14 Fun Knit Sweater Jumper Patterns

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I recently came across some really awesome knit sweater and jumper patterns that I think you’ll love.

If you don’t know what a jumper is, it’s a British term for what we call a sweater in the United States.

I love knit sweaters, and I have quite a few of my own, but it’s been a while since I’ve made one. I’m definitely thinking about making one of these jumpers because they’re just too cute.

1. The Saturn Jumper

The Saturn Jumper

This Saturn jumper is the perfect cropped sweater for you to make and wear.

What I love about this knit jumper is that it’s been designed to be knitted using up leftover yarn ends. Get the pattern for this Saturn Jumper.

2. Go With The Flow Crop Wool Sweater

Go With The Flow Crop Wool Sweater

If you’re looking for a quick and trendy knitting project, this is the sweater for you.

It’s a fast knit that has a textured look and a crop style. Get the pattern for this Go With The Flow Crop Wool Sweater.

3. Nova Sweater Vest

Nova Sweater Vest

This cropped sweater vest is super cute and stylish. If you want to knit something that really stands out, you’re going to love wearing this vest. Get the pattern for this Nova Sweater Vest.

4. The Atlas Jumper

The Alas Jumper

If you have some leftover yarn you need to use up, give this pattern a try. This pattern is great for beginners who have a good handle on the basics. Get the pattern for this Atlas Jumper.

5. Scrappy Weekend Sweater

Scrappy Weekend Sweater

This sweater is chunky, soft, and gives you plenty of room to add your own personal touch.

If you’ve never knitted in the round, this is a great place to start. Get the pattern for this Scrappy Weekend Sweater.

6. The Bubble Jumper

The Bubble Jumper

Here’s a jumper with a comfy and oversized fit. It’s made with super chunky wool and knitted loosely to make it extra squishy. Get the pattern for this Bubble Jumper.

7. No Sweat Sweater

No Sweater Sweater

Knitters looking for a sweater pattern that’s simple and attractive will love this cute jumper.

This piece is perfect for anyone who hates seaming and enjoys adding special touches to their work. Get the pattern for this No Sweat Sweater.

8. Big Cozy Sweater

Big Cozy Sweater

This is a great pattern for beginners or experienced knitters who want to make something quickly.

It’s worked flat, in four pieces, and sewn up to make one awesome jumper. Get the pattern for this Big Cozy Sweater.

9. Frankie’s Sweater

Frankie's Sweater

Here’s a pattern that’s pretty cool and unique. The pattern allows you to choose from four sleeve options and only requires you to know the knit and purl stitches. Get the pattern for the Frankie’s Sweater.

10. Jellybean Sweater

cool and trendy knit sweater

I absolutely adore this chunky knit sweater. This skill level for this sweater is for advanced beginners to advanced knitters.

The techniques used are knit, purl, 1×1 rib, cast on, cast off, k2tog, ssk1, and intarsia. Get the pattern for this Jellybean Sweater.

11. Vicky’s Vest

chunky knit vest pattern

Don’t you just love this chunky knitted vest? Not only are you going to love wearing this vest, but it would make a great handmade gift for a friend or family member. Get the pattern for Vicky’s Vest.

12. Big Chunk Cardigan

Big Chunk Knit Cardigan

Say hello to your new favorite knit cardigan. This cardigan has an oversized fit and uses 10mm circular needles and chunky yarn scraps. Get the pattern for this Big Chunk Cardigan.

13. The Bubblegum Jumper

The Bubblegum Jumper

What’s more comforting than a soft, squishy jumper? This jumper will keep you warm on cool days with its chunky yarn and oversized fit. Get the pattern for The Bubblegum Jumper.

14. Seasons of Change Jumper

Seasons of Change Jumper

Made with super chunky wool, you’re going to love getting cozy with this knit jumper.

This stylish sweater is perfect for the adventurous beginner to intermediate knitter. Get the pattern for this Seasons of Change Jumper.

Even if you’re new to knitting, I hope you were able to find your next favorite knitted sweater.

These sweaters are both fun to make and wear. For more sweaters, check out these 15 Super Trendy Knit Cardigan Patterns.