20 Cool Skull Drawing and Sketch Ideas

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These cool skull drawing and sketch ideas are absolutely amazing. You won’t just find your typical skull drawings below.

While I’ve included classic skull drawings, I’ve also included drawings that are unique and creative.

There are portraits, skull crowns, and more. If you’re looking for a step-by-step tutorial, you’ll also find one of those below.

I hope you enjoy checking out these awesome drawings and sketches and are able to find inspiration for your next art project.

1. How to Draw a Skull Step-by-Step

This step-by-step drawing makes drawing a skull simple. IN eight steps, you can have a realistic skull drawing to impress your friends and family. But most importantly, you’ll impress yourself.

how to draw a skull
Artist Credit: gregor-kari

2. Realistic Skull

If you want to get better at drawing a realistic skull, then this is the drawing for you. It looks just like a real skull, complete with teeth and all.

realistic skull drawing
Artist Credit: gerardoapb.art

3. Wolf Head and Skull

Here’s a creative skull drawing that features a wolf breaking through the skeleton. Add color using watercolor paint, or colored pencils to make your drawing stand out.

skull turning into wolf
Artist Credit: hernsdarkarts

4. Skull Side Profile

Learn how to draw a skull from the side with this wonderful reference. If you’re new to drawing, your piece won’t look as detailed but keep practicing, and you’ll get better.

side profile skull
Artist Credit: kaagazink

Practice Sketching Skulls

I don’t agree with the phrase that practice makes perfect, but practice definitely does make you better.

If you want to get better at drawing, I strongly recommend practicing sketching daily. Even a simple 5-minute sketch is better than nothing.

Have you ever seen when artists share a drawing they did years ago, compared to a recent drawing? It’s always amazing to see how far they’ve come. These improvements don’t come without practice. Stay patient and enjoy the process.

5. Half Skull Half Face

Here’s a drawing that’s pretty cool because it features half face and half skull. I love the creativity that was involved in the creation of this piece.

half woman half skull face
Artist Credit: lonelylaugh_art

6. Honeycomb Skull

This skull looks like it’s made out of honeycomb, which is pretty unique. I love the way the honey is dripping and the bees are surrounding the area.

skull with bees and honeycomb
Artist Credit: so.ece.art

7. Skull from Three Angles

I love how this drawing shows the skull from three different angles. It’s a great way to show the different features of the skull and how they fit together.

skull from different angles
Artist Credit: robertmarzullo

8. Simple Skull with Mushrooms

If you want a fun and simple drawing, try this one that features a skull with mushrooms growing out of it. Color yours in to make it stand out even more.

skull with mushrooms
Artist Credit: tridubdesignco

Follow Drawing Tutorials on YouTube

If you’re a visual learner, you might enjoy following along with drawing tutorials on YouTube. Check out this drawing video tutorial on How to Draw Skulls (quick and easy).

I like following video tutorials because they go through the drawing process step-by-step, and you can pause and rewind if you need to.

9. Dark Surrealism

Here’s a drawing that uses dark surrealism. Dark surrealism is a great way to create an eerie and unsettling feeling. This is a cool and creative drawing

skull scarecrow
Artist Credit: trepanationrecreative

10. Skull Iceberg

This polar bear looks like it’s standing on a skull iceberg. I love the way the ice and the skull look together. Plus, the bear adds the perfect touch to this cool effect.

polar bear standing on skull
Artist Credit: kerbyrosanes

11. Creative Skull Sketch

I love the simplicity of this skull sketch. It’s a great example of how you can take a simple idea and turn it into something special. The artist did a great job with shading.

skull stetch
Artist Credit: amerjavink

12. Female Skeleton Face with Long Hair

Step outside the box and practice drawing a female skeleton face with long hair. This artist has a really cool style, and I recommend checking them out for more unique art.

woman with skull face
Artist Credit: antoinetoussaintcasanova

Look Though Anatomy Books

The book Skulls and Skeletons: An Image Archive and Anatomy Reference Book for Artists and Designers by Kale James features a collection of 173 high-resolution anatomical drawings from the 17th and 18th centuries. If you’re looking for a great collection of skull and skeleton references, I think you’ll love this book.

Along with looking through pictures, I also recommend getting your hands on an anatomical skull model. This mold that I’ve linked separates into three pieces, the calvaria, the base of the skull, and the mandible.

13. Skull with Antlers

If you’re looking for a creative way to draw a skull, consider this unique piece of art. This drawing features antlers coming out of a skull. Additionally, this drawing is great for anyone who wants to practice dotwork.

skull with horns
Artist Credit: born_in_november

14. Skull and Snake Drawing

This skull and snake drawing is the perfect combination of two spooky objects. The snake is wrapped around the skull, adding to the impressive look.

skull with snake
Artist Credit: charlieart91

15. Skull Monster

This skull monster drawing is pretty cool. The artist really stepped outside the box with this piece. The drawing is filled with detail, and they did a wonderful job with the shading. The overall design is just really well done.

skull monster drawing
Artist Credit: a_s_maniak

16. Dripping Skeleton

The dripping effect on this drawing is pretty awesome. If you’re looking for something fun to draw during your free time, this drawing makes a great reference.

skeleton with dripping effect
Artist Credit: cole.brimstone

Summary of How to Draw a Skull

Start with a basic outline of the skull shape. This will help you get the proportions correct and give you something to work with as you add in the details.

Next, take your time adding in the details like the teeth, eye sockets, and nose. If you’re new to drawing, don’t try to do too much at once or you may end up getting frustrated.

Once you have all the details added, take a step back and look at your drawing. Make sure everything looks proportional and in the right place. If not, make the necessary adjustments.

Finally, add shading or color to your drawing to bring it to life. I recommend experimenting with different styles and variations of skulls to make it even more fun.

17. Hand Holding Skull

The artist behind the drawing is quite talented. I highly recommend checking out their Instagram account (linked below) for more cool skull drawings.

hand holding skull
Artist Credit: freyaart

18. Skull with Open Mouth

Here’s a piece that’s really well done. From what I can see, it looks like the artist has really perfected the stippling technique. The shading done here is next level.

skull with open mouth
Artist Credit: m.type88

19. Easy Skull Sketch

The more you practice sketching skulls, the better you’ll get. Spend some time every day doing some quick sketches. Don’t worry about making mistakes.

easy skull sketch
Artist Credit: said_isgenderov

20. Ink Skull

If you enjoy using ink for your art, you’ll find inspiration in this ink skull. I find this to be a more advanced art style, but if you’re looking for a challenge, use this reference.

Artist Credit: seb_g.art

I hope you enjoyed this collection of skull drawings and sketches. If you want to see more art, check out some of the posts mentioned below.

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