28 Cute and Easy Hamster Drawings

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If you are looking for cute and easy hamster drawings, I have just the thing for you. This collection of 28 hand-picked hamster drawings is absolutely adorable and great to use for art references.

Choose your favorite hamster and let your imagination take off in a world full of charming and fluffy hamsters.

1. Cute Hamster Face

Cute Hamster Face

This cute hamster face is creative and simple to draw. If you’re looking for a quick drawing idea, give this little cutie a try.

2. Chubby Hamster Drawing

Chubby Hamster Drawing
iStock/Elena Pimukova

For a rounder hamster, use this reference to recreate your own version. Play around with different colors and facial expressions for your hamster.

3. Creative Hamster Drawing

Creative Hamster Drawing
iStock/Ekaterina Chuyko

Let your creative side out with this fun hamster drawing. You can also add a background design to make it stand out.

4. Hamster Face Outline

Hamster Face Outline
iStock/Maria Leonova

Begin your drawing with the outline of the hamster’s head. The remainder of the face uses basic shapes, making drawing this sweet creature easy.

5. Sleeping Hamster Illustration

Sleeping Hamster Illustration

Capture the peacefulness of a sleeping hamster. Draw its eyes closed, and be sure to include a warm blanket. You can get creative when designing your blanket.

6. Five Sweet Hamster Drawings

Five Sweet Hamster Drawings

Each of these hamster drawings is so adorable. There’s a hamster with a floral crown, two hamsters eating, a hamster on a wheel, and a sleeping hamster.

7. Hamster Eating

Hamster Eating

Capture the moment when a hamster is munching on its favorite snack. Some foods hamsters enjoy are nuts, apples, pears, and dandelions.

8. Hamster Waving

Hamster Waving

Give your hamster some personality by creating a drawing of him waving hello. The addition of the heart makes this hamster even more lovable.

9. Grey and White Hamster

Grey and White Hamster

Don’t be afraid to try different colors for your hamster. The artist has chosen to go with a grey-and-white color palette for this drawing.

10. Two Hamsters Holding Spikelet

Two Hamsters Holding Spikelet

Here’s an illustration of two hamsters holding a spikelet. Grasses, sedges, and other Monocots have unique floral arrangements known as “spikelets.” Each spikelet is composed of one or more florets forming a typical pattern together.

11. Adorable Hamster Drawing

Adorable Hamster Drawing

Capture the cuteness of a hamster with its signature chubby cheeks and round body. Add details like soft colors and a friendly expression to make your drawing delightful.

12. Hamster Drinking a Beverage

Hamster Drinking a Beverage

Create a drawing of your hamster sipping its favorite beverage. Whether it’s tea, soda, or even a smoothie or milkshake, the choice is all yours.

13. Four Fun Hamster Drawings

Four Fun Hamster Drawings

Design a set of four separate scenes featuring your hamster in different activities. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s playing music, eating, or just relaxing.

14. Hamster Eating a Carrot

Hamster Eating a Carrot

Nothing says “cute,” like a hamster nibbling on a carrot. Draw your hamster in the middle of enjoying its favorite snack.

15. Simple Smiling Hamster Drawing

Simple Smiling Hamster Drawing

A hamster’s smile can be contagious. Create a simple drawing of your pet showing off its toothy grin. You can add color to your art for more detail and include doodles in the background.

16. Hamster Eating Ice Cream

Hamster Eating Ice Cream
iStock/Bayu Noviandi

Who doesn’t love a treat? Capture your hamster enjoying its favorite snack – whether it be an ice cream cone or a piece of fruit.

17. Kawaii Hamster Face

Kawaii Hamster Face
iStock/Olga Monako

Hamsters are so cute, and the possibilities for their expressions are plentiful. Give it big ears, draw tiny whiskers and be sure to show how happy it is.

18. Hamster on a Wheel

Hamster on a Wheel

Make your hamster the star by having it run on a wheel. Focus on capturing all the details – from the spinning wheel to its little feet and tail.

19. Chubby Hamster Face Drawing

Chubby Hamster Face
iStock/Anuwat Meereewee

Capture the unique personality of your hamster by drawing a close-up of its face. Emphasize their chubby cheeks, and don’t forget to add color to them.

20. Easy Hamster Drawing

Easy Hamster Drawing

If you’re just getting started with drawing hamsters, try sketching one in a simple pose. A standing position is a great place to start, as it allows you to focus on the shape of the hamster’s body.

With these creative ideas, you can find plenty of inspiration for your next hamster drawing.

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