168 Cute Drawings That Even Beginners Can Draw

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Get started with these fun and creative drawing references if you’re looking for cute drawing ideas.

From kawaii cartoon animals to bubble tea to cute girl characters, here are 168 ideas that beginners will have fun recreating.

1. Twelve Cute Faces

12 Cute Faces

Try sketching these simple kawaii faces if you’re in the mood to doodle. There are twelve cute facial expressions to choose from.

2. Female Character with Her Head in Space

Female Character with Her Head in Space
Credit: Pinterest

This drawing is so original and looks amazing! Getting the hair right will take some practice, but other than that, this drawing is definitely doable for a newbie.

3. Strawberry Cow

Strawberry Cow
Credit: @lilypawstudio | Ko-fi

If you’re looking for an adorable drawing idea to brighten up your day, look no further than the delightful strawberry cow. This charming creature, with its pink and white pattern, is sure to bring a smile to your face.

4. Food in Cat Shapes

Food in Cat Shapes

If you adore cats, you’ll love recreating these food items made to look like cats. There are cat french fries, cat muffins, and even cat beverages.

5. Simple Dog Drawing

Simple Dog Drawing
iStock/Rana Raheel Abbas

Dogs always make people happy, so why not draw one of your own? This easy pup is made up of just a few simple lines that anyone can draw with ease.

6. Sixteen Cute Animal Faces

Sixteen Cute Animal Faces

Here are plenty of animal drawings to inspire you. This collection features sixteen fun and easy illustrations. There’s a panda, lion, cat, pig, and more.

7. Sleeping Cat and Dog

Sleeping Cat and Dog

These two adorable friends are the perfect companions to curl up with for an afternoon nap. You’ll definitely enjoy drawing this sleeping cat and dog.

8. Frog with a Lily Pad Umbrella

Frog with a Lily Pad Umbrella
Credit: @lilypawstudio | Ko-fi

If you’re looking for a cute drawing idea to brighten up your day, a frog with a lily pad umbrella is sure to inspire some creativity.

9. Bear Eating Honey

Bear Eating Honey

This illustration of a bear eating from a jar of honey is the cutest. Draw your bear eating your favorite snack. It can be popcorn, ice cream, etc.

10. Happy Cat

Happy Cat
iStock/Artnivora Studio

Bring a smile to your face with this happy cat drawing. You’ll have fun creating this cat’s friendly smile. This little guy would look adorable on any sketchbook page or greeting card.

11. Nine Cat Drawings

Nine Cat Drawings

Recreate one or all of these nine cats. Let your imagination run wild and give your cats their own personal touch. You can use different colors, create unique fur patterns, or draw other facial expressions.

12. Friendly Dog Drawing

Friendly Dog Drawing
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

Who doesn’t love a friendly pup? This drawing of a friendly dog is perfect for all skill sets. Plus, it won’t take long to create, but it looks incredible when you’re done.

13. Momma and Baby Alligators

Momma and Baby Alligators
Credit: @lilypawstudio | Ko-fi

One of the cutest scenes to draw is this momma alligator with her babies riding on her back. The artist chose such a wonderful color palette for this illustration.

14. Sun and Cloud

Sun and Cloud

It doesn’t get any easier than this cute sun and cloud drawing. You could include a colorful rainbow above the sun to add a personal touch.

15. Bubble Tea Drinks

Bubble Tea Drinks
iStock/Nadezhda Ivanova

If you love bubble tea, you’ll love these illustrations. Bubble tea is a popular beverage around the world. Also known as boba tea, it is a sweetened tea or milk drink that typically contains tapioca pearls.

16. Easy Female Character Sketch

Easy Female Character Sketch
Credit: Pinterest

It really doesn’t get any easier than this female character sketch. Once you’re finished with your drawing, consider adding a bit of color.

17. Two Simple Ducks

Two Simple Ducks

These two ducks are so simple to draw. You’ll be impressed with yourself once you’re finished. Consider adding a background to add more detail to your drawing.

18. Kawaii Game Controller

cute game controller drawing

If you’re a gamer, you must try drawing your own kawaii game controller. This controller is modeled after the Xbox controller, but you can change yours to a Playstation or Nintendo Switch controller.

19. Hamster Pancakes

Hamster Pancakes
Credit: @lilypawstudio | Ko-fi

I’m such a sucker for drawings that combine an animal with a food element. This stack of hamster pancakes is super cute. Additionally, this particular drawing was inspired by a photograph of three hampsters lying on top of each other.

20. Cat and Duck Watching a Movie

Cat and Duck Watching a Movie
iStock/Saranya Yuenyong

It doesn’t get any cuter than this illustration of a cat and duck watching a movie. They’re both cuddled under a pink blanket and enjoying a fun film.

21. Twenty Moods

facial expression moods

These simple facial expression doodles feature 20 moods for you to practice drawing. There are angry faces, sad faces, and happy faces.

22. Cat and Duck Eating Noodles

Cat and Duck Eating Noodles
iStock/Saranya Yuenyong

Previously we saw an illustration of the cat and duck watching a movie. Here, they are both enjoying a hot bowl of tasty ramen noodles.

23. Thirty Cute Animal Faces

Thirty Cute Animal Faces
iStock/Yuliia Bairak

These 30 cute animal faces will keep you busy for hours. Recreate a lion, bunny rabbit, owl, and more by using this collection for inspiration.

24. Thirteen Kawaii Sushi Items

Thirteen Kawaii Sushi Items

Some of my favorite things to draw are kawaii food items. This drawing collection features temaki, chopsticks, nigiri, sakura mochi, taiyaki, and matcha tea.

25. Frog Sitting on a Finger

Frog Sitting on a Finger
Credit: @lilypawstudio | Ko-fi

Frogs are so cute and this adorable drawing idea is sure to capture their cuteness perfectly. This illustration features a small frog sitting on someone’s finger, surrounded by lots of pink hearts.

26. Skateboarding Unicorn

Skateboarding Unicorn
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

This skateboarding unicorn is so cute and fun to draw that you’ll have difficulty putting your pencil down. Use bold and vibrant colors to make your unicorn stand out.

27. Female Listening to Music

Female Listening to Music

Credit: Pinterest

There are so many different ways you can customize this sketch reference to make it your own. You can change her hair, headphone design, outfit, and more.

28. Tiger Eating Noodles

Tiger Eating Noodles

This tiger is eating noodles with a cute expression on his face. If you don’t want to draw noodles, your tiger could eat a bowl of cereal or your favorite food.

29. Cat Peeking Around the Corner

Cat Peeking Around the Corner

This drawing is simple and creative. Draw a picture of a cat or other animal peeking around the corner.

30. Rainbow, Cloud, and Stars

Rainbow, Cloud, and Stars

For a great handmade gift, include this quote beneath your drawing, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” -Vivian Greene.

31. Baby Tiger Drawing

Baby Tiger Drawing
Credit: @lilypawstudio | Ko-fi

A baby tiger is one of the cutest animals to draw and it can be a lot of fun to draw. You could even make the drawing playful by adding a few design elements surrounding the tiger.

32. Waving Kitten Drawing

Kitten Waving Drawing
iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

This drawing of an adorable kitten waving is too cute. If you’re feeling creative, you can turn the kitten into a big cat, such as a tiger or lion.

33. Four Bunny and Duck Drawings

Four Bunny and Duck Drawings

These four drawings feature a bunny and duck cuddled in a blanket, drinking bubble tea, watching a video, and holding pom-poms.

34. Happy Popcorn Drawing

Happy Popcorn Drawing

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of buttery popcorn while they watch their favorite movie? This popcorn is having a good time, and you will, too, as you draw this tasty snack.

35. Bunny Rabbit with Doodles

Bunny Rabbit with Doodles
iStock/Saranya Yuenyong

This bunny rabbit is surrounded by doodles, giving it an extra bit of flair. Not to mention the charming design you’ll be able to create for yourself.

36. Rubber Duck

Rubber Duck

Write your favorite word within your drawing of a rubber duck. Some ideas of words you can include the word fun, cool, sweet, and so much more.

37. Bunny with Mushrooms

Bunny with Mushrooms

If you like the woodland aesthetic, you’ll love drawing your own version of this bunny with a mushroom basket. I like how the artist placed a mushroom at the top of the rabbit’s head.

38. Rabbits and Hydrangeas

Bunnies with Leaf Ears
Credit: @lilypawstudio | Ko-fi

Combine two rabbits with hydrangea and you’ve got yourself a set of Florabbits. These rabbits were inspired by the artist’s favorite flower; the hydrangea.

39. Cute Green Frog

Cute Green Frog

If you want easy, you got it. This green frog is so easy to draw and, of course, absolutely adorable. It would be fantastic if you incorporated a lily pad into your art.

40. Cute Bear Totem

cute bear drawings
iStock/Ajchara Jeamjit

Here’s a totem of four easy-to-draw bears. There’s a panda bear, two brown bears, and even a polar bear. Another bear that you can include is the American black bear.

41. Twenty Kawaii Facial Expressions

Twenty Kawaii Facial Expressions
iStock/Yulia Melnyk

Drawings of kawaii facial expressions are a great starting point for adding emotion to your drawings. This selection gives you twenty different expressions so that you can create any type of mood.

42. Ice Cream Cat Drawing

Ice Cream Cat Drawing
iStock/Giselle Nukhova

Cats are naturally cute animals, but they’re even cuter when you draw them in food shapes. The ice cream portion of this yummy dessert is in the form of a cat’s face.

43. Easy Cupcake Drawing

Easy Cupcake Drawing
iStock/Anastasiia Anufrieva

Cupcakes are one of the most popular kawaii foods, and this easy cupcake drawing is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of sweetness to their art.

44. Cute Octopus Drawing

Cute Octopus Drawing

Octopuses are one of the cutest animal characters to draw. Choose your favorite color palette and have fun drawing this cutie.

Your colors can be bold and vibrant, muted, or you could even go with light pastel colors.

45. Ten Simple Animal Faces

Ten Simple Animal Faces
iStock/Tatyana Ryabova

These are some of the easiest animal faces for you to recreate. This lovely collection includes a sloth, rabbit, dog, koala, frog, and more.

46. Girl Drinking Bubble Tea

Girl Drinking Bubble Tea
iStock/Saranya Yuenyong

Bubble tea is the perfect drink to include in your drawing. You’ll have fun drawing this cute girl character sipping on her favorite drink.

You’ll have a blast creating your own cute drawings. Show off your artwork to your friends and family, and always remember to have fun.

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