drawing three different types of owls. Use a variety of shading techniques and patterns to create these unique birds.

Owl Holding a Heart

owl holding a heart
iStock/Alisa Potapovich

Show someone you care with this owl drawing. The bird is holding a cute heart while and also has a sweet expression on it’s face.

Eighteen Coffee Loving Owls

owl drinking coffee drawing

Make your coffee even sweeter by adding coffee-sipping owls to your art. Each owl has a creative expression, from happy to sleepy, which will make you smile every time you look at your art.

Add Additional Elements to Your Drawing

Don’t forget to incorporate different elements into your drawings. For nature elements, consider adding leaves, insects, other animals, or trees to your art will create more dimension and depth, making it more interesting for viewers.

Nature can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to art. Drawing landscapes, bringing wildlife into your artwork, or mixing natural elements with abstract shapes are great ways to bring nature into drawings.

You can also add fun additions such as coffee mugs, stars, books, clouds, and so much more to make your owl drawing even more eye-catching and creative.

Sleeping Owl Drawing

owl sleeping drawing

Take a break and put pencil to paper with this sleeping owl drawing. Add additional drawing elements, such as clouds and stars, to make your artwork complete.

Snowy Owl Illustration

snowy owl drawing

Embrace the winter season with a snowy owl illustration. Use blues, whites, and silvers to give it an icy look that’ll take your breath away.

Twelve More Coffee Loving Owls

owls and coffee cup drawing

Who doesn’t love coffee? Take your owl love up a notch and draw twelve more owls with coffee cups. After all, owls are up all night, so they need their caffeine too.

Create a Story Around Your Owl

Finally, let yourself go wild, creating stories around your owls. Draw them in unusual settings, like outside a castle or inside a spaceship. Think outside the box when it comes to giving them some character.

With these different ideas combined, you’re sure to come up with some unique owl drawings that will wow anyone who looks at them. Don’t be afraid to take risks when creating something entirely new and original, it’s all part of being creative.

Realistic Owl Charcoal Sketch

realistic owl drawing
iStock/Irina Moschenskaya

Give yourself a challenge with this realistic owl charcoal sketch. Make sure to capture all the details of the feathers and its eyes so that it looks just like a real-life owl.

Simple Owl Illustration

owl illustration

If you’re looking for something a bit more basic and less intimidating, try this simple owl illustration. All it requires is some simple shapes and lines to make an adorable owl that anyone can draw.

Grumpy Owl Drawing

grumpy owl drawing
iStock/Tatiana Kashirskaia

For a more humorous take, try a grumpy owl drawing. Give the owl some attitude with an exaggerated expression. Don’t forget to exaggerate its eyebrows.

Owls are truly amazing creatures, and artists of all skill levels can capture their beauty on paper. From abstract owls to realistic sketches, there are many ways to express your creativity.

Additionally, there are so many different types of owls that you could draw, from snowy owls to barn owls and even the burrowing owl.

Whether you choose to draw a specific species of owl or mix and match traits from multiple species, these owl drawing ideas will give you plenty of inspiration to choose from while still being able to express yourself artistically in the process.

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