Easy and Creative Heart Drawing Ideas

We all know how to draw the classic heart. But what if we put an imaginative spin on our heart drawings? These heart drawing ideas are all easy, creative, and inspiring.

In this collection, you’ll find a few classic hearts, but you’ll also find drawings featuring heart-themed coffee mugs, animals holding hearts, clouds raining hearts, and so much more.

Cup of Coffee with Heart Foam

Cup of Coffee with Heart Foam

Coffee lovers will get a kick out of this fun drawing. It features a coffee mug with heart-shaped foam. Think about the small details you can add to your foam.

Heart Hand Gesture

Heart Hand Gesture

Something so simple can create a cool piece of art. For this drawing, you only need to draw two hands in the shape of a heart. It’s an easy drawing that looks pretty impressive.

Camera with Hearts

Camera with Hearts

Show your love for photography with this camera drawing featuring heart shapes. You can customize your design by using differently shaped hearts and adding color.

Hearts in a Jar Drawing

Hearts in a Jar Drawing

This jar filled with hearts is a charming idea that you can customize in different ways. You can make your art colorful, add more hearts, and more.

Fifteen Cute Pink Hearts

Cute Pink Hearts

Add a bit of cuteness to your heart drawings by giving them sweet facial expressions. These pink hearts are simple yet adorable.

Romantic Key Heart

Romantic Key Heart

Here’s a drawing that’s perfect for the romantic souls out there. It features a simple key with a heart at its center, making it the perfect way to express love and represent the idea of unlocking someone’s heart.

Happy Person Holding a Heart

Happy Person Holding a Heart
iStock/Anna Leskinen

Celebrate the joy of love with this imaginative drawing. It shows a happy person with flowers on their head and holding a heart in their hand.

Heart Shaped Burst

Heart Shaped Burst
iStock/Polina Tomtosova

For a bold heart design, try drawing a heart-shaped burst. This drawing idea gives the heart a bold look that stands out and is really fun to draw.

Blue Cloud Raining Hearts

Blue Cloud Raining Hearts Drawing
iStock/Xansa Green

This drawing takes the classic raining hearts concept and adds a slight twist. Instead of having hearts falling from the sky right side up, the hearts are actually upside down.

Band-Aid with Heart

Band-Aid with Heart

They say that love can heal wounds, and this illustration is the perfect example of that. Draw this Band-Aid with a heart at its center to show your compassionate side.

Heart Character Drawing

Heart Character Drawing
iStock/Svetlana Soloveva

Give your heart some personality by turning it into a cute character. This heart has a smiling face, arms, and legs to finish it off.

Lips with Hearts Drawing

Lips with Hearts Drawing

I always find drawings like this to be so simple and fun. I would love to see even more hearts surrounding the lips. Adding color would be a great touch too.

Bear Holding a Pot of Honey with a Heart 

Bear Holding a Pot of Honey with a Heart  Drawing
iStock/Anastasiia Fedorenko

Show off your sweet side with this bear holding a pot of honey with a heart. This adorable bear also has a heart-shaped nose and heart-themed antennas.

Smiley Face Cloud with Hearts

Smiley Face Cloud with Hearts Drawing
iStock/Polina Ekimova

Add a touch of whimsy to your sketchbook with this smiley face cloud with hearts drawing. One of the coolest parts about drawing this will be choosing your color palette.

Scribbled Heart Drawing

Scribble Heart Drawing
iStock/Daria Kashurina

Keep things simple with a scribbled heart drawing. This is so easy to do; you’ll love sketching quick heart doodles when you’re bored and need something to do.

Coffee Mug with Heart

Coffee Mug with Heart

Designs like this are great for inspiration because they help you think about ways to make something your own. For example, drawing a coffee mug with other shapes, such as stars, swirls, and more, may be nice.

Barbed Wire Heart

Barbed Wire Heart Drawing
iStock/Kseniia Gorova

Give your heart a rustic feel by adding barbed wire to it. It’s great to see how many design options are available, even when it comes to basic heart shapes.

Cute Buttered Toast Holding a Heart

Cute Buttered Toast Holding a Heart Drawing

Make your morning breakfast extra special with this buttered toast holding a heart illustration. This is a great way to add a touch of kawaii to your sketchbook.

Pink Heart with Band-Aid

Pink Heart with Band-Aid Drawing

For those times when a hug isn’t enough, this cute Band-Aid heart drawing is the perfect way to show someone you care. The bright pink color and beautiful design will bring a smile to any face.

Blue Heart Face Crying

Blue Heart Face Crying Drawing
iStock/Nataliia Shilyakova-Sorokina

This blue heart with a face crying drawing is a great way to express sadness without using any words. While the color blue makes sense for this type of drawing, use whatever color you prefer for your heart.

Heart with an Arrow

Heart with an Arrow Drawing
iStock/Muhammad Asroful Umam

Here’s a classic heart design we’ve all drawn at some point. It features a heart shape with an arrow going through it. This design usually represents Cupid shooting an arrow through a heart.

Tattoo Mom Heart

Tattoo Mom Heart Drawing

This type of design has been around for decades. This tattoo mom heart drawing is a great way to show your appreciation and admiration for your mother.

Avocado Couple with Heart

Avocado Couple with Heart Drawing

It doesn’t get any cuter than this drawing of an avocado couple with a heart between them. Something like this would make a great handmade card design for a friend or loved one.

Korean Heart Drawing

Korean Heart Drawing

The Korean heart can be many different things depending on the individual. For some, it is a symbol of love and devotion, while for others, it is an expression of friendship and compassion.

I hope these easy and creative heart drawings give you plenty of inspiration for your next sketchbook project.

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