Easy Crochet Mitten Patterns

These easy crochet mitten patterns are so warm and cute. Now that the weather is getting cooler, it would be awesome to make your own handmade cozy mittens. I personally love wearing mittens when it’s cold outside. I find them to be much warmer than the traditional finger gloves.

If you can relate and you’re ready to make your own mittens, check out the patterns I’m sharing below. I’m including crochet mitten patterns for both adults and children.

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Wanderlust Mittens

Wanderlust Mittens

Stay warm this winter with these amazing crochet mittens. With two sizes available and helpful instructions for customization, you can create the perfect fit. Get the pattern for the Wanderlust Mittens.

Hygge Arrow Gloves

Hygge Arrow Gloves

These gloves are textured, attractive, and extra cozy. Choose from 3 sizes and make either fingerless gloves or mittens with this versatile pattern. Get the pattern for the Hygge Arrow Gloves.

Jesse Mittens


These easy mittens are perfect for keeping your hands warm this winter. This pattern includes sizes for toddlers, little kids, big kids, and women’s small, medium, and large. Get the pattern for the Jesse Mittens.

Painless Mittens


This crochet pattern will yield you a pair of fun and cozy mittens. These mittens are sized for adults and are worked in rounds with a simple thumb construction. Get the pattern for the Painless Mittens.

Bubble Mittens


I love these bubble mittens from Nellas Cottage. These mittens may look complicated, but the skill level is listed as beginner to intermediate. If you like the colors shown in these mittens, the color is listed in the pattern. Get the pattern for the Bubble Mittens.

Snow Drops Mittens


I love the stitching used for these Snow Drops mittens. Have fun making these warm and toasty mittens in different colors. These mittens would make wonderful gifts. Get the pattern for the Snow Drops Mittens.

Galway Girl Glittens


These are called glittens because they’re part fingerless gloves and part mittens. These glittens allow you to use your photo or do other tasks while still keeping your hands warm. Get the pattern for the Galway Girl Glittens.

Chunky Waffle Mittens


Keep your hands warm this winter with these chunky waffle mittens. The pattern includes four sizes for toddlers, little kids, big kids, and women’s small, medium, and large. Get the pattern for the Chunky Waffle Mittens.

Heart Love Mittens


Where I live, it’s still chilly during the month of February, so I would love to wear a pair of these mittens during the month of love. These would make cute gifts for your BFF too. Get the pattern for the Heart Love Mittens.

Coffee Bean Mittens


The cuff for these coffee bean mittens is so creative. What’s really nice about these mittens is that they’re made using just one skein of yarn and the bean stitch. Get the pattern for the Coffee Bean Mittens.

Winter Bliss Mittens


Stay cozy with these Winter Bliss mittens. These trendy mittens include child and adult sizes, meaning you can make a pair for yourself, and everyone in the family. Get the pattern for the Winter Bliss Mittens.

Remy Mittens


These mittens are just stunning and would go perfectly with your winter apparel. These mittens will make lovely holiday gifts for friends and family. Get the pattern for the Remy Mittens.

Hedgehog Mittens


These are the cutest mittens. The skill level listed for these mittens is easy to intermediate, and the pattern comes in women’s sizes small, medium, and large. Get the pattern for the Hedgehog Mittens.

Convertible Fingerless Mittens


If you’re looking for a quick and easy project, you have to make these convertible fingerless mittens for yourself. The pattern includes a thumb option. Get the pattern for the Convertible Fingerless Mittens.

Bernie Sanders Crochet Mittens


So many people are in love with the famous knitted mittens that Bernie Sanders wore during the inauguration. Thankfully, a crochet pattern was created for those awesome mittens. Get the pattern for the Bernie Sanders Crochet Mittens. You might also want to check out this video tutorial for similar mittens.

Country Cottage Mittens

Country Cottage Mittens

Get cozy with the Country Cottage Mittens crochet pattern. These mittens are a breeze to make and come in five sizes for all ages. From toddlers to adults, you can knit a pair for the whole crew. Get the pattern for the Country Cottage Mittens.

Crochet mittens are a great choice if you want to create a practical and unique gift for someone special. Crafting your own crochet mittens allows you to keep warm while showing off an accessory that is truly unique.

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