Drawing and Sketch References for Aspiring Artists

If you’re an aspiring artist, drawing and sketch references can help improve your drawing skills and techniques. With the references I’ve curated below, you’ll discover a variety of drawing styles to try out.

Along with sharing some pretty cool drawings, I’m also sharing a few tips for improving your techniques as an artist. These tips apply to a newbie artist and someone who has been drawing for years.

How to Draw Eyes

how to draw eyes
Artist Credit: calibre_art_

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to draw realistic eyes. Of course, it’s not as easy as six steps, but with practice, you’ll be drawing realistic eyes too.

Girl with Clown Makeup

girl with clown face
Artist Credit: doodle_traffic

If you want a cute and fun girl sketch to try, use this one of a girl wearing clown makeup. You can add as little or as much detail to your sketch as you’d like.

Girl Wearing a Hat

girl sketch with long hair
Artist Credit: doodle_traffic

Here’s another fabulous sketch by Gaby Nico. Check out their Patreon for step-by-step tutorials of their art and so much more.

Hand Holding Mirror

hand holding mirror
Artist Credit: nicedravv

Drawings like this are perfect for anyone who wants to practice drawing realistic hands. You can also use this reference to practice drawing lips.

Girl Wearing a Nike Hat

girl with nike hat
Artist Credit: nicedravv

This girl is so stylish and would be a blast to draw. If you reference this drawing, consider changing certain details to make it fit your style.

Deidara from Naruto

Deidara drawing from naruto
Artist Credit: rbluetea

Fans of the Naruto manga or anime will love drawing this piece which features Deidara. Deidara is a member of the Explosion Corps, an organization from Iwagakure.

Young Girl with a Backpack

girl cartoon drawing
Artist Credit: danidrawn

I love this drawing which features a girl with a bee on her forehead. If you like cartoon-style art, you’ll love giving this a try.

Female Characters

drawings of girl cartoon faces
Artist Credit: danidrawn

These female character drawings are so cool. I love the side profile drawing because it reminds me that I must also practice drawing profiles.

Tent with Campfire

campfire drawing
Artist Credit: shelleynutma_art

If you love drawing the outdoors, you should consider drawing a campsite within a circle. These types of drawings have been really popular because they look so cool.

Tanjiro from Demon Slayer

demon slayer drawing Tanjiro Kamado
Artist Credit: tri_genic

Last year I watched the first season of Demon Slayer and absolutely loved it. I’m now a massive fan of Tanjiro and just had to include this drawing.

Saitama from One Punch

one punch drawing Saitama
Artist Credit: tri_genic

I remember being hesitant to watch this anime, but I’m so glad I did. If you’re looking for a good time, draw a picture of Saitama while watching the show.

Draw Eyes in 100 Minutes

how to draw realistic eyes
Artist Credit: yanek_x

Okay, if you’re anything like me, it’ll take you a lot longer to draw eyes like these, but I’m definitely up for the challenge of drawing realistic eyes.

Woman with Cropped Top

girl drawing with curves
Artist Credit: yanek_x

I think drawings like these are fun because they challenge you to draw something other than the face. If you want to practice drawing the human shape, I love this reference.

Advanced Drawing

drawing of woman holding devil head
Artist Credit: zeenchin

This is an advanced drawing, but if you’re an advanced artist, this will challenge you in a good way. Hey, even if you’re a beginner, you can give this a try.

Beautiful Woman

cute woman drawing
Artist Credit: amykour

I am in love with this drawing. The lines are so clean, and the artist has done a fantastic job with the facial features. Those eyes, eyebrows, and lips are amazing.

How to Draw a Nose

how to draw realistic nose
Artist Credit: artworld587

I’m going to say that this nose drawing tutorial is perfect for beginners. At first, I was wondering if this was more advanced, but you could pull this off as a newbie.

How to Draw an Iris and Pupil

how to draw eye pupil
Artist Credit: silviemahdal_art

For many of us, these time estimates are probably way off, am I right? But you don’t have to rush to finish this in 15 minutes. Go at your own pace, and you’ll be so proud of your results.

Different Eyebrow Types

how to draw realistic eye brows
Artist Credit: artworld587

I’m always trying to get better at drawing eyebrows, so I appreciate this drawing that features 11 different eyebrow types and shapes.

Eye Drawing References

eye drawing ideas
Artist Credit: artworld587

If you’re looking for references that showcase different eye shapes and angles, look no further than this incredible piece.

Girl Laughing

girl laughing drawing
Artist Credit: doodle_traffic

If you haven’t yet practiced drawing a person in the act of laughing, go ahead and give this a try. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to practice drawing expressions.

The more you practice drawing, the better you get. What once was challenging for you to draw will become easier and easier. I hope these simple tips help you along in your journey.

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