15 Cute Polymer Clay Charms

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These polymer clay charms are extremely cute and versatile. What I love about these charms is that they can be used as keychains, worn as earrings, and more.

Additionally, polymer clay charms make great gifts. So if you’re looking for gift ideas for a friend or family member, these charms are the way to go.

Below you’ll find animal charms, food charms, star charms, and more.

For more polymer clay charms, make sure you check out my favorites list on Etsy.

1. Beignets Charms

beignets charms

You can’t deny that these beignets charms are the cutest. Choose between the beignets on a plate or the beignets with a coffee mug. Get the charms from Takami Crafts.

2. Succulent Star Charm

succulent star charm

This succulent star charm is so creative. Choose between the lobster clasp or keychain for your charm. Get the charms from The Littlest Charm Co.

3. Hot Dog Polymer Clay Charm

hot dog polymer chlay charm

This hot dog polymer clay charm is great to use on backpacks, notebooks, keychains, and more. Choose between having your charm glazed or not glazed. Get the charms from The Littlest Charm Co.

4. Surprise Charm Grab Box

charm grab box

If you want to be surprised by your charm, go for this surprise charm grab box. You’ll receive a random polymer clay charm. Get the charms from Lynnie Popsicle.

5. Star Polymer Clay Charm

star polymer clay charms

These star charms would look great attached to your cell phone, tablet case, and more. This charm is available in four different colors. Get the charms from Pink Makaroons.

6. Cute Sloth charm

sloth charms

These sloth charms are super cute. Choose between four different sloth options (sloth holding coffee not pictured), as well as your desired finish. Get the charms from Lynnie Popsicle.

7. Luke’s Coffee Shop Charm

Luke's coffee shop charm

Fans of The Gilmore Girls will love this coffee shop charm. This charm makes a great stitch marker for your knitting projects. Get the charm from Simply Serving.

8. Sea Creatures Charms

sea creatures charms

These cute sea creatures make a great addition to any DIY or craft project. Each set comes with five sea creature charms. Get the charms from Slime By Naasir.

9. Hooded Bear Charm

hooded bear charm

This hooded bear charm is absolutely adorable. You can use this bear as a stitch marker for your knit or crochet projects. Get the charms from Simply Serving.

10. Pepperoni Pizza Turtle

pepperoni pizza turtle

If you like animal “food” charms, or if you have a turtle collection, I think you’ll love this pepperoni pizza turtle. Get the charms from Pixie Cove Gifts.

11. Sushi Charms

sushi charms

Sushi lovers will adore these kawaii sushi charms. Choose between sushi, maki, or the rice ball onigiri. Of course, you could decide to get all three. Get the charms from Lynnie Popsicle.

12. Mystery Charm Bundle

mystery charm bundle

Here’s another mystery charm grab box. Choose the number of charms you would like to receive in your bundle. Get the charms from Wahlflower Creations.

13. Animal Bun Charms

animal bun charms

Choose between one or all seven of these animal bun charms. There is a rabbit, frog, pig, and more. Get the charms from Mismatched Minis.

14. S’mores Kawaii Star Charm

s'more kawaii star charm

I’m a big fan of s’mores-themed items. That includes plushies, crochet projects, and polymer clay charms. If you love s’mores, you’ll love this charm. Get the charms from The Littlest Charm Co.

15. Test Tube Beaker Charms

test beaker charms

These test tube beaker charms are perfect for chemistry lovers out there. Choose between ten different color options. Get the charms from Traces of Wonder.

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