Easy Crochet Patterns That Use The Half Double Crochet Stitch

If half double crochet (hdc) is your favorite stitch, you’ll love checking out these easy crochet patterns that use the half double crochet stitch. In this collection, you’ll find sweater patterns, blanket patterns, scarves, and more.

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Cozy Hygge Blanket Wrap


The Cozy Hygge Blanket Wrap is great for beginners. It uses the simple half double crochet stitch and works up quickly. This pattern uses Red Heart Hygge Yarn. Get the free pattern on their blog.

Hot Dog Scarf


This hot dog scarf is a great pattern for beginners. The primary stitch used for this scarf is the half double crochet (hdc). If you can do that, you can make this scarf. Get the pattern from Twinkie Chan.

Briar Cardigan

briar cardigan

The Briar cardigan is one of my favorite crochet cardigan patterns. This oversized cardigan has loose and comfortable wide sleeves and simple hemline ribbing. Get the ad-free PDF from For the Frills Store. You can also get the ad-supported free cardigan pattern.

Simple Beginner Scarf

simple beginner scarf

This tutorial will teach you beginner crochet skills, and also provide you with a beginner-friendly crochet scarf pattern and video tutorial. Get the pattern for this scarf from Sewrella.

Falling in Striped Blanket

half double crochet blanket

This pattern uses the herringbone half double crochet stitch. However, when I made one as a gift, I chose to use the half double crochet stitch to allow for the blanket to work up even faster. I love that I was able to work on this while binging my favorite TV shows. Get the pattern from Easy Crochet.

Monochrome Sweater

monochrome summer sweater

If you’re looking for a sweater that can be worn during any time of the year, this is the perfect pattern for you. The monochrome sweater uses a lightweight yarn, making it perfect for summer and fall. Get the pattern from Sewrella.

Grandpa Sweater Vest

grandpa sweater vest

This free pattern will yield a stunning grandpa style sweater vest perfect for the fall and winter. This vest can be worn on its own during the warmer months, or layered with a cute blouse during the colder times. Get the pattern from Crochet with Carrie on Ravelry.

Simple Slippers


These simple slippers are perfect for men and women. Have fun making these for your family, using everyone’s favorite colors. Get the pattern from Teez Topperz.

The Wildwood Pullover

wildwood pullover

This pattern is written in a way that allows you to easily adjust the width and length of the sweater. If you want something fun to make and trendy, give the wildflower pullover a try. Get the pattern from Baa Humble Crafts.

Autumn Duster

long crochet cardigan

I’ve actually made the autumn duster for myself and I absolutely love it. In fact, I plan on making a second using different yarn and yarn color. You need this ultra long cardigan in your life. Get the pattern from Mama in a Stitch.

HDC All Day Triangle Scarf

Triangle scarves are the ultimate trendy handmade wearable. This scarf is a great beginners project, and also makes a wonderful gift. Get the pattern from Hooked on Homemade Happiness.

Half Double Crochet V Stitch

half double crochet blanket

This blanket gets its look from the half double crochet v stitch. You can find a video tutorial on how to do this simple stitch within the free pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs.

Half double crochet is one of the most popular stitches in crochet. It’s easy to learn, and you can use it for a wide range of projects. I hope you were able to find a fun new crochet project today.

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