Cool Cow Drawing Ideas

Cow fans will love these cow drawing ideas. Whether you want to learn how to draw a cartoon cow or a realistic-looking cow, there are lots of different drawing styles to inspire you.

If you’re new to drawing, use these photos for reference and you’ll be drawing like a pro in no time. Drawing is about observation and lots of practice until your hand gets used to doing what you want it to do.

I might add that everyone has their own style – bear that in mind when practicing. Your work doesn’t have to look exactly like someone else’s. Add your own style to your art!

If you find it easier to follow video instructions, make sure you keep reading to discover easy step-by-step cow drawing video tutorials for all skill levels.

Two Cows

loving cows
Artist Credit: aditigadgilarts

I love this realistic drawing of two cows. This art piece is so sweet and the addition of the colorful cowbells makes it stand out even more.

Side Profile of Cow

cow side profile
Artist Credit: ammar_art_1

If you would like to practice drawing the side profile of a cow, use this awesome sketch as a reference.

Cow and Strawberry

cow eating fruit
Artist Credit: artworksbyamelia

This gorgeous cow will soon be eating a delicious strawberry. Consider using different fruit in your own drawing, such as an apple or a banana.

Cow Drawing Video Tutorials

cow up close
Artist Credit: des_mots_et_des_animaux

If you’re looking for cow drawing video tutorials, YouTube is filled with helpful drawing videos. Here are a few of my favorites:

Cow Horns

big cow and small cow
Artist Credit: hobbscotch_art

This cow has some pretty large and awesome horns. And how cute is it that the baby cow is wearing a horned helmet? Here’s what the artist says about this piece “When you want to be like your mum, but you haven’t grown the headgear yet.”

Realistic Cow

realistic cow drawing
Artist Credit:

If you’re looking for a beautiful and realistic cow drawing reference, this is the perfect picture for you. Practice drawing realistic hair by focusing on shadows and shading.

Cow with Scarf

cow wearing scarf
Artist Credit: klaudialachart

I must say, this cow is totally ready for the fall with this awesome scarf. It’s pretty cool how the long hair covers the eyes, making it look like a super stylish cow.

Cow with Floral Crown

watercolor cow with floral crown
Artist Credit: dockers

This cute little watercolor cow is wearing a floral crown. Creative art pieces like this one make great handmade gifts for friends and family. You could also turn yours into a greeting card.

Alpine Cow

colored pencil alpine cow
Artist Credit: lesleysartandstuff

Here’s an up-close and personal drawing of a cow that was done using colored pencils. This is actually an Alpine cow. They’re among the oldest inhabitants of the Alps.

Brown Watercolor Cow

brown watercolor cow
Artist Credit: maartjefleetwood

If you enjoy watercolor painting, you can paint your very own brown cow. If you want to learn how to create beautiful watercolor paintings, check out my post How To Watercolor Paint For Beginners: Get Started With Watercolor.

Cute Cow Digital Art

girly cow painting
Artist Credit: meagartista

If you enjoy creating digital art, practice drawing your cow using your favorite digital art software. This cow is standing in a field covered with flowers.

Cow with Horns

realistic cow with horns

At first glance, I thought this was a photo of a real cow. Turns out, the artist is just that talented to make a drawing that looks completely realistic. If you would like to see this photo from different angles, check out on Instagram.

Jumping Cow

cow and moon painting
Artist Credit: petaharveyart

Have a little fun by drawing or painting a cow jumping over the moon. I really like the colors that were chosen for this watercolor painting.

Cute Cow with Flowers

cow with flowers
Artist Credit: swedish_notebook

I think that this cow drawing is just the cutest. The cow is standing behind a fence that’s been covered in flowers. You can do your drawing with a pencil, paint, or colored pencils.

Cow from Cow and Chicken

cow and chicken drawing
Artist Credit: woodworm_art

Fans of the TV show Cow and Chicken will appreciate this cool drawing. In case you didn’t know, Cow and Chicken is a cartoon that aired on Cartoon Network in the ’90s.

Drawing a cow can be easy and fun. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. I hope these ideas have inspired your creativity.

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