55 Cute and Easy Cat Doodles

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If you love cats, doodling them is a great way to show your adoration and have some creative fun at the same time.

With these twenty easy cat drawings, you’ll find inspiration to sketch your favorite furry friends. You can definitely add some feline flair to any project with these simple doodles.

1. Five Smiling Cat Doodles

iStock/Peri Priatna

Let’s start this list off with some super cute smiling cat doodles. These are simple to draw and will make a great addition to a bullet journal spread.

2. Smirking Cat Doodle

Smirking Cat Doodle
iStock/Tatiana Letyushova

Cats always seem to know something we don’t; now, you can capture that knowledge with a smirking cat doodle. Show off the cat’s mysterious side.

3. Sleeping Cat with Moon and Stars

Sleeping Cat with Moon and Stars

This cute sleeping cat is in dreamland, surrounded by the moon and bold star doodles. Play around with your design elements and the pattern you draw on the cat.

4. Cat in a Box

Cat in a Box
iStock/Anna Leskinen

We all know and love how playful cats can be. Draw a cat that’s having a good time playing in a cardboard box. You can even add a design to the box.

5. Nine Cute Cat Doodles

Nine Cute Cat Doodles

Here are nine cute cat doodles that you can use for reference. The addition of the pink cheeks makes these drawings so lovely and irresistible.

6. Cute Hand Drawn Cat

Cute Hand Drawn Cat
iStock/Elena Pimukova

If you’re searching for a super simple cat doodle to practice with, this one is perfect. This cat has a straightforward design and is excellent for someone new to drawing.

7. Kitten Laying on Back

Kitten Laying on Back
iStock/Natalia Trubochnova

This awesome kitty is lying on its back, sleeping. A doodle that is so simple is always really creative and fun to draw.

8. Cat Speech Bubble

Cat Speech Bubble
iStock/Elena Pimukova

If you’ve ever seen a speech bubble, you know that the shape of this cat resembles that. You can also draw a cat that resembles a semi-colon.

9. Five Kitten Doodles

Kitten Doodles
iStock/Poli Dormi

You just can’t go wrong with a set of simple and fun little doodles. These doodles leave room for adding color to your drawings.

10. Easy Cat Face

Easy Cat Face

Not only is the drawing easy to create, but it’s also a very creative drawing idea. You can also add eyes and even eyelashes for more details.

11. Nine Adorable Cat Faces

Adorable Cat Faces

Practice drawing cat characters by sketching out a collection of cat faces. Each cat has its own unique look and is making its own expression.

12. Continuous Line Cat

Continuous Line Cat
iStock/Tetiana Garkusha

If you want a bit of a challenge, try drawing a cat using a continuous line. That means you can’t lift your pencil from the paper when creating your art.

13. Simple Cat Paw

Simple Cat Paw Drawing
iStock/Rudzhan Nagie

Here’s something a bit different from the other cat doodles. This particular drawing is of a cat paw. I really like how a heart shape was used to create the paw.

14. Four Minimalist Cat Drawing

Minimalist Cat Drawing

These minimalist cat drawings are so simple to create. If you prefer a more basic drawing, let these doodles inspire you as you practice in your sketchbook.

15. Twelve Cute Cat Doodles

Twelve Cute Cat Doodles

These twelve cat doodles are some of my favorites because they provide so many options for cat doodles. Cats are playing, cleaning themselves, and more.

16. Stretched Out Sleeping Cat

Stretched Out Sleeping Cat
iStock/Igor Levin

This cat is definitely getting a good night’s rest. Capture the cat’s sweetest dreams with sleeping cat doodles. You could create a dream bubble showing what the cat is dreaming about.

17. Grumpy Looking Cat

Grumpy Looking Cat

Of course, our kitties aren’t always happy; sometimes, they’re grumpy. Capture those moments with a grumpy kitten doodle.

18. Curled Up Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Curled Up Cat

Nothing is more adorable than a sleeping cat. With curled up kitty doodles, you can create an entire scene of these pawed friends in the coziest positions.

These easy cat doodles give you plenty of references to include in your sketchbook or journal. From sleeping cats to curious kittens, plenty of adorable ideas are here for capturing a cat’s charm.

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