15 Delectable Drawings of Cookies

If you’re looking for fun and creative drawing ideas for your sketchbook, you’ll be inspired by these delectable drawings of cookies.

From classic flavors like chocolate chip cookies to something more gourmet like cannolis, there are a variety of cookie drawings to choose from.

1. Macaroon Cookie Drawing

Macaroon Cookie Drawing
iStock/Julia Ustugova

This beautiful sketch of a delicious macaroon cookie is enough to make your mouth water. Capture the delicate appearance that defines this sweet treat in your next drawing.

2. Cookie with Coffee Drawing

Cookie with Coffee Drawing

This is an excellent illustration to capture the cozy feeling of enjoying a freshly-baked cookie with your favorite mug of coffee. Showcase the comfort and warmth of the moment.

3. Cartoon Cookie Hug Drawing

Cartoon Cookie Hug Drawing
Credit: Cory Thoman | Dreamstime

Here’s a drawing that features a cute cartoon-style cookie ready to give a big hug. Hearts surround him, but you could surround him with stars or other design elements.

4. Watercolor Cannoli Cookies

Watercolor Cannoli Cookies

Take your cookie drawing to the next level with this stunning watercolor painting of cannolis. You can experiment with colors and textures in your drawing to capture this sweet treat.

5. Realistic Maracoons Drawing

Realistic Maracoons Drawing

Get creative and practice your realism skills with this lovely drawing of macaroons. Be sure to show off the subtle details of each cookie.

6. Watercolor Oat Cookies

Watercolor Oat Cookies
iStock/Daria Ustiugova

Get creative with a watercolor painting of oat cookies. You can use different shades of brown and orange to capture the essence of these yummy treats.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookies Drawing

Chocolate Chip Cookies Drawing

You can use pencils to draw your own set of chocolate chip cookies. With just a few colors, you can re-create these realistic cookies.

8. Cute Smores Drawing

Cute Smores Drawing

Show off your artistic talent with an adorable drawing of smores. Use a mix of brown, black, pink, and white to achieve the perfect balance of colors for your masterpiece.

9. Four Emotional Chocolate Chip Cookies

Four Emotional Chocolate Chip Cookies
iStock/Alyona Jitnaya

You can draw four chocolate chip cookies, with each cookie making a different facial expression. I love the idea of creating cookie character drawings.

10. Almond Cookies Drawing

Almond Cookies Drawing
iStock/Lidia Rodkina

Create a drawing of almond cookies with shades of brown and surround them with beautiful flowers. You can also choose a different nut cookie, such as pecan cookies.

11. Cute Cartoon Cookie

Cute Cartoon Cookie
Credit: Marco Rodriguez | Dreamstime

Give your cookies some personality by adding cartoon-style features to them. Remember to have fun with it, and let your creativity shine.

12. Illustrated Chocolate Chip Cookie

Illustrated Chocolate Chip Cookie
Credit: Reamolko | Dreamstime

Draw a delicious chocolate chip cookie with all the details that make it perfect. If you enjoy creating illustrations, this will make a great reference.

13. Heart-Shaped Jam Cookies

Heart-Shaped Jam Cookies
iStock/Ekaterina Kudriavtseva

Show your love for baking with this heart-shaped jam cookie drawing. Your cookies don’t have to be heart-shaped, either. I’ve also seen star-shaped jam cookies and circular jam cookies.

14. Ice Cream Sandwich Illustration

Ice Cream Sandwich Illustration

Here’s an illustration that showcases six different types of ice cream sandwiches. Consider your favorite flavors, and incorporate them into your drawing or illustration.

15. Chocolate Biscuit Characters

Chocolate Biscuit Characters

Let your imagination take over when thinking of your cookie drawing. These cute chocolate biscuits show what can happen when you let your creativity run wild.

No matter the type of cookie you like, use your imagination and drawing ideas to create a fantastic work of art that looks delicious.

From jam-filled hearts to chocolate biscuit characters, the possibilities are endless.

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