112 Cute Sushi Drawing Ideas

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If you’re looking for cute sushi drawing ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Drawing sushi is a great way to express your love of this popular Japanese cuisine.

You can play with color combinations and different design styles when drawing sushi to create fun art pieces. These particular drawings are beyond cute, but whether you draw realistic or cartoon-style sushi, there’s no limit when tapping into your creativity.

1. Illustrated Sushi Roll Drawing

Illustrated Sushi Roll Drawing
iStock/Kristina Kazmiruk

Create a sushi roll drawing with a variety of details. You can make one or multiple rolls using different colors and patterns. Make your sushi as simple or detailed as you’d like.

2. Eighteen Cartoon Japanese Food Drawings

Eighteen Cartoon Japanese Food Drawings

Take cartoon food to the next level by drawing your favorite Japanese dishes. These drawings are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

3. Three Onigiri with Cute Faces

Onigiri with Cute Faces Drawing

Make a drawing of onigiri with loveable faces. You can create variations like the one with its tongue sticking out, and you can’t go wrong with a big smile.

4. Sushi Roll Doodle

Sushi Roll Doodle
iStock/Kristina Kazmiruk

Draw a doodle of a sushi roll in your sketchbook. With so many delicious combinations of fish, veggies, and condiments to choose from, the possibilities for your drawing are endless.

5. Eleven Sushi, Noodles, and Soy Sauce Drawings

iStock/Iryna Vasylkiv

This fun drawing idea combines sushi with noodles and soy sauce. Add details like chopsticks, seaweed, and even some fish to make it all come together.

6. Simple Sushi Roll Drawing

Simple Sushi Roll Drawing
iStock/Kristina Kazmiruk

Draw a simple sushi roll with minimal details. This one is perfect for beginners, or those who want to make quick food sketches.

7. Sixteen Sushi Options

Sixteen Sushi Options

This collection features sixteen sushi drawing ideas. There is tofu bach, onigiri, salmon eggs, cucumber maki, soy sauce, and more.

8. Eleven Lovely Sushi Rolls

Cute Sushi Rolls

Draw some fun sushi rolls. Pick up your favorite colors and draw these classic rolls with a smiley face, eyes, and even little arms for extra cuteness.

9. Sushi Mascot Drawing

Sushi Mascot Drawing

Create a mascot out of sushi and make it stand out in a crowd. Create a character made up solely of sushi elements, and add attractive features like eyes, a mouth, and a playful expression.

10. Eleven Sushi-Themed Drawings

Kawaii Sushi Rolls

This drawing features traditional Japanese cuisine, such as Temaki, tempura, nigiri, tamagoyaki, and uramaki. Give each piece a unique look by adding cherry facial expressions.

11. Fifteen Rice in Nori Seaweed with Faces

Rice in Nori Seaweed with Faces
iStock/Olga Kurbatova

Give each piece of sushi a personality by drawing faces on the rice wrapped in nori seaweed. This idea is perfect for those who want to give their sushi a bit of extra personality.

12. Kawaii Sushi Character

Kawaii Sushi Character

Turn your favorite sushi item into a character. This idea is perfect for anyone who wants to make something extra special. Don’t forget to include rosy cheeks.

13. Chopsticks Holding Heart-Shaped Sushi

Chopsticks Holding Heart Shaped Sushi

Draw a delightful salmon heart-shaped sushi being held by chopsticks. This idea is perfect for anyone who loves to make art with food.

14. Ten Rice with Fish and Caviar Drawings

Rice with Fishes and Caviar Filling
iStock/Nadezhda Kurbatova

Create a sushi rice ball filled with fish and caviar. There is also shrimp tempura and yummy ginger with wasabi snack. I love the color palette that was chosen for this drawing.

15. Rice Balls Drawing

Rice Balls Drawing
iStock/Vladimir Mauevski

Draw a few rice balls with different fillings. You can add details like seaweed or other ingredients to make them look even more authentic.

16. Thirteen Kawaii Sushi Items

Thirteen Kawaii Sushi Items

Some of my favorite things to draw are kawaii food items. This drawing collection features temaki, chopsticks, nigiri, sakura mochi, taiyaki, and matcha tea.

Whether you’re looking for something cute to draw or just want to fill your sketchbook up with food items, these cute sushi drawing ideas will help get you started.

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