92 Cute and Super Easy Star Drawing Ideas

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Are you looking for fun and easy drawings that can be done quickly? From classic five-point star sketches to colorful and fun sketches, there are so many possibilities with these 92 cute and easy star drawing ideas.

How to Draw a Star

My biggest piece of advice when it comes to drawing stars is to start with light sketches. This will allow you to perfect your lines and angles. Once you’re happy with how your star looks, go over your lighter lines with darker lines.

Additionally, there are plenty of video tutorials on YouTube that will show you how to draw a star easily. I definitely recommend checking them out.

1. Cute Stars with Hearts

Cute Stars with Hearts Drawing

This cute star is blushing and is surrounded by small circle, heart, and star elements. Adding tiny additions to your star drawing is a great idea.

2. Sixteen Star Doodles

Sixteen Star Doodles
iStock/Petro Bevz

Here is a set of sixteen different star doodles for you to sketch. Doodles like this are great for moments when you find yourself bored and in need of a creative outlet.

3. Shooting Star with Hearts

Shooting Star with Hearts Drawing
iStock/Maria Bobrova

I love this illustration of a shooting star surrounded by hearts. Put together a beautiful color palette and let your imagination flow when drawing stars.

4. Nine Star Sketches

Nine Star Sketches
iStock/Marina Dekhnik

These nine star sketches will help increase your creativity by giving you different ideas for the patterns you can create within your star drawings.

5. Twelve Cute Star Facial Expressions

Twelve Cute Star Facial Expressions Drawing
iStock/Kristina Kazmiruk

Create a collection of stars that have different facial expressions. These stars feature happy faces, sad faces, sleepy faces, and more.

6. Star on a Laptop

Star on a Laptop Drawing
iStock/Mykola Syvak

Draw your star doing an action such as watching television, or even using their laptop, as seen in the above illustration. Add a touch of uniqueness by thinking of a fun shape that you can add to your laptop cover.

7. Star with Pastel Rainbow

Star with Pastel Rainbow Drawing
iStock/Maria Bobrova

This star has a beautiful pastel rainbow behind it. You can create a rainbow using soft colors, muted colors, or even bold and vibrant colors.

8. Nine Stars with Animal Faces

Stars with Animal Faces Drawing
iStock/Tatyana Ryabova

I think you’ll love this collection of cute animal faces in the form of stars. There is a brown bear, panda, rabbit, koala, sloth, piglet, frog, Shiba Inu, and even a cat.

9. Happy Star Illustration

Happy Star Illustration
iStock/Mykola Syvak

There’s no denying that this star is absolutely ecstatic. Draw your star displaying pure joy, just as the artist did with this wonderful illustration.

10. Star Eating Pizza

Star Eating Pizza Drawing
iStock/Mykola Syvak

Another option is to draw your star eating your favorite food. This star is enjoying a slice of pizza. Your star can hold a cup of coffee or even a game controller.

11. Star in the Clouds

Star in the Clouds

If you’re looking for the ultimate cute star drawing idea, this one is excellent. The illustration features a star behind a cloud, and the cloud is raining colorful hearts.

12. Shooting Stars Drawing

Shooting Stars Drawing

Shooting stars are so easy and fun to draw. This drawing will make the perfect addition to your drawing sketchbook. Add color to enhance your drawing experience.

13. Blushing Star Drawing

Blushing Star Drawing

This picture of a blushing star is so simple to recreate. The fact that the star has rounded edges makes it a bit easier to draw too.

14. Fifteen Expressive Stars

Fifteen Expressive Stars
iStock/Natalia Misintseva

See if you can come up with at least fifteen different expressions for your stars. These golden stars have heart eyes, winking eyes, shocked expressions, and more.

15. Continuous Line Star Drawing

Continuous Line Star Drawing
iStock/Gwens Graphic Studio

This star was drawn with a continuous line, meaning the pencil never lifted from the paper as the sketch was created. I find continuous line art to be a great way to improve your drawing skills.

16. Four Cartoon Character Stars

Four Cartoon Character Stars Drawing

I really like how these four stars have arms and legs. These additional details turn a simple star into a cartoon character. You could even give your stars clothing or shoes.

17. Sixteen Easy Star Sketches

Sixteen Easy Star Sketches

Any skill level can recreate these simple star sketches. You don’t have to worry about your stars having perfectly even angles, and you can have fun with the drawing process.

18. Sleeping Star Drawing

Sleeping Star Drawing

This star has put on its nightcap and settled down for a restful sleep. The addition of eyelashes was a great idea for this illustration.

19. Smiling Star with Rainbow

Smiling Star with Rainbow Drawing

This smiling star includes a few additional elements that make it stand out. Not only is there a star drawing, but there is also a rainbow, clouds, and smaller stars going along the colorful rainbow.

20. Compass Rose Drawing

Compass Rose Drawing

A compass rose is a vital navigational tool that guides ships and explorers through unknown waters. Also known as the wind rose, it’s made up of eight directional points to help sailors chart their course.

Overall, these star drawing examples are versatile, ranging from basic to more intricate designs. You can choose one to recreate for practice or use as a starting point for something entirely new.

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