12 Easy Crochet Earring Patterns

If you’re looking for something different and beautiful to add to your jewelry collection, handmade crochet earrings are a perfect choice.

With twelve delightful crochet earring patterns to choose from, there’s sure to be something you’ll love.

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1. Crochet Frog Earrings

Crochet Frog Earrings

These delightful frog earrings will make a fun addition to your jewelry box. Crafted with vibrant green yarn, these crocheted earrings will surely bring a smile to your face. Get the pattern for these Crochet Frog Earrings.

2. Boho Granny Square Earrings

Boho Granny Square Earrings

These crochet granny square earrings are the perfect way to add a touch of boho charm to your look. With your choice of color combinations, you can create earrings that will be truly special. Get the pattern for these Boho Granny Square Earrings.

3. Cute Summer Earrings (Pattern in French)

Cute Summer Earrings

These cute crochet earrings are the perfect accessory for summer. Before getting started, keep in mind that this pattern is written in the French language. Get the pattern for these Cute Summer Earrings.

4. Sun and Rainbow Earrings

Sun and Rainbow Earrings

Add a little fun to your look with these colorful sun and rainbow earrings. Crafted in vibrant colors, they will bring some sunshine into your day. Get the pattern for these Sun and Rainbow Earrings.

5. Golden Sunflower Earrings

Sunflower Earrings

Brighten up your wardrobe with these beautiful sunflower earrings. The yarn used for these earrings is Scheepjes in the color Sugar Rush. Get the pattern for these Golden Sunflower Earrings.

6. Earrings Pattern Collection

Earrings Pattern Collection

This pattern will show you how to make all six earrings shown in the photo. If you want an assortment of floral earrings, this is the pattern for you. Get the pattern for this Crochet Earrings Pattern Collection.

7. Crochet Skull Earrings

Crochet Skull Earrings

Show off your edgy side with these crochet skull earrings. The eye-catching earrings are sure to get you plenty of compliments. Get the pattern for these Crochet Skull Earrings.

8. Geometry Dangle Earrings

Geometry Dangle Earrings

If you’re looking for bold crochet earrings, try these dangle earrings. Featuring intricate details, this chic accessory will take your look to the next level. Get the pattern for these Geometry Dangle Earrings.

9. Crochet Heart Earrings

Crochet Heart Earrings

These crochet heart earrings are the perfect combination of cute and classy. Remember, your hearts don’t have to be red. Use your favorite color for your earrings. Get the pattern for these Crochet Heart Earrings.

10. Heart Lace Earrings

Heart Lace Earrings

You’re going to love wearing these lovely lace earrings. These would make an adorable gift for a friend. Get the pattern for these Heart Lace Earrings.

11. Floral Hoop Earrings

Floral Hoop Earrings

You will love rocking these hoop earrings. The instructions will show you how to make these earrings in different sizes. Get the pattern for these Floral Hoop Earrings.

12. Yvonne Crochet Earrings

Yvonne Crochet Earrings

These earrings are so trendy you’ll love making and wearing them. Plus, they don’t have to be worked with the square findings. Get the pattern for the Yvonne Crochet Earrings.

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