100 Easy Cloud Drawing Ideas

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Do you ever look out the window, wishing you could recreate all the beautiful clouds in your drawings? Well, I have some great news – learning how to draw clouds doesn’t have to be complicated.

Even if you are a complete beginner artist and don’t know where to start, with a few simple tips and tricks, soon enough, you’ll be turning those fluffy white specks into works of art.

So let’s begin your journey by exploring cute and easy cloud drawing ideas.

1. Sixteen Cloud Drawings

Sixteen Cloud Drawings

This collection features sixteen individual clouds slowly drifting through the sky. Keep in mind that with clouds, the various shapes and sizes create an ever-changing formation as they move.

2. Seven Abstract Clouds

Seven Abstract Clouds

These seven abstract clouds form a unique array of shapes and textures. Each one is different, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle scattered across the sky.

3. Blue Cloud Holding a Heart

Blue Cloud Holding a Heart
iStock/Lesya Una

A single blue cloud is holding a heart in its embrace. From it, six raindrops cascade downwards, each one shaped like a small blue heart. This is definitely an image of love and tenderness.

4. Twelve Weather Clouds Drawing

Weather Clouds Drawing

Peering up into the sky, you almost feel like they are entering a world of endless possibilities. This drawing features raining clouds, snowing clouds, lightning clouds, and more.

5. Ten Cloud Drawings

Ten Cloud Drawings
iStock/Nadezhda Ivanova

If you love to draw and appreciate the beauty of nature, then this collection is perfect for you. Drawing different types of clouds is an excellent way to practice and get your imagination flowing.

6. Six Fluffy Clouds

Six Fluffy Clouds

Whether your artistic style is abstract or realistic, drawing clouds can be fun and satisfying. If you’re ready to give it a go, here are six fluffy cloud drawing ideas you might want to try.

7. Twelve Blue Clouds

Twelve Blue Clouds

These twelve blue clouds are a great way to get inspired and creative. You can draw abstract shapes or facial expressions that evoke particular meanings and feelings.

8. Sixteen Creative Cloud Drawings

Sixteen Creative Cloud Drawings

Each of these sixteen cloud drawing ideas allows you to explore new styles, experiment with colors and lines, and create something completely original.

9. Single Rainy Cloud Sketch

Single Rainy Cloud Sketch
iStock/Viktoriia Kovtunenko

You can bring life to your artwork with a single rainy cloud sketch. This drawing idea allows you to use a range of mediums to create something simple.

10. Swirly Cloud Drawing

Swirly Cloud Drawing
iStock/Turac Novruzova

This swirly cloud drawing can be fun, especially when using colored pencils or markers. Not only do the swirls look aesthetically pleasing, but they can also help to stimulate creativity and imagination.

11. Twelve Artistic Cloud Drawings

Twelve Artistic Cloud Drawings

If you’re looking for fun, artistic ideas, these twelve creative cloud drawing ideas can be the perfect way to do just that. Start by recreating a classic look by sketching out a basic cloud. Once you have the basics down, get creative and add different patterns to your clouds.

12. Sleeping Cloud Drawing

Sleeping Cloud Drawing

Drawing a cute sleeping cloud with the moon in the background and stars twinkling is a peaceful experience. It can be soothing and give you a moment to relax and take time for yourself.

13. Cloud Raining Hearts and Stars

Cloud Raining Hearts and Stars
iStock/Ekaterina Vinogradova

This cloud that’s raining hearts and stars drawing is sure to warm anyone’s heart. With its soft pastel colors, it’s the perfect symbol of love.

14. Fifteen Engraved Hand Drawn Clouds

Fifteen Engraved Hand-Drawn Clouds

These hand-drawn clouds have a cool engraved appearance. This collection of original illustrations offers fifteen distinct cloud designs, perfect for adding a dreamy ambiance to your art.

15. Weather Doodles

Weather Doodles

Weather can put us in a fuzzy state of mind, so what better way to brighten it up than with some cute weather doodles? Whether you’re stuck inside all day waiting for the rain to stop or chasing the sun around on a warm summer day, these drawings can be beneficial for expressing your moods.

16. Seventeen Simple Cloud Drawings

Seventeen Simple Cloud Drawings
iStock/Server Muzhdabaiev

Fill your sketchbook with beautiful, fluffy clouds! There are many shapes and sizes for you to create cloud drawings and improve your skills.

17. Simple Smiling Cloud

Simple Smiling Cloud

Smiling clouds always bring a feeling of warmth and happiness. Drawing a simple weather cloud is always fun, whether it’s a bright, sunny day or a cold rainy day.

18. Clouds and Wind Drawing

Clouds and Wind Drawing
iStock/Olga Zakharova

Watching the clouds drift peacefully across the sky can be a refreshing experience, just as lovely as a drawing of them. Taking out your sketchbook and pencil, you can capture the essence of their movement in a wonderfully calming concept.

Drawing clouds is a beautiful way to let your creative spirit shine. When you take the time to practice and learn how to draw different types of clouds, the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve.

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