17 Cozy Knitted Sweater Patterns

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If you’re looking for knitted sweater patterns, I have a great roundup to share with you today. These knitted sweaters are perfect for keeping you warm in the fall and winter months.

If you’re new to knitting, make sure you check out the “Simple Knit Sweater” below by Sewrella. This sweater is beginner-friendly and perfect for newbies.

This collection of knitted sweater patterns will include chunky knitted sweaters, beginner-friendly knitted sweaters, and more.

Gather Your Knitting Supplies

1. Sunbleached Sweater

This simple knitted sweater uses basic stitches, and is considered an easy level 2 knitting pattern. This pattern is perfect for the enthusiastic beginner. Get the pattern from Sewrella.

Knit Sweater Pattern sunbleached sweater

2. The Evermore Pullover

The Evermore is a beautiful v-neck sweater that uses the stockinette stitch as well as some lace stitches. This pattern has a difficulty level of 3/5. Get the pattern from Caidree.

Knitting Pattern Top-Down Sweater Pullover

3. Easy Knit Cardigan

I’m loving this easy knit cardigan. The cardigan is perfect for the advanced beginner and uses the knit stitch, purl stitch, working sl 1, and K2tog. Get the pattern from Handy Little Me.

Cardigan knitting pattern

4. Chunky Women’s Sweater

This is the perfect knit sweater for fall. The colors, style, and pattern are just what I’m looking for during the fall months. This project is easy to knit and works up quickly. Get the pattern from Knit by Siv.

chunky womens knitting pattern

5. Daily Jumper

This Daily Jumper is beautiful. The skill level for this project is listed as intermediate. It’s worked up in the stockinette stitch and is slightly cropped. The pattern is available in English and French. Get the pattern from Caidree.

Daily Jumper Knitting Pattern

6. The Autumn Sweater

Doesn’t this sweater look like something you would buy from a store? This over-sized cardigan is cozy, chunky, and perfect for this chilly autumn days and nights. Get the pattern from Ozetta.

Knitting Pattern - Chunky Knit Sweater Cardigan

7. The Little Scrappy Sweater

The Little Scrappy Sweater is made with a super bulky yarn. It’s over-sized, cozy, and a great choice for the fall and winter months. Get the pattern from Nina Bella Co.

The Little Scrappy Sweater Knit

8. Chainmail Sweater

The pattern for this Chainmail women’s knit sweater is great for beginners. The simplicity of this design allows the pattern to be open to using different yarn fibers and colors. Get the pattern from Just Easy Knitting.

Chainmail Women Sweater Knit Pattern

9. The Easy Cardigan

The pattern for this easy cardigan is perfect for new knitters. The simplicity of this design allows the pattern to be open to using different yarn fibers and colors. Get the pattern from Just Easy Knitting.

Chunky Cardigan Knit Pattern

10. Over-Sized Scoop Sweater

I love this Over-Sized Scoop Sweater. This pattern comes in 18 different sizes and is very beginner-friendly. The techniques used for this sweater or knit flat, knit top down, and knit & purl stitches. Get the pattern from Bromefields.

Knitting Pattern - Over-sized Scoop Sweater

11. Winters Chunky Easy Knit Pullover

Mama in a Stitch offers a great variety of both knit and crochet patterns. I’ve worked up a few of her patterns and everything I make turns out beautiful. You definitely can’t go wrong with this Winters Chunky Easy Knit Pullover. Get the Pattern from Mama in a Stitch.

Chunky Knit Sweater Pattern, Beginner

12. Telluride Easy Knit Kimono

This Telluride Easy Knit Kimono is beautiful. The beginner-friendly kimono is soft, cozy and uses super bulky yarn. It works up quickly and uses the knit and purl stitches. Get the pattern from Mama in a Stitch.

Knitting Pattern Kimono

13. Simple Knit Sweater

Sewrella is another designer that has a beautiful collection of knit and crochet items. I’ve created quite a few of her handmade items, and they always turn out well. This simple knit sweater is a cozy project that’s perfect for beginners. Get the pattern from Sewrella.

Simple Knit Sweater Pattern

14. Winter Blues Wool Pullover

If you love over-sized knits, the Happy Love Co shop has lots of great knit patterns for you. This cozy sweater works up quickly and is perfect for the winter months. Get the pattern from Happy Love Co.

Winter Blues Wool pullover sweater knitting pattern

15. The Harper Wool Jacket

The Harper Wool Jacket is a beginner-friendly top down knitting pattern. The jacket is cropped, uses a super chunky/bulky yarn and comes in five sizes. Get the pattern from Caidree.

Beginner Friendly Top Down Knitting Pattern

16. Cropped Striped Winter Sweater

I love the colors used for this Cropped Striped Winter Sweater. You’re probably not surprised to learn that this project works up quickly (it uses a super bulky yarn). This warm and cozy sweater is perfect for the winter months. Get the pattern from Happy Love Co.

Cropped Striped Winter Sweater knitting pattern

17. My Bobble Cardi

This Bobble Cardi is a super creative and fun project. The sweater looks great worn casual or dressed up. The skill level for this pattern is beginner/advanced and sized at one size fits most. Get the pattern from Rain and Bolt.

My Bobble Cardi Pattern Knitted

18. Winter Blues Sweater

This sweater was made by @infiknitie on Instagram using the winter blues sweater pattern written by Happy Love Co. You can see that the pattern was slightly altered to create a gorgeous turtleneck sweater. Get the pattern from Happy Love Co.


I hope you enjoyed this roundup of knitted sweater patterns. They are all so beautiful and perfect for the colder months.

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