12 Drawings of Dragons to Inspire Artists

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I’ve always been a fan of drawings of dragons, but admittedly, I’ve never actually drawn one myself. I think it’s because they seem intimidating to draw.

On my journey as an artist, I’ve learned that the only way you can get good at something is by practicing. For that reason, I’ve decided to learn how to draw a dragon.

As I was browsing dragon art references, I thought that it would be cool if I shared some of my favorites with you. Most of these drawings are pretty advanced and detailed, however, I’ve also included some that are great for new artists too.

Below I’m sharing 12 dragon drawings to inspire artists. If you prefer to follow video tutorials, I’ll also be linking some of my favorite dragon drawing tutorials on YouTube. Make sure you check them out!

1. Paarthurnax from Skyrim

This cool drawing is of Paarthurnax (also called The Old One) from the game Skyrim. The artist did a great job with this dragon drawing.

dragon with moon
Artist Credit: tsaoshin

2. Dragon and Unicorn

This drawing is of a dragon and unicorn sitting together. I love the level of detail in this one. A unicorn is a mythical creature often described as a horse with a single horn growing from its forehead.

dragon with unicorn
Artist Credit: brassdragon

3. Baby Dragon Drawing

It doesn’t get any cuter than this! This drawing of a baby dragon is so adorable and well done. I love the addition of the butterfly too.

baby dragon with butterfly
Artist Credit: tsaoshin

Dragon Drawing YouTube Tutorials

If you prefer to follow video drawing tutorials, here are some dragon drawing tutorials you can check out on YouTube. I’ve also included the skill level after the title.

4. Dragon Eyes

Now, these drawing of dragon eyes are just stunning. The artist added so many different and fun variations that I would love to practice myself.

colorful dragon eyes
Artist Credit: naschi

5. Using Different Drawing Techniques

If you take a close look at these drawings of a dragon’s head, you’ll see that each drawing uses a different technique. For example, one of them has been created using dotwork only.

dragon head drawings
Artist Credit: markcrilley

6. Sakura Fairy Dragon

Here’s what the artist has to say about this drawing “While we were having our underwater adventure the second egg hatched at the PTC! It was a tiny Sakura Fairy Dragon which instantly became friends with the others.”

cute pink dragon
Artist Credit: lighane

Create a Backstory for Your Dragon

When searching for tips on drawing dragons, a really cool idea I learned from Creative Bloq is to create a backstory for your dragon. For example, by adding scars to your dragon, you’re telling the story of a previous battle the dragon has experienced.

I thought that this was such a cool idea, and something I plan on doing for my drawing.

Another tip they suggest is to give your dragon a personality. I think that this is another great idea. I highly recommend checking out the article (linked above) for more great dragon drawing advice.

7. Dragon Using Colored Pencils

If you love working with colored pencils, this drawing is proof that you can create a stunning dragon drawing using color. I love how the artist used brown paper, as it makes the colors stand out even more.

purple and blue dragon
Artist Credit: alviaalcedo

8. Maleficent in Dragon Form

It’s so cool that this artist was able to create Maleficent in dragon form. You can watch this dragon piece being drawn via a YouTube video uploaded by the artist.

steampunk dragon drawing
Artist Credit: tsaoshin

9. Simple Baby Dragon

It doesn’t get any easier than this simple baby dragon drawing. This is a great drawing for beginners to reference.

easy baby dragon drawing
Artist Credit: alviaalcedo

Draw Your Dragon from Different Angles

If you want to perfect your drawing, you can start by drawing the dragon’s head from different angles, making it look the same at each angle.

In the beginning, your dragon may not look like the same character from different angles.

You might also notice that some angles look better than others. Don’t worry about that. Just keep practicing and you will get better.

10. Haku from Spirited Away

If you’ve ever seen the movie Spirited Away, then you may be able to recognize this dragon as Haku from the movie.

dragon underwater
Artist Credit: tsaoshin

11. Dragon Watercolor

You don’t have to stick with using pencils to create great work of art. As you can see, the artist was able to use watercolor to create a magical dragon art piece.

dragon in sky
Artist Credit: alviaalcedo

12. Dragons Cuddling

You know what they say. Dragons that cuddle together, stay together. Okay, they don’t quite say that, but dragons that cuddle together definitely stay warm on a cold winter’s night.

three baby dragons
Artist Credit: alviaalcedo

I hope you’ve been inspired by the dragon drawing references that I’ve shared. As you can see, there is no right way to draw a dragon. They can be large and aggressive or cute and colorful. Let your creativity lead you on your journey, and you’ll be proud of the art you create.

For more drawing ideas, make sure you check out the posts I’ve shared below.

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