The Difference Between Categories and Tags in WordPress

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When you create a new post, you have the option to assign different categories or tags to your post. In this article, I’ll share the difference between categories and tags so that you know how to best use them on your blog.


Simply put, categories are a way to organize your posts by grouping them with other related posts. For example, if you have a dessert blog, your category for a chocolate chip cookie recipe could be “Cookies.”

Giving your posts categories is great for your readers because it allows them to find and browse through specific content quickly and easily.


Tags are similar to categories. The difference is that tags are more specific. Tags will describe your post in more detail. For example, on your chocolate chip cookie recipe, you may want to use a tag like “chocolate chips.”

Assigning Categories and Tags

To add a category or tag to your post, in your post editor (Posts >> Add New).

On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see a Categories section and a Tags section. You will place your categories and tags in the corresponding sections.


You can also create new categories or tags, or edit your categories or tags by going to Posts >> Categories or Posts >> Tags in your dashboard.


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