20 Easy Sheep Drawing Ideas

I’m sharing a wonderful collection of sheep drawing ideas to help jump-start your creative process and bring your drawings to life. These sheep drawings are sure to inspire you.

The Difference Between a Sheep and a Lamb

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a sheep and a lamb? A sheep is a mature female or male, while a lamb is their offspring. Lambs are generally less than a year old and have soft, fluffy wool. Sheep, on the other hand, have thicker, coarser wool due to their age.

Sheep and Lamb Drawing Ideas

Now that we know a bit more about this beautiful animal and its significance in the Bible, let’s get to the drawing ideas.

1. Sheep, Moon, Clouds, and Stars

Sheep, Moon, Clouds, and Stars

Try drawing a picture of a sheep standing beneath a beautiful night sky filled with stars and illuminated by the moon.

2. Sheep with Rosy Cheeks

Sheep with Rosy Cheeks

Create multiple sheep with rosy cheeks. You can make it look like the sheep is blushing or excited, depending on your interpretation. Don’t forget to include the mom and her baby lambs.

3. Simple Sheep Doodle

Simple Sheep Doodle

Create a sheep with a few simple lines and shapes. You can add as much or as little detail as you’d like.

4. Standing Sheep in Watercolor

Standing Sheep in Watercolor

For a more advanced look, try painting a standing sheep in watercolor. The soft color palette will lend your artwork a beautiful and dreamy touch.

5. Sheep Holding a Pink Balloon

Sheep Holding a Pink Balloon

Draw a sheep holding a pink balloon! This one will be so fun to draw when it comes to playing around with different color themes.

6. Easy Sheep Drawing

Easy Sheep Drawing
iStock/Roman Yaroshchuk

It doesn’t get any easier than this simple sheep drawing. All you need is a pencil and some paper. With just a little bit of time, you can create an adorable sheep.

7. Sleeping Sheep

Sleeping Sheep

Draw a sheep curled up and sound asleep. You can add a few details like grass, flowers, or trees to make things a bit more exciting.

8. Baby Lamb in Watercolor

Baby Lamb in Watercolor
iStock/Anna Tkachenko

Give your sheep drawing a sweet and delicate touch by painting it with watercolor paint. You can use light tans, and browns to create a soft and calming effect.

9. Sheep Holding a Pillow


Have fun drawing a sheep holding a pillow, and getting ready for bed. I wonder if this cute little sheep also counts sheep before it goes to bed?

10. Sheep Jumping Rope

Sheep Jumping Rope
iStock/Viktoriia Shevchenko

How creative is this drawing of a sheep playing jump rope? You can draw a sheep jumping rope with another sheep. It’s the perfect combination of cute and fun.

11. Sheep on a Laptop

Sheep on a Laptop
iStock/Bayu Noviandi

This sheep is ready to work. Draw a sheep typing away on its laptop. You can add some books and other details to complete your drawing.

12. Sheep Jumping Over a Fence

Sheep Jumping Over a Fence

This illustration looks like it came right out of a storybook. Your sheep can be jumping over a fence or they could even be jumping over the moon. This is such a whimsical scene.

13. Simple Sheep Doodle

Simple Sheep Doodle
iStock/Irina Karpinchik

If you’re looking for a quick and easy sheep drawing, this simple doodle is a great option. Add a hint of color to make your art stand out.

14. Sheep Floating with Balloons

Sheep Floating with Balloons
iStock/Bayu Noviandi

This Sheep is floating away in the sky, attached to three balloons. You can draw as many or as few balloons as you like. This is sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face.

15. Sheep Holding a Star

Sheep Holding a Star
iStock/Bayu Noviandi

This sheep holding a star is really cute, but your sheep doesn’t have to hold a start. Other elements you can draw are hearts, a glass of bubble tea, and more.

16. Sheep Riding a Skateboard

Sheep Riding a Skateboard
iStock/Bayu Noviandi

It doesn’t get any more creative than a sheep riding a skateboard. Play around with different colors and designs for your skateboard drawing.

17. Sheep Sitting on the Moon

Sheep Sitting on the Moon
iStock/Aji Waluyo

Not only would it be cool to draw a sheep sitting on the moon, but you could also have your animal looking up at the stars. This one is absolutely adorable.

18. Pink Ram with Stars

Pink Ram with Stars

You don’t have to use traditional colors when finishing off your drawing. As you can see, this ram has pink wool and is covered in yellow stars.

19. Sheep Holding Tulips

Sheep Holding Flowers and Wearing Heart-Shaped Glasses
iStock/Ludmila Lysak

For an even cuter sheep drawing, draw one that’s holding tulip flowers and wearing heart-shaped glasses. It’s the perfect way to show a little bit of love.

20. Sheep Catching Butterflies

Sheep Catching Butterflies
iStock/Svitlana Miroshnychenko

Last but not least, draw a sheep chasing after butterflies. This will be sure to bring some fun and movement to your artwork.

These sheep drawings are sure to spark your creativity and inspire you to create something beautiful.

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